10 Days With One Direction

10 days with them is all she will have.
10 days is all it takes for three of them to fall in love with her.


1. 10 reasons, 10 days - Prologue

Hey there, I'm Isabella Connors, or Bella for short. I'm 16 and an only child. Today is the 3rd of September, 2012 and I have the most amazing surprise on the way. I normally live alone with my father, in Bradford after my mum had cheated on my Dad when I was 4 with her best friends husband. My father works for a massive music company in England and he's a producer on the TV singing contest, the X Factor. I don't go to school either. I get home tutored which I rather. I mean, I have no interruptions and all attention is on me. Because of these advantages, I'm an A* student. So I'm hoping to get my A-Levels in Music. And it's because of my Dad's TV show contestants and one lousy competition that I thought I would never win is why I'm in this position right now. I mean, don't get me wrong or nothing, its a good thing. Here's what happened.


- Flash Back -


"Hey, Dad!" I said cheerily as my father popped up on the screen.


"Hey, honey!" My dad said smiling back at me through the computer. "How's my princess doing?"


"I'm doing fine, Dad," I said with a role of my ocean blue eyes.


"Hey, Mr Connor's," Mandy, my best friend, said from beside me with a wave of her hand.


"Hello there, Mandy," my father said greeting her. "What are you girls up too?"


"Entering this competition," I said showing my father my phone through the camera lens.


"That's One Direction, right?" My father said squinting his eyes a little.


"Yeah, Dad. I hate you because you got to work with them on the show!" I whined at him, flopping back in my seat, crossing my arms over my chest as I started pouting.


"What do you need to do for it?"


"You need to give 10 reasons why you love the band, and if your reasons are good enough, then the boys get to spend 10 whole days with you in your house. I mean like hanging out and general stuff," I informed him. He nodded his head, understanding what I meant. "But Mandy here is being a cow to me."


"Bell, they are just another lousy boy band that will be over with in 5 years time," Mandy groaned.


"Hey! They will not be over in 5 years time," I said defensively.


"Yeah, the cute one is right," a new voice suddenly spoke up as Harry's mop of curly, brown hair popped up on the screen with a cheeky grin.


"Listen to... Uhm.. Your friend?" Zayn said, dragging out the sentence while turning to face my father.


"Boy's you are all supposed to be in rehearsals," my Dad spoke. "Isabella, I'll ring you back tonight honey," he said going to turn the laptop off.


"Wait, Dad!" I called.


"What is it?" He quizzed with a startled tone lingering on his words. I looked up at him contemplating whether or not to tell him.


"I miss you," I whispered.


His eyes softened from his startled tone to a softer look. "I miss you too, darling. I'll ring you later, bye!" And he clicked 'end call' and was gone. I turned to Mandy who looked startled at what she just witnessed.


"I literally can not believe you, Mandy," I said shutting my computer screen and reaching for the note pad and paper across from Mandy.


'10 Reasons Why I Love One Direction:


1) All of their accents.

2) Fashion styles.

3) How they are fantastic singers.

4) That they bonded quickly and have made a strong friendship which reflects of off the band.

5) How they just act like normal boys and haven't let no-body change who they really are.

6) How Louis screams "SUPERMANNN" and how he named a pigeon Kevin.

7) How Liam is afraid of spoons.

8) Harry's dimples.

9) Niall's laugh.

10) Zayn's attitude.


I quickly scribbled down these reasons why I loved the boys and in two minutes I was done. I stuck the letter in an already stamped and addressed envelope and handed it to Mandy. 


"Good luck," she said from outside my house as she placed the letter in the mail box. I smiled widely at my friend and agave her a quick nod of my head as she walked down the street, soon out of sight.


- End Of Flash Back -


There was a knock at the door that snapped me out of my thoughts. I got up and made my way over to the front door and slowly opened it. There on the other side of the door was my father, Simon Cowell and One Direction themselves.

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