Summer Love

Emma is moving from England to Australia for the summer to live with her dad. But when she meets Luke and starts a romance will she stay or go.........


3. Home Sweet Home 💖

Emma's P.O.V

We got out of the airport, passing through all the boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives. I had a boyfriend in 3rd year but it ended bad...... I haven't had the courage to go out with anyone EVER again after that.

I was knocked out of my thoughts

"Aren't you gonna get in the car, sweetie?" Asked Karen

"Oh right, yeah sorry" I answered

I looked around to see a ... WHAT MY DAD HAS A PORCHE?!?!?!?!

"Daddy, how'd you get this?" I asked really confused as he seemed quite poor when he first moved here.

"Oh yes, I forgot to ring and tell you that I got promoted to head of PepsiCo Worldwide!!!" he replied, excitement ringing in his tone.

"That's great!!!! Congrats Dad" i said hugging him.

Skip car ride...........

I had fell asleep in the car (you know jet lag) and was awoken by a soft push.

"Yo, Emma were home I hope you like it. It's got a pool" Michael said quietly giving me a weird smirk

"What's with the smirk, Clifford?" I asked eying him suspiciously.

"Nothin" he said, smirk growing wider by the second. This guy seriously gives me the creeps.

I got out of the car and Wow was the only explanation for this place! I was parked in a circled driveway with the one and only fountain in the middle. It was fricking MASSIVE.

I had such a small house compared the this back in Brighton. I mean my house there was classed as big so I wonder what this would be......

"Do you want me to take you to your room?" my thoughts were once again interrupted by my step-mother.

"Yeah sure, I can't wait! This place is big!!" I exclaimed.

"Well that's what happens when you work hard, my love!" Karen said laughing that beautiful laugh she had.

We were pretty much walking through a maze when we came to a holt.

"This is your room, darling. Everything is in it already and I bought you some new clothes too!"

"Thank you, see you later! Love you" I shouted after her

"Love you too!!!!" She shouted equal as loud. I swear sometimes I think she might actually be my birth mother

I took a deep breath before walking in.

"Oh.My.God" I screamed as I walked in.

I looked at my surroundings. Baby blue and bright pink walls. A double king sized bed!! I also had a MacBook and IPhone 6?!?!?! What was my dad thinking?????

"Baby, it's dinner time!!" My dad shouted

My first day in Australia and I already feel like I belong..........

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