Death Road

Abby Mills is a 24 years old working as the lead detective on the James Bornival case. When the police are stuck who do they always go to? Sherlock Holmes. The genies mastermind who, doesn't interact with much and only releases on John Watson, occasionally Mrs.Hudson. Suddenly, Abby Mills comes into the picture. What will happen to this young detective and her soon to come with this famous consulting detective?


2. Chapter 2

When I arrived to work the next morning I saw everyone was rushing about and cop cars were rushing by as I passed them. Just then I got a text from Sherlock:

Crime on (adress) come if convient come SH

When I was making a u-turn I got another text from him.

If inconvient come anyway SH

I laughed and shook my head from side to side. What would the world be like without him and his unhumanly sharp cheekbones. When the crime scene came into view there were reporters every where and people just looking. Like really folks, whats so interesting about a crime scene. There is almost always a dead body and trust me they aren't always clean ones either. Sherlock and Anderson were bickering with John just watching to side watching them look like idiots. Oh I feel so bad for John sometimes."Hey John what is the case?" I asked John because he just looked like he needed someone to talk to. "Oh! Hey Abby! You nearly gave me a heart attack." He exclaimed, holding his hand up to his chest. "Sorry John! Didn't mean to." I apologized laughing slightly from the event the just took place. "How long have they been at it?" I ask. He breathed out and replyed "About 15-20 minutets roughly." I feel so so bad for John. Listening to Anderson and Sherlock can make any sane man insane and any insane man. Well just more insane. 

"Ladies cut it out we have a case to work on." Lestrade finally said. Both Sherlock and Anderson pouted like 3 year olds but Sherlock had frustration in his facial expressions as well. "I'm giving you 5 minutets to look at the body." Lestrade said. "Good. That will give me enough time to look at everything I will need to see. Lets go. Hurry up." Sherlock impatiently said. When we got into the building there was, well what looked like an 11 year old boy dead along side his, what i'm guessing, his sister. Both had light brown hair and were killed in the same spot. The girl had bruses around her neck and wrists. The boy had bruses to the face and stomache. Both were covered in drit and grime and had knife punctures in the leg and arm.

"Oh my god." I said with shock in my voice. Sherlock squated and started to examine the body. While he was doing this I desided to look around the room to find any evidence left behind. Sherlock suddenly got up and yelled "Shut up! I can't consintrate with all of you talking." "Sherlock." I said confused "No one was talking." "No, but you guys were thinking something." "Yes Sherlock we think all of the time. Thats what we do. We can't just stop thinking on comand. Actually we can't stop thinking. Unless we are dead then we are always thinking of something." I replyed. The look on Sherlocks face was full of shock. "Come on freak your 5 minutets have been up." Sally said. I smiled at her and said a quick thank you and went down stairs followed by John and Sherlock.

"What did you gather?" He asked "Pardon" "I said what did you gather I know you saw something I didn't see." Sherlock replyed quickly hinting that he was angry "The kids didn't die there." I relpyed. "There wasn't any blood stained on the floor. The girl was choked by a male i'm presumings from how large the hand indentations are." Sherlock looked shocked from the information I gathered. I felt proud of that. It had been my first case since the accident so I was worried if I could still gather those details that I had done before. I did alittle dance in my head for gathering the information. 

When I got home that night I saw Mason's car was gone. Looks like i'm on my own for dinner. When I got inside I heard my phone ring. Mason

(A=Abby, M=Mason)


M:Hey Abby just thought you world want to know i'm going to be at Jims for the night. I'll be back tomorrow morning. Is that cool? I know you wanted a movie night but-

A:Ya it's fine Mason. Go enjoy your self. We will plan for the movie sometime this week. Okay?

M:Okay. Hey Abby listen I got to go but i'll see you tomorrow okay?

A: Ya. I'll see you tomorrow Mason. Be safe.

M: Will do bye.

A: Bye

When I saw a Doctor Who marathon I immediately sat down to watch it. Around 12:30 or so I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and saw that there was a note on the door mat.

You might want to check to see who Jim really is after all. He might not be all who he really says he is. Who knows Mason might be... In danger.

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