Death Road

Abby Mills is a 24 years old working as the lead detective on the James Bornival case. When the police are stuck who do they always go to? Sherlock Holmes. The genies mastermind who, doesn't interact with much and only releases on John Watson, occasionally Mrs.Hudson. Suddenly, Abby Mills comes into the picture. What will happen to this young detective and her soon to come with this famous consulting detective?


1. Chapter 1

"It's okay Abby!" He said calmly. How can he be so calm about this! I just murdered someone. Even if the man was appart of the biggest drug trade off in London.

"No it's not. Even so, I still killed him" 

"Abby this is what you are expected to do when you signed up for this job! If you don't over come this then I will not hesitate to get you fired! Do you understand!"  "Yes"  "Good now remain professional through out this. You can not freeze up everytime you shoot someone."  "I do not plan to shoot someone again" "What you "plan" to do doesn't always stay the same! You need to understand that!" 



I shot up covered in sweat and tears."Mills! Are you alright?" Mason asked full of worry. "Yeah i'm fine. Why are you over? I thought you were going over to Jim's for the night?" "Me and him had a fight." I studied his face and noticed the sadness that washed over him. Mason and Jim have been in a relationship for a little over a year. Sure they have had their fights like any other couple but nothing this bad. Normally they kissed and made up right after. "Movie and ice-cream night?" "Nah i'm fine we'll make up soon. You probably want to get up soon if you want to make it to work on time." I looked at the clock and saw it was 7:40. Crap. I shot out of bed and dashed to the shower. After I finished my buisness I looked at my watch again. 8:10. Great, I was meeting Sherlock today and I was going to be late. Note the sarcasm. I checked my outfit ( type it into a new tab) and saw that it looked presentable. I checked my watch again and saw 10 minutetes had passed. I dashed out the door yelling an I love you to Mason and that I was going to miss lunch with him.

When I finally got to the office I check-in (I don't work so I don't know what's called). "Morning Mills. Lestrade was looking for you. He told me to tell you that your meeting with freak is at 9." Sally said with a unpleasent sound to her voice when she said freak. "Oh, come on Sally. Sherlock can't be that bad." "Trust me Mills. He is." I noticed a rock on her finger. "Anderson finally asked" I said with slight amusement hidden in my voice. She blushed and replyed "Yeah" "I better go if I want to make it to the meeting but tell Anderson that i'm going to have a talk with him later about that rock." I said smirking. "Yeah yeah." As I headed off I grabed some tea to help wake me up alittle before the meeting. When I entered the room I noticed Lestrade with someone I didn't reconize. He looked about 6', a dark curly mop of hair on his head and with very sharp cheekbones. All together he looked really attractive. "Morning Mills glad you could make it." Lestrade said "This is Sherlock Holmes. Best consulting detective around." Sherlock looked up and stared at me. "Abby Mills. Nice to meet you." "You worked on the drug sweep last year." I tensed up and looked quickly at Lestrade with my eyes wide open. "Lestrade didn't tell me." He chuckles "I did some dug around with Johns computer. I needed to know who I was going to be working with before I agreed to the case didn't I? Of couse I did. I needed to see if I could work with you. From what I hear your pretty good so I naturaly took their word for it." I felt flattered but creeped out at the same time. "Sherlock even if someone told you who the murderer was you still wouldn't take their word on it. You would need evidence before pointing fingers at who it is." Lestrade said. "You know me so well." He said with a deep laugh at the end. "Well Mr.Holmes i'm sure we will get along just fine."I said. "Please, call me Sherlock."

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