There's not much to explain really this is just stuff that comes from my mind so sorry if it sucks

1. why

A new town a new home. Mom why can't life all ways feel this way.I I don't quite now but I'm just happy I get to spend it with you delilah. You to mom really this is a chance to start over.to leave that life I just feel weird here I guess said delilah. Both mom and delilah where sitting in a cafe in there new country .soon enough we both can be in the comfort of the new house to said mom. So after I finished coffee with my mom I was walking back to our new house there was a party tonight and I was happy I was allowed to go.so I went into my closest to find my low cut red dress.I got to the party everybody from my old life was there they all stoped and looked at me like I was another Carrie or some crap I felt like I was under so much pressure all my pain had come back to me but why. I ran into the bathroom stall I felt sick .it was happening again  my depression. I thought it was gone forever. I guess that i was wrong I just wanted to be home not with all these people.so I left.I couldn't be there not with stress all of it my first day of school tomorrow morning.I ran home crying and went strait to bed.that morning at 7:30 am my alarm went off.it was time for school I slipped my sneakers on with black leggings and a price the Vail sweatshirt on .I was scared about being the outcast.the one in the dark miss.under stood. I didn't want to have that life again as all of this is sliping through my mind I was at the doors .I pushed them open .not knowing what whould be inside that school.it wasn't bad till I got into my class room I wanted to die just there on the floor in front of everybody .it was the people from last night .at the party besides one person who didn't look like I new him.I don't know all I wanted to do was leave I asked the teacher if I should go to the bathroom. I got up to the mirror to see if anything looked out of the ordinary. I looked fine I guess. I ran into a girl on the way back .Carlie she loved pierce the veil and offered to help me with homework.after school I went to Her house and we studied together.we became best friends every time she saw me she'd scream my name delilahhhhhhhh I haven't seen you in like two days. she was always so nice to me.and then I sleepover her house one night and everything changed she wasn't being herself with . Me but I just pushed it aside .I dint think it mattered that much. Then the next morning I went home I hadn't seen her for a long time almost a year .my cousin Ruth was haveing a party and Carlie was invited but I didn't know not like it matters I mean we were friends right . But not how I intended I started to notice that they were whispering Carlie whould start talking about something then stop.so I knew something was up after that night I slepover at her house she didn't talk to me she whould read my messages and not reply and she was a cool person so I thought maybe she thought I was lame for the longest. I talked to my mom about it and she said she's probley just busy.Carlie was talking with her friend Hailey. And Carlie mentioned me. Hailey made a comment "oh yeah her everybody  hates her . I took full effect I felt like a piece of trash I had depression problems in the past.then we walked down the street all of us me, Ruth and Carlie.I overheard Carlie say something about her party.Carlie never told me about  a party so at that point I didn't really want to go.then Ruth pulled Carlie over to the side and said "why didn't you tell her" Carlie replied "because I don't like her " Ruth also had one more thing to say  "but I thought we had so much fun. Both of them ran off. Once we got back to the house I walked home I will never forgive her for that I said to myself. I went home and cryied in my pillow.

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