There's not much to explain really this is just stuff that comes from my mind so sorry if it sucks

2. him

as I was walking into my class a boy walks up to me and asks "are you ok?".as he walks me into class I stare down at my old deep cuts on my arms. I don't think he noticed. after class I went to my locker for my math book on the way back a group of girls took me into the girls bathrooms and jumped me they puched me in the eye , took one of my shoes and that's all I remember or all I noticed after they had nocked me out I didn't really remember anything until I went home and started to get browses.my eye stared swelling up I chouldint move my arm the princeable sent me home in a wheelchair . I went to get a cast on my arm and cruches with my mom and went home to go to bed . the next morning my mom told me I still had to go to school . so I went into my room, found a outfit to where and went to school.after school I went to the park to do homework I sat on the rim of the fountain. the boy that helped me saw me siting down he came running to me "what happened are you ok?" I replyed "i think". we started to talk he told me his name "tommy" I said im Delilah.i had told him about my past everything and he treated me the same way no judgemetail look or anything. he asked if I was doing anything on Friday night  I said "no." he asked me out!!!!!.

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