I'm a Tomlinson?

When Amber ( Tiffany )and Ray ( Dakota )find out they are triples with the one and only Louis Tomlinson they are surprised when....


1. what?

"Ray get down here now where going to be late"I yelled at my twin sister

"I'm coming amber hold on one sec"Ray yelled back

This gives me some time to tell you about us. My full name is Amber Rose and Ray Rose,we live alone,and going to collage.

"I'm here let's go"Ray yelled at me

"Ok let's go"I said back

As we got to campus someone was making some fuss and Ray had to see what was going on so she gave me her backpack and ran to see what the fuss was. As I walked closer I heard Ray scream bloody murder. I started to run when I saw Liam Payne. Also did I say that we are huge one direction fans. Liam ran towards me grabbed me and ran towards Louis holding Ray,who was about to break down and cry tears of joy and happiness. They let go of us and said to follow them. It was hard since tons of girls where following us. We reached the leaders office and they knocked and the door opened there was the other three boys. Me and Ray started to cry because this was our dream to meet one direction.

"So this is them"Harry said

"Yep"said Louis

"So hi"Ray said

"Hi"said Niall

"What are we doing here?"I said

"Well it started in the X-factor when I needed my birth certificate and my mom gave it to me but when I looked at it,it said that I have two twins,I have been looking for ever for you guys"said Louis

"Then how come on our birth certificate it said twins not triplets?"said Ray

"I don't know but your names are Amber an Ray right?"said Louis

"Ya how did you find us?"


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