I'm a Tomlinson?

When Amber ( Tiffany )and Ray ( Dakota )find out they are triples with the one and only Louis Tomlinson they are surprised when....


2. flashback part 1


Louis's POV

I told mom that I needed my birth certificate to sign up onto the X-Factor,but when I told her she looked scared.

"What's wrong mom"I said

"Oh nothing it's just...."she said

"What mom are you keeping a secret?"I yelled

"Louis honey calm down please I will tell you it"she said in a scared/calm voice

"Sorry what is the secret?"

"Well when I was pregnant with you,you were not the only baby I was carrying"she said

"So I have a twin?"I asked

"No you have two twins"

"So...I'm a triplet?"

"Yes"mom said

"Why did you give them up?"

"I had to,I could not raise 3 kids no father and also in a small house"mom yelled/said

"Mom are you in touch with them?"

"Yes I am but You can't get them till they are 23 your only 18"


"The parent information is sealed only I can open it but they get it unsealed when they are 23"

"Then you open it!"

"I can't not without your real fathers permission and he is not reachable"


Hi would you please say in comments and write what you think about this story please and it is probably short and also I need a name for you guys-bye Tiffany Payne and Liam Payne

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