Twitter [C.H]

@Calum5SOS is now following you.
[Alli_Kula is a fake twitter account]


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I'm a 'fangirl'. There is no doubt about it. 5SOS is my life.

For example: at this present time I sit in my bean bag, listening to Reject from the Don't stop EP, while reading an unofficial 5SOS fan book.

After slamming the book shut, I get out my phone and open the Twitter app.

1 more follower. Probably another fan account. I open my notifications and tap on the follower.

'@Calum5SOS is now following you'.

I almost drop my phone. My eyes recite the same sentence until I realise it's probably a fake account. I tap on 'full profile'. I actually drop my phone this time. I bend down to pick it up, with my smile spread from ear to ear.

@Calum5SOS is following you.

@Calum5SOS is following you.

@Calum5SOS is following you.

@Calum5SOS is following you.

I repeat the same thing over and over again in my head until I pass out into my bed.

Short chapter sorry guys 😣 I will make up for it in the next chapter you'll see 😉 anyway if you are liking the story please nominate me 😘 oh and guys her name is Allysa and she is basically zendaya Coleman so yeah 😜 ~Soph 🌸

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