Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


38. What?!?!?!?!?

Kim's POV:


I can't believe Alexis is about to tell me her story. (everything from this point on is in Alexis' POV until I say otherwise)


I was walking home from a party in my junior year of high school, Calum didn't go because he was grounded for sneaking out. I was walking home because the party was two blocks from my house, I was walking by the park when I'm dragged behind a tree.


I'm pushed up against the tree and the man starts grinding on me and trying to kiss me. I try to escape but he's too strong or maybe because I wasn't so sober that I didn't have enough strength. Anyways he raped me and then left me in the park. I called my parents and told them to get me, I told them what happened and they took me to the hospital right away. In the hospital they told me I had to get checked for STDS in case the man had any and then told me come back in about a week to check if I was pregnant or not.


My parents took me home and I made them promise me that they would never tell anyone.

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