Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


82. Ultrasound

Kim's POV:

Today Michael and I have an appointment with the doctor before my due date. We head over to the hospital and wait for me to be called. After what seems like forever I'm called in and the doctor starts the machine, she applies the cold gel and we all turn to the screen.


"Ok, so everything looks good. The babies look healthy and they seem ready to come out good thing your due date is a few days away, but it looks like they may come out early so don't be totally surprised." The doctor tells us. We head home and Michael helps me out of the car.


We walk inside and sit in the living room, "Babe what do you want for dinner today?" Michael asks me. I think for a few seconds, "Well we haven't had pizza in a while and I'm kind of craving it." I tell him. He orders pizza and we cuddle on the couch while we wait for the pizza.


"Hey Michael, lets talk baby names." I tell him. He smiles and sits up, okay lets do this." He says all too happy. We discuss a few possibilities for boys and girl, girls and girls, and boy and boys because sometimes doctors are wrong on genders.


The pizza arrives and we eat it while talking about our childhood memories. We head up to bed and I have trouble falling asleep while Michael is happily snoring. I decide to get up to use the bathroom I'm about to head back to bed when I feel a contraction, oh no!


Wait the doctor said not to freak out until my water breaks. I head back to bed and have even more of a hard time falling asleep because of the occasional contraction. Its about 3 am when I finally fall asleep. Michael wakes me up around 1 pm and tells me to come down for lunch.


I sluggishly get up and head downstairs. He has a bag of chipotle on the counter and has my food for me on a plate. I eat quietly and decide to tell Michael about the contractions. "well it seems like they may come earlier than expected," he says with a smile on his face. Since I can't really move we pretty much stay home and cuddle on the couch.


Michael receives a call from Calum and Luke asking him over so that he can help them move some new furniture that they bought. I tell Michael to go and that ill be fine. He leaves and pecks me on the lips before bending down to kiss my stomach.


I decide to walk around the house for a bit and feel more contractions. I sit back down and I feel the couch is cold, why is the couch cold? I stand up to look at the couch and see its wet, oh shit my water just broke! 


I'm not gonna update again until I get a couple of baby names so leave your suggestions: doesn't matter if its girl boy, girl girl, or boy boy names. I'll pick the names I like and who knows I might change the gender of the babies. :)

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