Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


68. suspenseful

Michael's POV:

I didn't want to stop kissing Kim but it seems like she's ready to talk so I do. "Okay what is it?" I ask curious. "I umm. I don't know how to tell you this Michael." She says nervous. I grab her hand, "Kim whatever it is you know you can tell me. I love you Kim." I tell her truthfully.


He looks down and releases my hand, "I just, I don't know how you're gonna take this." She tells me. Okay now I'm worried that it might be something bad. I'm really nervous, like I said before Kim's never hidden anything from me....


OMG!!!! So suspenseful lmao xD I'm getting nervous myself and I know what happens lol

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