Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


67. Surprise!

Kim's POV:

Around 7pm Michael sneaks up behind me and blind-folds me, he tells me not to say anything and to just let him guide me. I listen to him and let him guide me, I gives me a kiss before telling me to remove the blind. It feels like we walked forever so I'm more than happy to remove the blindfold.


I remove the blindfold and can't believe what I'm looking at. theres a small pond that has a waterfall surrounded by trees and its just beautiful, "Happy Anniversary Babe." Whispers Michael in my ear. I can't believe he did this, he knows I love nature.


there's a big boulder by the edge of the lake and I notice that it has a picnic set on top of it. Michael grabs my hand and leads me over to it. I thought we were going to eat but Michael pulls out my bikini and hands it to me, "What's this for?" I ask him. He smiles, "well we're swimming under the waterfall and in this pond." I smile a big smile before changing into my bikini and jumping into the water.


Michael follows me into the water and pulls me down under with him. We rise up and he drags me under the water fall. We're behind the waterfall and then he turns to me and kisses me passionately. I jump up a little and wrap my arms around his waist and then tangle my hands in his hair.


We make mouth for a little bit before he pulls us underneath the water and we keep kissing there. He suddenly starts walking towards the rock and pulls us out of the water, he lays me down on the rock and keeps kissing me. He starts moving down to my neck, I can't lead him on like this. I have to come clean now, "Michael stop! theres something I need to tell you." He breaks the kiss, "Okay what is it?" he asks curious.


"I ummm."

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