Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


5. Surprise

Michael's POV:

I get in my car and head towards Kim's place. I park the car and get out. I find her building and walk inside. Her address says that she lives on the fifth floor apartment 5A. I decide to take the elevator to the top floor. I find 5A and wait for a few seconds before knocking. 

I'm hesitant to knock but I'm going to have to knock eventually. I'm really nervous though. I knock three times and wait for any sort of response. "Coming!" She says as I get more nervous. She opens the door and I am completely taken back by her beauty, man I was right she makes anything look good. 

Kim's POV:

"Hey Michael" I say smiling. I notice him staring at me and he's speechless. I wonder if maybe I'm over dressed or under dressed. "Did, um I dress alright for this mystery date?" I say nervously. He seems to snap out of his trance and looks at me, "what? Yes! Your perfect just like that" he says smiling. Oh good! 

"Are you ready to go?" Michael asks. "Yes I'm ready!" I say as I lock the door and we head out towards the parking lot. I have no idea which car is his so I quietly follow him through the parking lot. As we approach his truck he opens the door for me and I climb in. Such a Gentlemen! He goes around the truck and starts the engine. "So will finally tell me where exactly we are going?" I ask suspiciously. "Noppppe!" Is all he manages to say. I can see a smirk on his face from the corner of my eye. I wonder what the surprise could be. I don't really like surprises but ehh I'll risk it.

Michael's POV:

I turn on the radio and we both start singing along, "you have a nice voice Michael!" Kim says. I blush a little, "thanks." I respond. We continue to sing all the rest of the car ride. I was gonna take her to the beach but I decided against it and thought of something else. It's still pretty early and he real surprise is later on in the night.

"Ok so we're going to dinner first and then the real surprise will begin." I explain and she nods. I turn into the restaurant parking lot and hurry out of the truck to open the door for her. She blushes and gets out. I walk close next to her and make our way towards the entrance. The waiter escorts is to our table and we order.

*skips dinner*

After I pay for the meal we head back to the truck. I'm really excited for this next part, I can't wait to see her reaction. Her friend Mia told me she likes the outdoors so I think she'll really like the surprise.

We drive up to the top of the mountain and I get out and open the door for her. She gets out and looks around, "are we going hiking or something?" She asks. "No!" I say as I take the over off the back of the truck. I take the cover off revealing the back of the pick up truck covered in blankets and pillows, " we are going to watch the stars and enjoy the sweet smell of the mountain!" I say enthusiastically. "OMG Michael this is amazing! I love it!" She says happily. I can't help but smile.

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