Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


29. Stares

Michael's POV:


We walk into the living room and we each take a seat: Kim's on my lap, Mia's on Ashton's and Luke and Calum are sitting on the love seat together. I give Kim a quick kiss and when I turn around everyone is staring at us, "What?!" I yell. They all just keep staring at us.


Then Luke opens his mouth, "Hey um Calum did you happen to feel the earthquake that was shaking the house last night?" Kim's eyes widen and she tries to hide her face in the crook of my neck. Calum starts laughing before saying, "oh yeah you mean the earthquake coming from Michael's room? Yeah I did and it made sounds too." "Fuck you guys! Just cause I can get some and you can't." I yell at them playfully.


"Hey man we're not judging, in fact we're glad you got some cause you've been really grouchy lately." Adds Ashton smirking. Kim removes her face from my neck, "Oh yea is that why your always in such a mood? Because Mia won't give you any" she says almost laughing. Ashton opens his mouth like he's about to say something but then decides against it. Everyone laughs at Kim's joke including Mia and Ashton.


After everyone had their fun and cracked some jokes Luke and Calum leave while the rest of us decide to just stay in and watch movies. I look over at Kim and see her on her phone texting someone," Kim babe who you talking to?" she looks up from her phone, "Hm? Oh um well I was texting my cousin, Alexis, she lives somewhere here in Australia and I was asking her to come visit." She says smiling. I smile at her, "That's a great idea babe tell her to come over one day."

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