Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


64. Secret

Kim's POV:

All week long has been spent preparing for our camping trip. I'm really excited for this camping trip, especially since on Saturday its mine and Michael's year anniversary. I don't really have much planned for him since we are outdoors and he's not much of the outdoors type but I do have some type of surprise for him.


I got him a gift that I think he'll love but also I sort of found something out and I'm hoping to tell him on Saturday too. I've been really distant with everyone this week on a count of the thing I found out, they've all noticed and have asked me but luckily I've played it off week. I know I shouldn't keep secrets but I guess its not that bad of a secret.


 We all meet at Luke and Calum's house to leave from there. We double check to make sure we have everything because the camping site is a little far so we can't really come back for anything we forgot.


OMG! What do you guys think is her secret?!?!?!?


*skip car ride there*


We arrive at the place and its beautiful, we got a camping site close to the lake and sort of up high so the view is amazing. I give myself a pat on the shoulder for picking the perfect spot. I take a look at the guys trying to set up the tents and I can tell they're all struggling, including Calum who claimed to have gone camping before.


"Mia!!!!!" I scream out loud. She looks up from her bag, "Yes?!" she asks confused. "Looks like its time to show them how a really woman sets up a tent." I tell her. We walk over to the boys and take the tent equipment from them.  Within minutes me and Mia and surprisngly Lexi too have the four tents set up. Kyle never went camping with me so he doesn't know how to do it but luckily his girlfriend did.


We set up the sleeping bags in the tents and then we decided to look for wood before it gets dark. Mia and I wonder off with Lexi and find a hiking trail, we decided to see where it leads too. We end up on a beautiful cliff and we take a bunch of pictures of the scenery and selfies. xD

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