Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


18. Plan!

Michael’s POV:


I have to do something to make it up to Kim for not letting her explain and for breaking up with her. I can’t come up with anything so I go to Ashton for advice since he’s the only other one with a girlfriend. “Hey Ashton I need your help,” he looks up from his phone. “Yea what you need?” he asks. “Can you help me come up with an idea for a date with Kim please? It has to be memorable because this is me making up for being an asshole.” I plead. He thinks for a second and agrees to help me.


I run out to the store to buy all the things that I’ll need for this date. I have to wait for the staff to get a few things from the back and I decide to text Kim.


m- Hey I’m sorry for being a dick, to show you how sorry I am I’d like to take you out on a date tonight!

k- Wow really? Alright then can’t wait J

K-can you tell me what we’re doing or where we’re going?

m- Nope!!!!

k- Clifford why are you so difficult? ;)

m- Because what’s life without a little mystery ;)

k- Whatever Clifford, what time?


k- as in pm?

m- No am! Of course pm! Lol

k- Seems a little late for a date but okay who am I refuse I date with Michael Clifford?

m- Exactly glad you got the point jajaja

k-whatever Clifford I’ll see you later

M-bye gorgeous <3


When the staff return with everything I need I pay for everything and leave to set up. I make sure that everything is perfect before heading home to change. Its 8 so I decide to take a shower, I wash myself and make sure I’m nice and clean. I get out and change into my favorite black skinny jeans, All Time Low t-shirt that’s sleeveless, black combat boots and leather jacket. It’s not even 9 yet so I decide to watch a little TV. I end up channel surfing for about 30 minutes before heading over to Kim’s. 


*a/n* ouuu whats this mystery date. I'm not really good at coming up with dates so it will probably be shitty but to Kim it will mean everything. so bare with me lol. xD

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