Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


21. :o

Mia's POV:


They finish the song and it was absolutly beautiful! I run over to Michael and jump on him. "OMG!!! Michael I loved it! Thank you so much!" I tell him. I got off him and hug the other boys, "you too guys thank you so much for doing this for me," I tell them. Calum steps forward, " I know what I did was wrong and I hope you forgive me, I think I've found someone else I want to be with and I just wanted to apologize again." I smile at him and then hug him, "thank you Calum and I hope it does well with whoever you have your eyes on!" I tell him. 


The guys leave and it's just me and Michael, Michael starts cleaning up and I try to help him but instead he calls Cameron over and he cleans everything up while Michael and I head to the water. Even though it's like midnight it's pretty warm out so the water feels nice against our feet. We walk hand in hand and then I turn to Michael, "no ones ever gone through this much trouble just for me, thank you Michael!" He pulls me towards him, "that's because only I see your true beauty, I notcie everything about you and I don't want to ever lose you again." He tells me before kissing me. I love Michael, I truly do. 


Cameron tells Michael that everything's put away and that he's gonna leave now. We head back to Michael's car and he starts driving back home. As he's droving I notice that he missed the exit, "Michael I think you missed the exit" I tell him. "Um actually no there's someone I want you to meet and that's where we're headed." He tells me. It's like 1am who could it possibly be? 


He turns into a graveyard. We get out of the car and start walking, he stops at a tombstone that readys Katie Clifford. I look at him and he has tears in his eyes, "Mom I remember one of the last few times we spoke, you told me not to come here except for Mother's Day, your birthday, Christmas, and if I were to ever find anyone that I'm afraid to lose like you." He starts crying a little, "mom I never thought I would come here except for your approved days, but no I finally found someone that I'm afraid to lose just as much as you. Mom this is Kim, my girlfriend. I already lost her once and it was horrible mom. I'd completely given up on love, you suffered so much thanks to dad, I never thought I would love but I am mom and I'm very happy. He places a few flowers on the grave. 


Michaels crying and I can't help but kneel down, "Mrs. Clifford, I'm Kim Johnson. I'm Michael's girlfriend, I know your watching over your boy from up there but your not alone I'm watching him down here too. And now he's not alone either, he has me and all of our friends. We all love Michael and we'll make sure that nothing bad happened to him. I turn to Michael, "Michael there's something I've been wanting to say to you but I've been to chicken, so I'm gonna say it here in front of your mom, Michael I love you!" 

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