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Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


1. Moving to Australia

A/N: so this is my first attempt to try and write a story. I've read plenty of them and am fascinated by what people come up with. I hope you guys like it. If I suck at writing suggestions would help thank you. :)

Kim's POV:

As I step off the plane I am greeted by the warm Australian sun. I'm loving the weather here, way better than the bitter Chicago winters that's for sure. My name is Kim and I moved from Chicago to Australia because I'm moving in with my best friend who already lives here. I was offered a soccer or football tryouts for a team here and I jumped on the opportunity to finally start my own life away from my parents. I'm 5'5 which isn't too bad I guess. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I'm sporty but not too much. I'm also kinda girly but again not too much. I love to read, watch movies, and listen to music.

I get my bags and head towards the arrivals exit to find Mia, my best friend. She's about 5'5 too, has long blonde hair, hazel eyes, and has pretty much the same interests as me. Duh, best friends! I spot her towards the exit so she doesn't seem. I seize the opportunity to sneak up on her and scare her, I take the long way around and as I approach her I poke her sides and she screams. "Gotcha" I yell. "You asshole you scared me," she yells. I smile and say," love yah too!" We hug each other for what seems like forever. Man I missed this girl. "Are you ready to see our new place?" She asks me. "Well I've only seen the pictures but yea I'm kinda excited, especially since it's just me and you and no parents." We get in her truck and turn in the radio, listening and singing the whole way home.

"Okay, so I got you a job at the music store where I work while you wait for your tryouts, and your first day is tomorrow!" She explains. Oh great work already, oh well it's money and I need money in order to be here so whatever. "Thanks Mia, I really appreciate that." "Ok let's get you settled in and then we'll head out to lunch ok?" She says. "Yea that's fine I'll just carry the boxes upstairs and look for my clothes and take a shower then we'll go." I say.

After I hop out of the shower I dry my body, put on black skinny jeans, my purple vans, and a crop top that has red lips on the front. I blow dry my hair and then straighten it, it takes forever because of my long thick hair but I like the way it looks. Beauty takes time 😂. I grab my phone and head to the living room where Mia is watching tv. "I'm ready" I say. "Great lets go I'm starving" she answers. She take me to this diner on the corner of the street and it's so cute. Almost like one of those 50s diners from the movies. We sit down and place our orders. I look up and as I'm about to say something to Mia a red haired boy walks in and I can't help but stare. He's tall, cute, and there's just something about him that makes me tingly inside. He notices me staring and smiles at me. Wow! That smile it's amazing. It looks like he had called and ordered ahead of time because he walks up to the counter and they give him his food right away. He walks out the door but not before looking back and giving me a small but noticeable wink.

"Hey Mia, who was that red haired boy you just walked in?" I asked. "Oh him? That's Michael Clifford, he hangs around with three other boys, and they pretty much keep to themselves." She explains. I noticed that she turned slightly red and I can't help but wonder if she likes him or one of the other three boys. "So do you like him?" I asked. "What him no! Actually I like one of his other friends, his name is Ashton, Ashton Irwin." She answered slightly embarrassed.

Michael's POV:

I walked into my favorite diner to get the food I had preordered for me and the boys. I look over to the right side and I see this beautiful girl that I have never seen before. She looks absolutely stunning, and her eyes they're just amazing. I noticed she's sitting next to Mia the girl from my favorite music store. My friend Ashton has a crush on her but is too chicken to ask her out. Anyways, I've never seen this girl before. Is she new? I don't know but I'm gonna find out, I'll ask Mia tomorrow at her job. I walk into Luke's house and place the food on the kitchen island. "Foods here" I yell from the kitchen. The boys come running down the stairs and all take a seat and start cramming food down their throats.

"oh hey Ash your girlfriend was at the diner" I say trying to embarrass him. He gives me a death glare before he mumbles, "she's not my girlfriend!" "No but you want her to be." Luke cuts in. "Yeah seriously man when are you gonna man up and finally ask her out?" Calum asks. "I don't know guys I doubt she likes me and if I ask her out and she says no I'll just look like and idiot." Ashton replies. "Tell you what man, I'll make a deal with you. If you ask her out I'll ask her about her new friend that I saw today with her. She was absolutely beautiful and I wanna get to know her more." "Fine whatever but if she says no and I look stupid you can't play FIFA for a week!" Ashton adds in. Ugh! No FIFA for a week? It's a long shot but I think Mia like Ashton's so maybe it will be worth the risk. "DEAL!" I say.


Mia's POV:

"Kim hurry up we don't wanna be late for work on your first day!" God she takes forever to get ready, but hey I love her and I'm really happy we live together and we even work together too! "Ready!" She says as she walks in to the living room. "Great! Let's go before we're late and get yelled at." We live about 10 minutes from the store so it doesn't take long to get there. "Hey Jake, this is my friend Kim, the girl I told you about." "Oh hey Kim nice to meet you, I'm glad we finally got another worker, maybe now I can actually get a day off." Jake says laughing. "Well it's nice of you to give me this job seeing as I barely just moved here yesterday." Kim says. "Ok well Mis here will train you while I go to the storage room and start unpacking everything we got yesterday" jake explains. "Ok so I'll start you on the floor organizing the CDs that might be out of place, that way you can also start learning where everything is incase you get a question from a customer." I explain. "Ok well then I better get started!" Answers Kim.

Michael's POV:

I know for a fact that Mia works today thanks to Ashton stalking her work schedule. Today is the day that Ashton is gonna ask Mia out and we all came along for support, or to laugh when he gets rejected. 😂 just kidding. We walk in and Mia's standing by the counter organizing some things. I take a look around and notice her friend also stacking CDs.

What? She works here now? Well this just got a whole lot easier. She looks stunning in those white short shorts, white wedge heels, and she has her long beautiful brown hair wavy with a flower crown on her head. This girl really knows how to turn a guy on. My thoughts are interrupted by Calum's voice, "hey who's that?" He says pointing towards the girl who's name I have yet to find out. "I don't know man but that's the girl I was telling you guys about" I reply. "That's her? Man you guys get all the good ones" luke says pouting. Calum's just smirks at me. I can tell that Calum probably likes her but she mine, I saw her first.

Ashton's POV:

I can't believe I'm about to do it! I'm gonna ask Mia out and hopefully she will say yes. I'm only doing this so Michael can ask that girl out, whoever she is. He's been down in the dumps lately and I think having a girlfriend might cheer him up a little. We walk in and I see Mia standing by the counter, man she looks amazing. Her tight black skinny jeans, with her black vans, black tank top and she's even wearing a flannel around her waist. Not to mention her lovely long blonde hair that flows beautifully down her back and just above her butt. I tell the guys to walk around the store for a bit while I talk to Mia. They say yes but I know they'll stick by me to hear her reply.

"Hey Mia," I manage to say. She looks up from her CDs, " oh hey Ashton what can I help you with?" I'm trying to stay cool on the outside but I'm totally freaking out. "Wou, would you like to maybe go out with me some time? You know like on" I just barely got those words out of my mouth. She stares at me for about 3 seconds almost shocked. She smile and finally replies, "yes Ashton of course I'd love to go on a date with you." "Great how's tomorrow at 6 sound?" She thinks for a few seconds and then says, " well I work tomorrow but I get off at 6 so how about 7?" "Yea 7 sounds good too," I reply and then leave to find Michael, it's his turn to hold up his end of the deal.

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