Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


83. Hospital

Kim's POV:

Oh shit my water just broke! I reach for my phone and look for Michael's name. I call him and he doesn't answer, shit! I call him again and he answers on the third ring, "Hey Kim what's up?" he asks. "Michael come quick! My water just broke." I yell through the phone.


"What?! Holy shit! Alright ill be there quick, just hold on for a few minutes I'm on my way." He yells through the phone and I hear him scream bye to the guys. I grab my purse and have nothing to do but wait until Michael gets here.


Michael's POV:

I hear my phone ringing inside and when I got to pick up it stops ringing, im about to walk away when it starts ringing again. I look at the caller id and see that its Kim, "Hey Kim what's up?" I ask. "Michael come quick! My water just broke." She yells through the phone. Holy shit! Omg I'm so not ready for this. "Alright ill be there soon, just hold on I'm on my way."


I rush out the door and yell bye to the guys who just look at me confused. I get in my car and rush out of the drive way and speed to my house, luckily I didn't get stopped. I rush into the house and see Kim standing in the hallway waiting to go head to the hospital.


I help her into the car and quickly run into the drivers seat, I speed all the way to the hospital and drive up to the emergency exit. I take Kim inside and she's immediately taken to a room. Her contractions are still a little far apart but the doctor said it shouldn't be that long.


I sit by Kim's side and she takes hold of my hand. She squeezes it every time she gets a contraction and damn can this girl squeeze. I decide to quickly text everyone in a group message to tell them we're at the hospital.


M-hey guys Kim's water broke and we're at the hospital, I'm totally freaking out! I'm about to be a dad :)

Ky-omg! My little sis is about to give birth to my niece and nephew, I'm on my way!

Mia-omg!!! Can't wait, on my way too

C-me and Luke on our way too.

m- alright see you guys here.


Kim squeezes my hand one last time and the doctor speaks up, "Its time!"

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