Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


7. Home

Kim's POV:

I guess we both must have dozed off because when I woke up at about 2:30am. Michael was also asleep with his arms around me, not that I mind or anything. It was a little chilly and I noticed that the blanket was pushed aside. I grabbed it and threw it over us but I guess it scared Michael because he shot right up scared. "Are you ok" he asked me. "Yes I'm fine I just botcied you were cold so I covered you, but maybe we should head phone instead" i replied. He smiled, "yea I guess I should get you home to Mia before she hurts me for keeping you out late." He helps me down and we get inside the truck and he starts driving. 

*skip car ride home*

As we pull up outside of my apartment I thank Michael for the date and then lean over to kiss him. He smiles into the kiss and then deepens it. I move closer to him and my fingers end up in his hair. His hands find their way down to my waist and wrap around me. He moves the seat back a little and then sit me on his lap and we deepen the kiss even more.

I don't want to stop kissing him, like ever! We continue to make out for like a good 30 minutes. We pull apart and we both just stare and smile at each other. "Well I shoudl get inside and you should go home, it's pretty late" I tell him. "Yea they boys will probably make fun of me of me if o get home later than it is already" he replies. I quickly kiss him in the lips before getting out and tell him that I'll text him tomorrow. 

When I get into mine and Mia's apartment I notcied the clock on the stove, 3:45! Holy shit!! And I work at 9, fuck! I get changed quickly and let myself fall onto the bed. I keep replaying the date in my head until I fall asleep. 

Earlier in the day:

Mia's POV:

"Mia after you store everything in that box you can leave for the day of you want or stick around until 6" Jake explains. It's 4:30 now and this should take me about 20 minutes, sweet! "Alright once I'm finished I'll leave, thanks Jake!" I response as he walks towards the storage closet. If I hurry this up I can go him earlier and that gives me more time to get ready for my date with Ashton. I finish everything and say good-bye to Jake. I get home and immediately hop in the shower. I do all I have to do and then wrap myself in a towel. I dry my hair and myself before looking for my outfit.

I have a lot of clothes. I may have a shopping problem, but hey what girl doesn't. Ashton told me to dress comfy but I don't want to be too comfy. I decide on faded blue skinny jeans, I white crop top with a cardigan over it, my silver heart necklace, black vans and a black beanie. I leave my hair down in its natural curls and apply some eyeliner mascara and light lip stick. Kim and I aren't big on make up but we wear some when we feel like it.

I look at the clock and its 5:50. I still have a whole hour before Ashton picks me up. I go on Twitter and tumblr for about 20 minutes until I get bored and turn the tv on. American Horror Story is on so I watch that. I get a text from Ashton.

A-hey it's Ashton send me your address please. :)

I text him my address and continue watching the show. 20 minutes later I hear a knock on the door. I grab my phone and turn the tv off. I open the door and see Ashton standing there looking nervous. "Hi!" "Hi" is all we say. "Um, are you ready to go?" He asks. He's so nervous it's cute. "Yes les go shall we" I reply. I follow him to his car and he opens the door for me before going around and starting the car.

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