Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


26. GOAL!!!!!

Kim's POV:

"Okay now those of you standing up..... are free to go! Sorry to inform you that you have not made the team. Which means that the 11 of you sitting down are now a part of this team.'' She says smiling. The 11 of us jump up with joy!


"Okay okay winners do not show off. Now sit back down and take these packets, our first practice is on Monday and you will find all the information in the packets we just gave you. Congrats and see you all Monday." They say before walking off. Once they're out of sight we jump up and down again, we're such girls. We exchange numbers with each other and up to meet out friends and family who came to watch.


I practically run to them and then jump on Michael, "I did it babe, I actually did it," I practically scream in his ear. He kisses me on the cheek, "I knew you would babe, you're crazy talented and really deserved it. Besides you were amazing out on that field." I blush a little and then everyone else congrats me and we go out to eat and then head over to Michael and Ashton's house. (Michael and Ash live together and then Luke and Calm live together).


We all decide to spend the night over and as I pass by the kitchen I notice a pool in the backyard, "Hey I didn't know you guys had a pool." "Oh yeah we just don't use it much because we're always over that Luke and Calum's house" answers Ashton. "Fuck this I'm going in the pool!" I say as I run outside.


I get close to the pool and strip to my underwear and bra then jump in. They start piling out one by one until then ,Mia strips and joins me. The guys end up joining us too. We play some pool games and then we play that game where one person gets on another shoulders then then the teams have to face each other and try to knock the other team down.


Since theres only two girls the guys take turns rotating but my team always wins, "That's not fair, she's the athletic one!" yells Grace. I flex, "that's right bitches bow down." We get out and Michael hands me a towel to wrap around myself, only then do I realize I have no bra or underwear to change into.


Michael must have read my mind because he hugs me from behind and whispers into my ears, "don't worry babe, you can shower and ill lend you a shirt to put on while your bra and underwear dry but you'll have to sleep without underwear on unless you borrow my boxers" he says laughing at the last part.

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