Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


13. Angry


Michael's POV:

I can't believe what I just saw. Kim and Calum kissing in the park in broad daylight. I'm so angry i start walking towards them. As I reach Calum and Kim, Calum looks scared. He should be! I head straight for Calum and punch him in the face. He falls to the floor and then I turn to Kim, "we're over!" I yell at her. "Michael! Wait it's not what it looked like." She says almost crying. I don't believe her one bit. "Too bad we're over and I'm not changing my mind no matter what you say, I can't believe you cheat on me after one day together and with my best friend none the less." I yell back at her. "Micahel please just listen to me!" She pleads. "No!!! Shut up I don't listen to cheaters!" I yell at her furious. She bursts into tears before grabbing her stuff and running home. 

 Meanwhile Calum starts to get up from the ground. He looks scared as I stare at him get up. "Michael I'm sorry, really I am." If looks could kill Calum would probably be dead. Im so mad at him, and Kim. I really thought Kim might be the one, now I know she's nothing but a cheater and a hoe. We head back to Luke's place and play some FIFA, while playing I think about what just happened. I can't let something like that ruin the friendship I have with Calum so I have to suck it up and apologize for hitting him, just for hitting him. That doesn't mean i forgive him. But I'm not so sure what I'm gonna do about Kim.

"Calum look I'm sorry for punching you in the face," I tell him. "Wait why'd you punch him?" Asks Luke. "I found him and Kim kissing in the park but Whatever man I'm not letting some bitch come in between us!" I say not completely convinced. I really liked Kim. "Michael I'm sorry too, I know that was you girlfriend and I'm sorry," is all that Calum says. For some reason i don't completely believe him but whatever.

Calum's POV:

I should really tell Michael that I kissed Kim and that she didn't kiss back. He seems to really like her but, I like her too. Seeing the way that Kim ran off though I can tell I have no chance with her. So what's keeping me from telling Michael? I don't know but maybe I should. I should tell him but I don't.

Kim's POV:

I run all the way back home and into my room. I shut the door and throw myself on the bed crying. I can't believe Calum kissed me, I can't believe Michael broke up with me, and he didn't even let me explain or tell him that I didn't kiss Calum back. After about an hour I run out of tears and decide to start to get ready for work. As I'm getting ready something comes over me and I'm suddenly taken over by anger. I can get any guy I want, I don't need Michael! I have a rocking body and I'm pretty sure I can find someone else. Besides, everybody loves the new girl, and I've barely even in Australia a week.

*skips to next day*

I'm telling Mia about what happened yesterday and she's in utter disbelief. "Why did Calum kiss you?" She asks. "I don't know maybe because he wanted to or he likes me." I tell her. "Whatever I'm over it and I'm ready to meet other guys, I'm not gonna let something like this hold me back! Yea I still want Michael but i need to move on. Especially since Michael jumped to a conclusion and didn't even let me explain." I tell her. "Hey! I have an idea, let's go to a club!" I tell Mia. "Sorry Kim but I have a date with Ashton today." Ugh! "Fine whatever I'll go by myself" I tell her.


I shower, do my hair, make up, and then change. I decided to wear a short black dress that barely covers my ass, and 6 inch black heels. I decide to take a cab because there will be drinking and I'm definitely not driving back home.


A/N: i have some chapters already written, should a publish more today? ;) 


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