Starting New

Kim moves to Australia to be with her best friend. She meets this cute boy that she can't stop thinking about. His red hair is absolutely memorizing and she can't help but hope he likes her back.


54. Airport

One last update today :)

Kim's POV:

We arrive at the airport and see that the plane arrives at around 3:40, ugh more waiting! We decide to walk around and we end up in luggage, the machines are moving round and round with nothing on them. I get and idea and make my way to them. Michael follows me but has no idea what I'm about to do.


I run to the machine and then sit on the moving part, Michael starts laughing and joins me. We go around twice sitting down and then I stand up and we pretend like we're surfing. I spot a security guard and see him running towards us, I grab Michael's hand and run off with him.


We head back upstairs and burst into laughter. Its barely 3:20 so we continue walking around, for this hour there's surprisingly a lot of people here. I start walking and Michael stares at me waiting to see what I'm gonna do. I walk up to a couple looking in Michael's direction and stand behind them.


Michael's still giving me a weird look, I start randomly dancing behind them to the airport music. Michael starts laughing and I'm pretty sure the couple gave him weird looks because he laughs even more. I walk out from behind them and find more victims, Michael is laughing his ass off, some people in the airport have also tuned in with Michael to watch and laugh along with him.


My victims give the people laughing weird looks and look around to look for whatever is making them laugh but of course when they turn around I stop dancing. I head back over to Michael and he hugs me, people look over in our direction and awww at our relationship. I really do love this boy, the intercom announces that the plane has landed and we wait for Kyle to come out.


I spot him and start running, people stare at me but I don't care. As I approach him he spots me and drops his bags and opens his arms. I jump into them and he embraces me, "hey sis! I've missed you." He tells me. I hug him harder, "I know I've missed you too!" I yell back. I hop off him and see Michael making his way to us.

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