The Neighbour

Hannah has to move from California to Sydney, Australia because of her moms jobs offer. She thinks it's going to be living hell, that is until she meets her new neighbour, Luke Hemmings

Guys my old account was hannahchaudhry but something got messed up so I started again. Plzz read


3. school👎

Hannah's POV

My alarm went of at 6:00 today.

"great school" I said sarcastically to myself. Out of no where I got a text from Luke, since I gave him my number.

L: hi Hannah. Calum is going to be showing u around school today

H: Kk. Thnx Luke

L: no prob😘

H: lol bye😁

L: laterz

After I finished texting Luke I got dressed. I decided to wear my favourite Tshirt and shorts with converse. I just combed my hair and left it out. I was ready for my first day at my new school. I grabbed my Iphone and schoolbag and ran out the door. When I got out side I saw Calum at the end of my drive way

" hi" I said hugging him

"Hey" he said back

"Shall we go" I asked

"Yup. We arranged so that you will be in our class, since me Luke Michael and Ashton are all together. Stay at the back with us, that way you can do whatever you want." Calum said to me

"Kk, LETS GOOOOO!!!" I said pulling Calum.

When we got to school All the boys started staring at me


"Yes hannah"

"Do I have something on my face?"

"No why?"

"Because all the boys are staring at me"

"That's because your beautiful"

"No you have the wrong girl cal. I'm not beautiful"

"Yes you are, and don't let anyone tell you differently!!"

"Whatever. Let's go to class" and with that we got to our first class

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