The Neighbour

Hannah has to move from California to Sydney, Australia because of her moms jobs offer. She thinks it's going to be living hell, that is until she meets her new neighbour, Luke Hemmings

Guys my old account was hannahchaudhry but something got messed up so I started again. Plzz read


2. just friends

Hannah's POV

When we got inside we decided to watch the conjuring. And by we I mean Ashton Luke Michael and Calum. I sat beside Michael. Every time a scary part would come I would bury my face into his chest. For some reason I felt safe with him. I kept on feeling a pair of eyes on me. It's probably Luke. I think he's jealous. Whatever. He probably isn't.

**********************{after movie}************************

When the movie finished it was 10:00pm

"Guys it's getting pretty late I should be heading home."

"Ok, I'll walk you home." Luke said

Awwwww. He is sooo sweet☺️

"It's ok. I live next door"

"But I want to"Luke said. Awwwwww


"Yay!!! Let's go." Luke said

When we got to my door we just stood there silently for a few seconds

"Do you like Michael?" Luke asked catching me off gaurd

"What?, no!!!" Luke looked like he didn't believe me

"Luke I promise, me and Michael are just friends"

"Promise?" Luke said, sounding like a baby and pouting

"Promise" and with that we hugged and went our seperate ways. Tommorow I start school. Crap

Calum's POV


"Fineeeee...." Luke Ashton and Michael said altogether yesssss I get to be alone with hannah tommorow!!! I kind of have a crush on her. I think all of us boys do. But she will be mine. At least I hope soooo...

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