My Brothers Kinda Bestfriend

Lia Hemmings is a 14 year old freshman in high school. Michael Clifford is a 19 year old kid who is best friend with her brother. Fights are made, rules are broken, hearts break, and love fixes it all. Read to find out what happens next!


1. The beginning

Hey guys, my name is Lia Hemmings, Luke's sister. Let me tell you a little bit about what I look like...I'm 14 years old to start with, I have brown hair with bright blue dip dye at the ends- to match Michael, I have big blue eyes and I'm 5'6, yeah I'm pretty tall. Anyways lets get to my story...


"Wake up asshole, we have to go get Michael!" I could clearly tell that was Luke. "Fuck off dough boy!" I yelled. I just decided to ignore what ever else he said and take a nice warm but quick shower. After my 7 minute shower I put on some sweat pants and a tight black crop top that said 'Life Sucks'. At the moment I was getting ready to go on a world wide tour with my brother! I get to escape hell hole prison to hold around the world! So I guess life doesn't suck...? Eh, what do I care. I hurried up and simply put some BB Cream and mascara on. I ran down stairs to see Luke, Calum, and Ashton all waiting for me. Well what can I say beauty takes time! "What took you so long?!" Luke groaned "I would have been on time if you woke me up earlier!" "CALUM!!" They all said in unison. "Sorry, I just didn't want her to be really bitchy around Michael, he is excited to see her." Calum said honestly. "I thought you guys already left." My twelve year old sister Abby said. We look the same it's just that her dip dye is pink and her eyes are green and she obviously shorter. "Sorry Abby, your sister was taking too long." Luke said. "But I don't want you guess to go, and I want to see Mikey!" She said running up to hug me and Luke. "Well, just remember I have Mikey sweetheart." I said to her. "Fine then I get Cal!" She stated proudly. "Yeah, yeah whatever, well we gotta go" I said. "Okay Lia lets go get your Prince Charming!" Ashton said. "Wait, what about Cole?!" I almost yelled. "Oh fuck, we have to stop to pick him up too, wait no we don't he is getting dropped off at the airport to say bye to you." Luke said. "I'm gonna miss him though!" I whined. Cole and I have been dating for like 2 years and today is the last day of #Cauren. I'm really sad and will probably end up crying. But I guess that's the cycle of life. Well hopefully I can have Mikey to lean on to, I've really always had a soft spot for Michael but Luke just said he was and is bad news. Why would I care, I still have to learn from my mistakes. Little did I know I would make millions of those along this tour..."EVERYONE GET IN THE BUS"

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