My Brothers Kinda Bestfriend

Lia Hemmings is a 14 year old freshman in high school. Michael Clifford is a 19 year old kid who is best friend with her brother. Fights are made, rules are broken, hearts break, and love fixes it all. Read to find out what happens next!


7. Let's have a party?

*Skip to LA* 

Lia's P.O.V

Our first stop was Las Angeles! I'm super excited and trying to get over that whole Michael thing. But anyways Luke decided we should celebrate our first stop on tour so today we are having a party in this flat we got! I'm define toy ready to mingle! Lol. But right now I have my headphones in listening to 'I Miss You' by Blink 182. Ounce the song finished I saw we had pulled up to the driveway. And I must say that it was huge and beautiful. I walked outside without saying a word which is rare. "Hey Lia, you okay?" Ashton asked me. "Yeah" I said in a soft calm voice. I ran into the house and picked out the biggest room. A couple minutes after that I heard the boys walk in. "Hey Lia?" I heard someone ask. I ran down stairs to see that Michael had called me. "Yes Michael?" I whispered in his ear. "Um...uh...will you go with me to get so-some food for the party?" He asked shyly. "Why of course I would Michael" I said. 


"Michael, this is a fucking rocking party!" I yelled over the music. "Fuck ya!" He yelled. I ran over to the bar holding Michael's wrist. "Want one?" I asked Michael. "YAS!" Michael yelled. Soon Michael and I had downed about 8 full cups of beer. We were really drunk. "Heyyyy Michael, you wanna go in the bouncy castle outside?" I asked. And yes we did have a bouncy castle. We started to walk outside. Then...

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