My Brothers Kinda Bestfriend

Lia Hemmings is a 14 year old freshman in high school. Michael Clifford is a 19 year old kid who is best friend with her brother. Fights are made, rules are broken, hearts break, and love fixes it all. Read to find out what happens next!


4. I don't know


"Michael..." I say unsurely. "Come on but you said you would once we got on the plane I would get my kiss!" Michael said in a whinny baby voice. "True,true" I admit. "So is that a yes?" He asked. "YOLO!" I yell. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Luke yelled. "Shut up you fucking dough boy!" I yelled back. "KISS ME I'M IRISH!" Michael yelled. "Hold your dick!" I yelled. "No!!" He yelled back!  "Fine!" I yelled. With that I grabbed his face in my hands and...kissed him. And for some reason I couldn't stop,no matter how hard I tried. What am I doing?!?! Soon he licked my bottom lip asking for enterance which I gladly accepted.    A/N Hey guys sorry for the really short chapter but my iPad is about to die so I will update as soon as possible! Comment like and favorite!!

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