My Brothers Kinda Bestfriend

Lia Hemmings is a 14 year old freshman in high school. Michael Clifford is a 19 year old kid who is best friend with her brother. Fights are made, rules are broken, hearts break, and love fixes it all. Read to find out what happens next!


2. About Cole and my family

My mom texted me as I got into the bus that she was at the airport with Cole and his mom, dad, 2 brothers, and his sister. I was wondering where she was so it's good I know now or else I would have freaked. I'm already about to start crying so how am I going to say bye to everyone? I think Cal noticed because he came over to sit by me on the couch in the back. Yeah, I guess you could say Calum and I were and still are super close. At that point I didn't care, I just let the tears run down my face. I tried to wipe them away but they just kept coming. I knew this was going to be hard but at least I would be with 3 of my best friends and my brother. Alright, back to Cole, you know I'm 14 and he is 16, he has Luke's hair (which I love to death) but bright emerald eyes. Everyday he wears skinny jeans and a t-shirt. After a while I realized I had calmed down and was just sniffling while Calum craddled me like a baby, but we were sitting down. Whatever. You guys get it. After what seemed like forever we arrived at the airport. "Are you okay?" Calum asked while gently setting me on my feet. "Yeah, just a bit sad" I said with sadness in my voice. "Fuck no your not, you are like dieing  right in front of me!" He said with sassyness. "WE MUST GET PRINCE COLE!!" Ashton yelled. "Wait, I want to the prince!" Michael yelled. "Hey, you keep your hands of my sister, she is taken." Luke said seriously. "So guys are we gonna get Prince Cole or not?" Ashton said just above a whisper. "Fuck yeah!" Calum answer for me. --------------------- INSIDE THE AIRPORT

"COLE!" I yelled. He turned around with big red and puffy eyes. Tears dripping down his flawless face. "Lia, baby girl." He came up to me and his hands on my teary cheeks. "I love you so God damn much, you know that and always remember, no matter what happens." He   said with a shaky voice. "I love you too." I say crying as hard as ever now. "Shh Baby Girl, it's    okay" he assured me. " No it's not!" I said tears still running down my face. "Hey, look at me" he said lifting my chin up. He slowly leaned forward and placed his lips on mine. We put all the passion we had into this kiss. Our lips slowly moved in sync. His arms took a firm hold of my waist and my hands tugging at his hair. We separated and I wanted to be 


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