5SOS Imagines

Hey Guys, This is just a bunch of 5SOS imagines. This is the first thing I have ever written on here so don't judge. I just do a topic per page, so if you have a topic you would like me to do, comment and I will probably do it.


1. He asks you out.

Ashton: You were in the car with Ashton, He was driving you both to school just like he did every other morning. You were just staring out the window thinking about all the fun memories you've had with Ashton throughout your life. *You and ashton were about 12 and you were at the Ice-cream parlour buying ice cream. Once you both bought your ice-creams you went and sat outside to eat it, you were looking behind you at some birds and when you turned around ashton was holding his ice-cream right by your face so when you turned around his ice-cream smushed all over you face.* You smiled to yourself remembering that was the day you started to fall for Ashton."y/n, y/n" Ashton says waving his hands in front of your face snapping you out of your train of thought."yeah" you say looking at Ashton, He looks nervous but you don't know why. " How do I tell the girl I like that I really like her and want her to be mine?" he asks you nervously blush filling his cheeks. You feel your heart shatter knowing its probably this girl in his Math class Layla. "Well just say 'Her name, I really like you and I have for a while now but I was wondering, Will you be my princess'" You say knowing thats what you would want him to say to you. You had just arrived at school and we in the car park. He sighs and whispers to himself "Ok, here it goes" he turns to look at you, he looks really nervous now and he says " y/n, I really like you and I have for a while now but I was wondering, Will you be my princess" he looks down and starts playing with his fingers, he always does that when he gets really nervous. You sit there shocked at what had just happened. After a few seconds you look down at Ashton and place your hand underneath his chin lifting his head up until he's looking at you and say "Ashton, I have liked you since that day when we were 12 and you smushed ice-cream in my face" you giggle at the memory " and the answer to your question is yes!" you say earning a huge smile from Ashton. You both get out the car and he grabs your intertwining your fingers with his as you both walk into school.

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