The Hood Girl

Abby Hood just turned 18. She is going to Hawaii with her best friend Mia for her birthday present from her parents...
And she's gonna get to meet up with her brother Calum who nobody but her and her parents know about... But she develops a romance between Luke and her long lost bestie Jake...
Who will she choose?
And will there relationship go smoothly?
Figure it out by reading: The Hood Girl


1. Vacation Day

I'm Abby Abby Hood And this is the story of how my life got super crazy... And it begins, At 8 o'clock, On a warm July morning in Michigan. "ABBY!!!" my mom yelled from downstairs "WHAT?!" "Mia's here! Get up and get ready so you don't miss your flight!" she yelled Mis is my best friend. Apart from my brother Calum, but Calum is a secret to everyone but my family, we were twins. Calum expressed a musical ability at birth. So my parents thought just in case if he gets famous, he would be a secret in my life. So I could have a normal life. Now he's famous, on tour, but no one knows we're related. Calum and I went to different schools. His friends knew about me, in fact, his friends started this famous band, 5 Seconds of Summer. They would often invite me to watch their rehearsals. But my friends couldn't know about him. But Mia will figure out about him when we get to Hawaii today. Oh! I turned 18 yesterday. My mom and dad bought me and Mia first class plane tickets to Hawaii and a rental house in a nice resort. And the boys have a break in their tour and their gonna visit. "I'm ready!" I said as I hopped down the stairs. "Ok so your father and I have arranged a few rules for you girls..." "Ugh. Really mom!!" "Yes really! Here they are.." she said as she picked up a list. Then I started to zone out as she started reading it... Another reason I'm so excited is because my best friend Jake moved to Hawaii because his dad was moved to a different company in Hawaii. Mia and I were devastated. But now I could meet up with him. We texted and he said he's gonna try to meet up with us!!! "...and those are your rules." my mom finished "Sounds good." Mia said "Ok... You girls have fun..." "Bye mom!!!" "Bye Mrs.Hood!!" Mia said We walked to Mia Porsche and we both got in and squealed in sync. "I'm so excited!!!" I said "Me too!!" Hey It's Abby, sorry if the beginning is crappy but it gets better... My friends at school LOVE it and they've been begging me to publish it on here so ya... If you want to be in the story I'll try to fit you in... Just tell me your: Name And a short description of What you look like. Thanks!!! -Abby
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