Elsa Peterson, was one of the family's Peterson, all her family cursed, deserved to die, except the gifted. Now, she lives in New York, Brooklyn. Thinking that she was the only one gifted, she founds Jack Lancaster, who brought the danger to her. But the blood can be all over his friends, and families. As same the blood lines.

1. ONE


I wake up, in my same room. The walls are red, like the roses. The floor is brown, and my bed is blue, like the ocean. Today, is seventeen of November 2014, first day of my high school, it's weird that the school could start on November, were the snow is still, falling on New York's Brooklyn. But it's not so bad for me, it will be great to get out from my house a little more.


As same to see my friends again. My name is Elsa Peterson, I'm 15 years old, and I have a secret. I'm an Actecno. An Actecno, is a supernatural human, what means is ‘gifted’. The humans are among us, and we still, don't know if we are created from God or if we are exactly like this.


I stand up from my bed, and walk to my mirror. The big mirror, that dad give me. Pete Peterson was my dad, he was one of the first Peterson's that was gifted. He died, in an accident in 1978, on the Brooklyn Bridge. But before he could die, he loved someone, and that someone was obviously my mother. My eyes didn't see hers, she wasn't there for me when my dad take me in his hands. After he die, I stay with David Peterson, my uncle. The brother of my father, he's not an Actecno, which means he's not a gifted. He's a human.


That was one of their problems. Basically, David wanted to be gifted when he was thirteen years old, but he didn't had it. And there was the problem, he started to fight with my dad. My hair is blonde and my eyes are blue, like always. That means, that I haven't change after all.


“Okay, are you ready for school?”


David said, while he opens the door, and went. He wore a black jeans with a black jacket and a black boots. That's a shame, and more when he is my teacher of history on 10th grade, I hope he don't make something stupid. My eyes look at him.

“Please, tell me you are not going with that.”


I said. He laugh and get out of my room, without replying me. His laugh was weird, and my mind still, asks if he's really going with that clothes. If he is going with that, everyone will laugh, and I don't want that. He can get mad, in just seconds. He can even kick a door in seconds. But all I can say, is that humans need space, and freedom, or they will burn in fire. And it will be not good for him, it wasn't good when they tell him, that the gifted was me. He almost die. But David is now different, he is 25 now.


Too young, but he is my protector. I put in my body a purple top that was from my mother. Or that I is what David use to tell me. He said she used it to parties and that she was beautiful, that her eyes were so blue like the ocean's color, and that her hair was yellow and soft. But he even tell me, that in some time, he fall in love with her, but Pete already deserved her. Her name was Victoria Johnson Peterson.

“Well, we have to go.”

David said, while I walked downstairs and go to the kitchen. He wore another clothes, now he wore a blue shirt with long sleeves, and a gray pants with black converses.


“Like your clothes, thanks for changing them. The clothes were horrible.” I joke.


“Why? They're awesome for Ms. Liliard.”


Ms. Liliard, was my teacher of Spanish. She still, is my teacher, young and beautiful. She is 19 years old, very young for David. Liliard is good, but my mind didn't imagine David, in love with her. Well, I could have read his thoughts, but I didn't. Besides, he is my uncle, he needs privacy.


“So, that means she is your first love?”


I asked him. He laugh and shake his head, but he didn't reply me, again. It was horrible, but it is just because he may still, mad. Maybe because I'm a gifted. It's not my fault. No one can control that, I guess


We get out of the house and went into the black Toyota car, from the age of 2000, almost in the age I born. This car, can be a little old, but it still, works. We pass, the street #66, our famous street, were the family Johnson, and was massacred. But in this street, is where my best friend, Skylar Marie Johnson lives. The fifteen years old girl, the most popular on the school and the best friend someone could have.


Her father and mother, were killed in this streets. They ate in a fire accident. But it wasn't an accident. The day, I go to the funeral, I was thirteen. That day, was the 21 of February of 2010, my eyes were looking at her father’s face. He wasn't so old, he was like a 30 aged man. Just that his face was burned, with fire, that didn't let me saw so good his face. When I put my hand, in his hands, and fragments started to get into my head, the fragment when a guy was throwing a basket with fire in into the house, and the another one, were Skylar get out of the car with her grandparents and saw her house already in fire.


That was the first signal that was going to make me the next gifted. And it was right, I'm the gifted, from the century now, but Skylar Marie Johnson, is a human, not a gifted. And that's good, being human is not better than being gifted. Living in secret. Hiding from people. Wanting to tell this big secret but instead you most hold it.


“Here we are.”


David said, snapping me out of my thoughts. The car was already in the parking lot of the school. The school is back, as same the friends. My mind though, and it was right, all that things are back, as same the freedom, of getting out from house. All my body is feeling cold again, by the snow out there. We get out of the car, and look each other, waiting for each other to talk, but there was such a silence we better go inside.


Walking to the doors of the school, my ears heard someone screaming. It was from a man, but the screams seems like if they were hurting him. Then I go back to the street number 66 and look around the houses, to see what was happening. But then I see a group of guys hitting someone in the ground. They were four against one.


“Hey!” I yelled. Making them all, turn to me. They all looked young, and I could say they were gangsters. They all wore a black shirt, combined with black jackets and a black jeans with black boots.


“Let that man go!”


Then the guys started to walk to me. They started to close their hands into a punch, they were totally going to hit me.


“Stop!” A guy yelled. They all stopped and separated, moving to the left, letting a guy pass among them. The guy, was pale and had blue eyes with black hair. He wore a black jacket with a white shirt and a black jeans. He looked at me.


“Who are you?” He asked. But then I started to run away, scared. My heart was beating faster. My cheeks were burning in pain as same my chest, and when I turned around to see if they were following me, there was no one following me. And my body was already in front of the doors of the school. My heart beating out of my chest and my stomach moving up and down a little bit faster. Then all the pain go away, replaced by a sudden feeling of relief. And when I turned to the left, Jessica hugged me. Jessica Huston, was my best friend, she was one of the girls who lived in the streets. At the thirteen, she didn't have parents, they abandoned her. But she told me, that they rescue her. A stranger rescue her. Kara and Simon, her parents. Well, her new ones. Unfortunately, her new parents died on a car accident and now she lives with Grams. Her grandmother.


"I missed you, Elsa. Where were you?"


She said. Obviously, I was in my home. My uncle's home, she should know about my story, because she's my best friend, she should know it. But not about the gifted thing, that's a problem, I can't broke a promise that exist between the gifted ones. If you are a gifted, you can't tell anyone that you are one, not to the humans. Not even to your family or friends. David can be human but he waited for the gifted thing, so he already know what's that.


"I was in my house, Jess. But I missed you too."


The bell of the school ring, and that saved me. I didn't wanted to talk, I was tired. Not good and fine. When we get inside, the class room was full, but my eyes didn't just stare at the chairs of the class room, they just saw the guy, who asked who I was, he was sitting there in the chair. Skylar is smiling to me, making me more nervous. But then my body sat next to him. And all my burning pains were back, my eyes were burning, as same my cheeks.


"My name is Jack. Jack Lancaster."


He said. This time, his voice was softer, making this moment weirder. Is he trying to be friends? That's not going to happen. I though. His breath, and shoulders were close to me, his shoulders were warm, and cold. His breath wasn't cold, it was warm, and it wasn't normal.


"My name is Elsa. Elsa Peterson."


My mouth said. He look at me, again. His blue eyes were deep in me, like if his eyes could look at mine with such kindness, and in a moment, my eyes stay looking at his. Maybe is not so bad to make him a friend. It could be good. But my heart can't decide to trust him just like that.




Skylar said. Snapping me out of my thoughts, and taking me to the real world. I turned around and look at her, who have a smile.


"What happen?"


She sighed and gave me a paper, it says 'The party' is on the twelve house.


"Are you coming to the party?"


Will I? My mind though. But before my mouth could answer, Jack spoke.


"Oh, course. We are totally going!"


He put his hand in my shoulder. Burning all my shoulder, making me spoke.


"Ah!" I said. Then they all stare at me, but my eyes turned to Jack. Who was looking at me with a confused look. I stand up and go to the bathroom, and closed the door with lock. And when my body turned around to see the mirrors, Jack was already there. My left hand grab his neck and hit him.




"You're a gifted!" I yelled him. He laugh and turned around, pushing me away from him, making me fall to the floor. He hunched and look at me, he extends his left hand to m, and put it on my chest, making me burn in pain. But I avoid away the scream that was in my throat and stare at his eyes.




"You know, what?" He smirked. "I like how you are. See you later."




And then, his body disappear. It was weird. But it seems he was gifted with the power of fire, what means he is a little different than me. I'm gifted with the power of ice, water and air. It was all my body could have. I stand up, and go to the parking lot, and then I heard a scream. It goes from the roof, making my body turn around and look at him. He was in the roof grabbing Jessica by her hair, she was screaming.




"Jess!" I yelled. "Let her go!" He laugh and pushed her, from the roof, and my body started to feel the pressure of my blood, taking the adrenaline and take forces, to push myself, but when I get there, she was already in the ground, dead. The blood was all over the ground.




He appeared next to me.




"Now, you're warned. If you try to stop me, or tell anyone about me, this will happen."




He smirked, laughing. And when he turned around, and walk away, with his laugh. My eyes stare at Jessica, my best friend, who was now dead, lost.




"You're a monster." I whispered. And then I took her by her feet and put her behind a car, that was parked next to Skylar's one. And walked home, passing the street 66. But while my body walked, a fragment come, it looked like a memory.




I was like a little girl, of 4 years old. And the light of the sun was coming from the sky to my room. Jessica was there, she was 4 too, and we were playing with Barbie dolls. They were old memories. But it hurts when a fragment comes.




"Stop!" I yelled, covering my ears with my hands, and closing my eyes. And then it stopped, all stopped. It feel alive, like if I were there in that time.




"David..." I whispered, while I saw a black Toyota car, moving to me. But when my eyes saw the person inside, it wasn't him. The car was the same, not him. When I get home, he was looking the TV.




But then tears started to fall from my eyes, without control. And then in just seconds, I was in my room, leaning my back in my bed. Then a sound come from the window. My body stand up, and look at the window, there was Jason. Jason McCann, my best friend, he was blind, but there was a miracle, a totally one. When the doctor put him black glasses, he started to see. A miracle at the twelve years old.




"Hi, I will come in."




He said. Then he get on a tree that was next to my house. A smile come out from me, and go to my mirror, I stand there. With my big smile, simulating that nothing happened.




"Hi, Jason. What are you doing here?"




I asked. He laugh, and take my left hand, while he looked at me, his eyes were brown, and his hair was brown, his pale skin, is still, shining by the moon.




"You're trying to not cry. I'm so sorry, by what happened, Elsa."




He said. Then my eyes looked down, at my floor, in the room. But that doesn't make me better.




"Sorry, maybe I should go."




He said, as he turned around, about to go. But then I grab his arm, and look at his eyes. Who were now looking at mine.




"Please, stay."




Then I throw myself to the bed, and closed my eyes. He throw himself next to me. He lean his back in the bed, and closed his eyes. And when he opened them, his eyes turned blue, and his face changed to another. He wasn't Jason. He was Jack.


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