Continue of Cuts

This is the continuation of Cuts. Now that Sherlock is at home safe, what will happen to the gang? What new evils will pop up?


10. Chapter 9

~Mycroft's POV~

Mycroft (Age 3)

I was sitting in the waiting room of the hospital with Uncle Rudy. I didn't know why I was at the hospital. Mummy and daddy woke me up at three in the morning. If I didn't get my full eight hours, my grades would slip and I would not be a happy boy. "Uncle Rudy, when can we leave? I need sleep. If I don't get my full eight hours, when I will be discombobulated. And I being discombobulated is not a good thing." I complain and cross my arms.

Uncle Rudy smiles softly and looks down at me. "Soon Mikey."

I groan. "My name is Mycroft, Rudy. Use it fully." I look ahead.

"Okay, Mycroft." He says mockingly.

I roll my eyes and stand up as daddy comes over to us. "Daddy, are we going home? You know I need my sleep if I want to keep my grades up."

Daddy chuckles and shakes his head. He holds out his hand. "Come on Mycroft. We have someone we would like you to meet."

I take his hand. "Who?"

"It's a surprise." Daddy says and leads me into the hospital more. I was getting bored. "Almost there Mycroft." He says and looks down at me. We finally get to a room and we go in and I see Mummy in the bed.

I frown. Was mummy sick? I had read in a book that people could die and that they went to the hospital to try and get better. "Mycroft, come over." Mummy says. I walk over and see something in her arms. It looked like a lump of blankets. Daddy picks me up and stands me up on the chair. "Mycroft, this is your baby brother, William Sherlock Scott Holmes." Mummy says to me and moves the blankets so I could see a little face.

I frown. "Can we trade him for a parrot?"

Daddy chuckles and shakes his head. "No. He is going to be coming home in a couple days, and I want you to help him and take care of him like a big brother should.

(Mycroft: Age 5 Sherlock: Age 2)

"Myc." I hear behind me. I look around and see Sherlock walking towards me.

I roll my eyes and walk to him. "William, my name is Mycroft. Saw it to the full."

He giggles and hugs my legs. I look around and see that no one is in here, so I look down at my brother and smile.

(Mycroft: Age 7)

I was at school, which was the best part of my day. I love school. The kids were not as smart as me, but I finally understand that Sherlock isn't as stupid as I thought he was. He was a genius compared to these kids. I was in history class. I had read the whole book and now it was boring. School was boring. I look around and see a couple of the boys whispering and looking at me. I frown. Why were they looking at me? The bell rings and everyone gets up. It was time for the worse part of school, physical education. I slowly get up and slowly go to locker rooms. I go to my locker and slowly start changing. "Look at how fat he is." I hear behind me. I close my eyes and sigh. "He has gotten more fatter since the start of school."

I scoff. I finish changing and turn around. "If you are going to insult me, use proper grammar. It's either more fat or fatter, you common goldfish." I roll my eyes and leave the locker room.

We were playing football, which is one of my worse sports. I couldn't get the hang of kicking the ball and making sure I don't run into anyone. Most of the time, my team made me the goalie, which was the best. "Okay, all. Get in your teams and decide who is playing what role." The teacher says. I walk over to the goldfish, er people, who I was teamed with. The teacher walks over to us and places his hands on my shoulder. "Mycroft is not allowed to be goalie today. He has to be in the front lines." I look at the teacher and glare. "Don't look at me like that Mycroft. You have to go out and run."

A couple of kids laughed softly and I turn to them. They look away and I roll my eyes. We get set and the teacher blows the whistle. People start to run after the ball. I start walking towards the ball. "Holmes! Run!" I hear the coach yell at me. I roll my eyes and start running.

I see someone running next to me. "You know, when you run, Australia gets earth quakes." I hear. I look over and see that guy who was trying to insult me in the locker room. I roll my eyes and look ahead. I feel him trip me and I fall down. "Stay down, fatty. No one likes you, so stay down, leave the class, or just go kill yourself." The kid says to me in my ear and runs off. I roll my eyes and get up.

"Are you okay Mycroft?" The teacher asks as he comes over.

"I'm fine." I say and dust off my arms.

"Do you need to go to the nurse?" He asks.

I look at the kids and he smirks at me. I frown and nod. "Yes sir."

The teacher nods and leads me off the field. "Keep going everyone!" He yells at the others. He gets out his note pad and writes a note. He hands it to me and smiles. "Just go to the nurse's office. Don't worry about coming back." He says and pats my shoulder.

I nod and walk to the nurse's office. This was a daily thing. These people didn't care for me, no one liked me, and I didn't care. Caring is not an advantage.

(Mycroft: Age 9 Sherlock: Age 6)

~Mycroft's POV~

I was in year 5. William was in year 2. He was loving it. Finally getting to see that he was actually smarter than everyone but me. He was loving everything about school. Hopefully he was making…. Friends. I still hated everyone and didn't care about anyone except William and my parents. They are the only ones who haven't hurt me. I get home and William runs up to me. "Mycroft. Look at what I learnt today." He shoves papers in my face. I smirk and take the paper. I look at the notes and smile.

"William, these are things that students learn in year 4. Why are you learning this?" I ask.

"Because what the kids are learning in my class is boring and dull. How can they be happy with learning that stuff they should have already known?" He asks.

I wrap my arm around him and smile. "Oh William, you are too smart for your own good."

"But I am smart." William says.

"Oh I knew that, but I am the smart one." I say and he smiles up at me.

"Oh and I am not William. I am Sherlock." He says.

"Why are you going by your middle name?" I ask.

"Your name is unique. Mine should be too." He says.

I chuckle. "Will-" He looks at me in annoyance. "Sorry, Sherlock. Let me tell you something. I have been teased a lot for my name. Going by Sherlock will get your unwanted attention."

"I don't care. I want to be just like you." He says and smiles.

I smile and nod. "Okay."

He smirks up at me. "So I have a present for you."

I back up. "Okay?"

He licks his hand and wipes it on my cheek. He runs away giggling and I groan. He was getting annoying with that licking thing.

I go to school the next day and sit down. Nick, the goldfish who tripped me in year 2 and has bullied me since then, sat down in the spot next to me. We glare at each other and I look to the front of the class. "You know, if you lost the weight, people would like you more." He says softly to me. I roll my eyes. His insults always went back to my weight. It was tiring, listening to him try and create more ways to call me fat. "You are a fat loser that no one will ever like."

I turn to him and roll my eyes. "You are degenerate and a waste of valuable oxygen." I say in monotone and look forward.

"De.. What?" He asks.

I groan. "Look it up goldfish."

Later that day, the teacher called me up to her desk. I sigh and go up. "Did you call Nick a degenerate and a waste of valuable oxygen?"She asks me.

I roll my eyes and nod. "He is."

"Say you're sorry Mr. Holmes." She tells me.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because calling someone names isn't very nice." She says.

"Well, favoring children, cheating on your husband, and ignoring your own child isn't nice either but you don't say you're sorry." I say and roll my eyes again.

She stands up, mad, and pulls me to the hallway. "Mr. Holmes, you will go to the office and wait to talk to the principal."

"Good. Maybe they will finally move me to a classroom where I can actually learn something." I say and start walking to the office. I get there and see Sherlock. I groan and walk over. "What did you do?"

He looks up and grins. "I figured out that one of the kids in my class has cancer! I told him so and he started crying."

I chuckle softly and nod. "Good deducing."

(Sherlock: Age 7 Mycroft: Age 10)

~Sherlock's POV~

"Mycroft!" I yell down the hall.

I hear Mycroft groan and move his head out into the hall. "What little brother?"

"Mummy says to take me to see Peter Pan." I tell him and smirk.

He groans again. "Why do you even want to see that? It is too dull and boring for you."

"Mycroft! Please!" I beg. He groans and nods. "Thank you!" I run to the door and get ready.

After the movie, Mycroft and I go to a park. Mycroft sits on the bench and starts reading. I look around and see the umbrella had started carrying around. That would be a good boat! I slowly sneak up and steal it. He didn't even notice. I giggle as I run to the pond. I would be Captain Hook! I open the umbrella and try to get in it. I groan and just jump into it. The umbrella flips over and I land in the pond. I feel someone pull me out and I look up. I see Mycroft smirking at me. "Don't laugh."

He chuckles and nods. He reaches over and grabs his umbrella. "Let's go home little brother." I get up and start walking away, disgruntled.

(Sherlock: Age 10)

I was in year 6, even though I was doing year 10 work. Mycroft was already doing college work, the show off. Mycroft was getting less and less happy. He would sit in his room all the time and ignore me. It was annoying and I felt like I didn't need him. I would make a new friend.

I sit down at my desk and look around. None of the girls would be my friend, something about cooties? Why they thought that was beyond me. The boys all thought I was weird still because I deducted that one of the students had cancer. I was right though.

"All right, class. We have a new student today. His name is Victor Trevor. Victor, say hi to the class." The teacher says.

A small boy walks in. He had short blond hair and a chubby face. "Hello all." He says. He had an American accent. We all said hello.

"You may sit in the spot next to Sherlock. Sherlock raise your hand." The teacher says. I roll my eyes and raise my hand. Victor nods and walks over. I lower my hand as he sits down.

"Hello. I am Victor Trevor." The boy says and looks at me.

"I know." I say as I look at my book. "I'm not stupid."

He chuckles. "That was the part of the conversation where you tell me your name."

"Mrs. Hansen already told you my name." I say and roll my eyes. This kid would be a boring person to sit by.

"Oh I know, but Sherlock is only your first name…" Victor starts.

"Wrong." I interrupt.

"What?" He asks.

"Sherlock is my first middle name." I say and roll my eyes.

"Oh, well what is your full name then?" He asks.

"Why do you care?" I ask and look over at him.

"Why do we do anything? To make friends." He says and smiles.

I frown. "Why would you want to be my friend?" I ask, confused. No one had wanted to be my friend before. Even before everyone thought I was weird, I didn't have any friends.

"You seem like you could use a friend and I am the guy to fulfill that role." He says and smiles. "So what is your full name?"

"William Sherlock Scott Holmes." I say softly.

"Wow that is a mouth full." He says and chuckles.

I nod and look back at my book.

Later that day, the class heads to science. We were going to experiment with electricity today. I was actually excited to be going to my normal class. The only problem was that one wanted to be my partner. We get to the lab and sit in our seats. The teacher walks in and starts talking about the experiment. It was simple but would be exciting to do. But what would I do about a partner. I look around and see Victor sitting there. He could be my partner! What could I do to impress him so he would want to be my partner? I look around and zone in on the teacher. I smirk. I could deduce him and Victor would be so impressed with me, that he can't help but want to be my partner! I raise my hand and smirk.

The teacher, Mr. Leber, groans and looks at me. "Yes, Mr. Holmes?"

"How long will your wife be gone?" I ask.

He looks at me, confused. "Excuse me?"

"Well you are always happier on the second week of the month. I heard you tell Mr. Anderson that your wife is gone and to come over after school yesterday. I assume that you two clean your house, by how yours and Mr. Anderson's knees are sore today." I say and smirk.

Mr. Leber gets white and shakes his head. "Mr. Holmes, I suggest you stop talking right now and focus on the experiment." He says and goes back to explaining the experiment.

I feel people looking at me, Victor included. Zack, one of the boys in my class, leans over to Victor. "He is a freak. He does this sort of thing for fun. Once he told a kid that he had cancer."

Victor looks over at me and I look down. Well, just another person to think I'm weird. "Was he right?" I hear Victor ask.

"W-Well… yes… but…" Zack starts to say.

"Well, then I think that is an amazing skill for Sherlock to have." Victor says and I look up. Victor smiles at me and Zack sits back annoyed. The teacher tells us to get in partners and start our experiment. I watch as Victor gets up and walks over. "Partners?" I grin and nod.

Over the years, Victor and I had grown to become very close friends. We were in year 11 now. Mycroft was at University and all together ignoring me. I could still tell he cared, but he was trying not to. It was after school, and I was hanging out with Victor. I had found out that he was afraid of heights. We were hanging out at the park and I started to climb a tree.

"Sherlock! Get down!" Victor yells up at me. I smirk and keep climbing up. "Sherlock Holmes!" I ignore him and get to a high branch. "You are going to break your neck!"

I wrap my legs over one side and hang down. "Look Victor! No hands!"

"William!" He yells.

I start laughing and grab the branch and flip over. I slowly make my way down and land in front of him. He grabs me and hugs me. "Don't do that! You terrified me."

I chuckle and hug him back. "I know."

He pushes me back and hits my arm. "I hate you."

(Sherlock: Age 18)

I was in university, trying to decide what I should get my degree in. Mycroft was working for the government and being dull. We had lost touch and it seem like he didn't care anymore. I didn't care about it though. I didn't need him. I had Victor. We were roommates and he was the only person I needed.

I go into our room and lay on my bed. Victor walks in from the bathroom with nothing on but a towel. He smiles at me and walks over. I move over and he lies beside me. "Let's go out."

I look over. "Where to?"

He smirks. "Anywhere but here. The people are boring me. I need some excitement." He says and starts playing with my hair.

I chuckle. "Well you have to get dressed first."

"What, you don't like my outfit. I picked it out for you." He says and moves to his side. Victor had told me that he liked men and had fallen for me. I didn't know what to think. I had never thought of anyone in that way. I get flustered at his words and he chuckles. "Oh William, don't be such a prude." He says and gets up.

I get up and get ready. A night out with Victor was a night of mystery. I sit on my bed and wait for him. He comes out in a pair of dark jeans and a dark jumper. "How do I look?"

I stand up and smile. "You look fine. Let's go."

We get into Victor's car and start driving. "Where are we heading to?" I ask after thirty minutes.

"Surprise my dear Sherlock." He says and smirks at me. I shake my head and look out my window.

We get to a party an hour away from the university. There were a lot of cars out front and we had to park on the grass. We go inside and Victor leads me to the basement. There were people everywhere. It was very…close. I didn't know if I liked it yet. Victor leads me to the back of the basement to a room with a couple of guys in there. Victor and I sit down and he starts talking with the other people. I sit there and analysis the guys. Two were guy and in love with each other. The other guy was stoned and didn't care about anything. I feel Victor put his hand on my knee. I look up at him and he smiles. "Want some Sherlock?"

"Want some what?" I ask.

Victor and the others laughed a little and I frown. "Some cocaine. We are all doing some." He shows me a needle and a baggy of some white stuff.

I frown. "I shouldn't."

Victor rubs my leg and frowns. "Please Sherlock. I don't want you to be the only one not doing it. What fun would that be?"

I shallow and nod. "Okay then. Sure."

He grins and hands me the syringe. "Do you know how to do this?" I shake my head. He chuckles and takes my hands and teaches me how to inject myself. I nod and push the cocaine into my blood system. I take the syringe out of my arm and set it on the table. "How do you feel?"

I smile at him. "Great." I say softly and close my eyes. I felt happy and carefree. I didn't have a worry in the world. I feel Victor turn to me. I open my eyes and see that he moved closer. He leans in and kisses me. I hesitate but kiss him back. He deepens it and puts his arms around me. I close my eyes and let him lead me. He pulls back and gets up. He holds out his hand and smiles. I smile softly and take his hand.

"We'll be back boys." Victor says to the others. He leads me to a room and teaches me things I have never thought about before.

(Sherlock: Age 19)

Victor and I had been seeing each other for a year now. It was a pattern. We would go to a party, get high, and go off by ourselves and have some fun. I didn't know if I found all guys attractive, but I know I was in love with Victor. We were going out tonight again. I get home from class and see Mycroft sitting on my bed. We hadn't talked in years. He didn't come home for Christmas and I didn't care to reach out to him. I groan and walk in. "What do you want Mycroft?"

"Sit down Sherlock." He says and motions to Victor's bed. I look over and notice that all of Victor's stuff is gone.

"Where is Victor?" I ask Mycroft.

"Sit down Sherlock." He repeats.

I growl at him and glare. "Tell me where he is!" I demand.

"He is gone. I came over to tell him to leave you. He said he wouldn't. I offered him a sum of money and he took it." He explains.

I grab Mycroft's shirt and pulled him up. "You did what?!"

"He was getting you high and then taking advantage of you." Mycroft says, not looking worried.

"He loves me! I love him." I yell at him.

"Nobody loves you besides me, Sherlock. I only did what was necessary. He would have left you anyways. He didn't love you. He was using you." Mycroft says. "I am the only one who will stand up for you. You will go to rehab and get better."

I let him go and walk over to Victor's dresser. I open it up and see all his clothes are gone. I shallow and look back at Mycroft. "I will not go to rehab. I am not addicted."

He chuckles. "Yes you are. You are itching for a fix right now. Now, I am the only one who truly loves you Sherlock."

I cross my arms. "I don't care. I don't love you!" I yell at him.

He shakes his head. "You will come with me now, or I will be telling mummy that you have been using the money she sends you to get high."

"You wouldn't." I say and frown.

"I would. We can tell mummy that you are taking a break from university to travel. After you are broke of your addiction, you will be allowed to do what you want. Except get in touch with Victor Trevor." Mycroft says.

I glare at him and start packing a bag.

(Mycroft: Age 32)

~Mycroft's POV~

I was sitting in my car, going home for the night. 'Elizabeth' was sitting and looking at her phone like always. I look outside my window and see a young woman sitting outside a store. She looked so cold. I had been watching for her. A couple days ago, she run past me on my way to work. She looked familiar so I found out who she was. The younger sister of Irene Adler. I could use this girl for my own profit. I stop the car and go to get out. "What are you doing?" 'Elizabeth' asks.

"That girl. She looks cold and hungry. I am going to give her a ride to my house and get her cleaned up." I explain.

"Why would you do that?" She asks.

"She is someone who is important. And don't forget I helped you when you needed it and you turned out to be a great woman." I say and get out. I look at the girl and hold out my hand. "Come on." I say. She looks at me questionably. "Now." I say sternly. She gets up and follows me into the car. 'Elizabeth' has gotten a cup of hot chocolate ready. The girl looks at it worried. "It is hot chocolate. Drink it." She nods and drinks it. She moans softly after taking a sip. She looks at 'Elizabeth' and smiles softly. 'Elizabeth' smiles back. She looks at me. I knew she would have questions, so I look forward and ignore her. We get to my house and we all get out. We head to the living room. "'Elizabeth', go get us some more hot chocolate. Miss Adler needs the warmth. Tell the cooks to make some soup." I say to 'Elizabeth' and sits down. She nods and leaves. "Sit down Miss Adler." I nod and sit. "You have questions and we will get to them. I have some rules before we start. You will not tell anyone about this meeting or any that we have in the future. You will not go back to your 'sister's' house. Yes I know she is not you true sister and we will talk about that. I will help pay for you schooling and you will get your degree or there will be consequences." I pause to see if she understands. She nods. "Good. We will change your last name to your mother's and will get you a flat. It won't be anything you are used to, but you will be able to afford it on you allowance. I will be getting the money you go from your mother's death and will put it in an account so your 'sister' cannot get it. I will give you an allowance each week because I know you would blow through it in no time." He says and gets out a notebook.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?" She asks me.

"Ah 'Elizabeth'. You can set the cups on the table. Have the rest of the day off." I say and ignore the girl's question.

"Thank you sir." 'Elizabeth' says. She sets the cups down and leaves. The girl watches her go.

"My name is Mycroft Holmes. I am doing this because I see a future in you that can help me." I say as I put my notebook down and grab a cup.

"So you are doing this because it will help you later on." She says and grab a cup.

"Of course. I am not a charitable man." Mycroft says and smirks at me. She shrugs. "You will stay here for the night. I had 'Elizabeth' put some clothes out on the bed. I will see you in the morning." I say and leave the room.

I go to my room and sigh. This woman, Calliah Adler, would be a challenge I hope I would benefit from.

It's been a week since I had met Calliah. I got her the flat. She had been coming back to my house each day. I would meet her in the morning and I would feed her breakfast. We would go to my work and while I worked, she would read, write, or do summer work for school. I liked having her presents in my office. She reminded me of Sherlock in a way. We would eat lunch in my office and go to the house at six each day. I would feed her dinner and then I would send me home. She had tried to thank me sometime, but I just brushed it off. It felt… nice… to help someone who wanted my house. Sherlock was off being whatever he was being. He didn't like it when I pushed into his life.

One morning, Calliah was eating breakfast while I was reading the paper. I didn't eat breakfast. "Mycroft?" she asks softly.

"Yes?" I answer without lifting his head.

"Why don't you eat breakfast?" She asks.

I stop reading his newspaper and look up, frowning. "It doesn't concern you Miss Mullen." I say. I had found out her mother's maiden name and got her name changed. I knew she was still getting used to being called it, so I called her that each time to get her use to it.

"Yeah I know, but isn't breakfast the most important meal of the day. Isn't that what you told me when I refused to eat?" She says and smiles.

I frown at me. "Just eat Miss Mullen." She didn't need to know why I didn't eat breakfast.

"Nope." She crosses her arms. "Not till you do. I want you to eat a full English breakfast." I say.

I frown and get a little worried. If I ate that I would start to get fat again. Over the school years, kids never let me forget that I was fat. Once I got to university, the insults got worse and now I didn't eat that much and exercised like crazy. "No. I do not follow the orders of little girls." I say.

"Not a little girl and I won't eat till you do." She says and smirks. I sigh and tell the cooks he would like an English breakfast. She grins and I frown at her. The cook brings out my breakfast and she smiles at the cook. The cook leaves and I look at his plate with hate. "Mycroft?" She says softly.

I look up at her. When did she get over here? "What?" I ask.

"It won't bite." She jokes. I frown more. "What is it? Why don't you eat?" She asks and places a hand on his shoulder. I tense up and sigh.

"Sit down Miss Mullen. I am about to tell you something only mummy, dad, and myself know." I say. She nods and sits down. "As a child, I was a fat little kid. The stupid people in my class would make fun of me because of my weight and my intelligence." I explain.

"Intelligence? What were you a lot smarter than the other kids?" She asks.

"Of course I was." I say and roll my eyes. She laughs. "I was living in a world full of goldfish." She looks at me in confusion and I shake my head. "I was deducing people and they wouldn't like what I told them."

"Deduce? What is that?" She asks.

"It is where I can notice things about people most people wouldn't." I explain.

"Deduce me." She says.

I sigh. "You won't like what I have to say." I didn't want her to get mad at me yet. I liked having her around.

"I don't care. I want to see what you know about me." She says and smiles.

I nod and look at her for a minute. "You don't wear any make-up because you really don't care about what others say, mostly because you don't care about yourself. You dye your hair sometimes, mostly brown, probably to match your sister's hair to fit in. You are shorter then Irene and heavier too. People pick on you for your weight even though it is nothing major. Just a little over weight." I say.

She grins. "Wow."

I frown at her. She wasn't mad? "You aren't mad?"

She shakes her head. "Why would I be mad? It is all right."

I smile and pat her hand. "You aren't fat by the way. Don't let your sister rule your thoughts."

"Only if you don't let those stupid goldfish rule yours." She smiles and picks up a piece of bacon off my plate and eats it. I nod and laugh. I pick up my fork and start eating. From that day, she sat right next to me at meal time. I believe that I was getting her to trust me. Of course there were our bad days. When I wouldn't eat or she would ignore everyone. I knew that she was cutting on those days, and I tried everything in my power to get her thoughts away from that and try to get her to come out of her shell. I was afraid that I was falling for her and I couldn't lose her like I did Sherlock.

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