Continue of Cuts

This is the continuation of Cuts. Now that Sherlock is at home safe, what will happen to the gang? What new evils will pop up?


9. Chapter 8

We get home and I rush inside. I see Sherlock and John sitting on the couch. They grin at the sight of me and I rush to them. We all hug and I start crying again. “Oh God.” I say softly and keep them close.

“Oh flower.” Sherlock says softly. He kisses my head and keeps me close. “Oh God Calliah.” He says and I close my eyes.

“I missed you Calliah.” John says softly.

“I missed you too John. Oh God. I hated being away from you.” I say softly. I back up. “Where is Mychela?”

“I’ll get her.” Sherlock says. He kisses my head and rushes out of the room. I feel a hand on my back and look back. It was Mycroft. I look around and remember the video. I step out of his touch and smile at John. I hear Sherlock come back in the room and I look over and grin. My little baby girl was staring right at me.

“Mychela.” I say softly and rush over. I take her from Sherlock’s arms. I keep kissing her head and face. “Oh Mychela. Oh my baby girl. I missed you my love.” She hugs me back and giggles. I sit down and then stand up. I look at Sherlock and John and see them looking at me confused. “I’m going to my room.” I say and rush to my room. I hear sets of footsteps fall behind me and I shut the door behind me and lock it. I sigh and hold Mychela to me. I forgot about Irene and Mycroft for a moment. I look around the room. What if they came in here? What if they… Oh God. I unlock the door and open the door. John, Sherlock, and Mycroft are outside the door.

“Calliah?” Mycroft asks softly. I storm past them and rush to Mychela’s room. I shut the door and put Mychela back in her bed. I kiss her head and go back out.

“Mycroft. Come now.” I say as I pass by them and go back to the bedroom. I hear footsteps behind me. I turn around as Mycroft comes in. “Shut the door.”

“Calliah, what is going on?” Mycroft asks. I cross my arms and frowns. “Calliah? What’s wrong?”

I walk over to him and slap him. “How dare you do that with Irene! How dare you kiss her!” I keep slapping his chest. “You are an arse!” I yell.

He grabs my arms. “Calliah? What are you talking about?” He makes me look at him.

I pull my hands from his arms and slap him again. “Get out!” I yell.

“Calliah?” He asks. He goes to touch me and I smack his hands away. “Ardaigh?”

“No!” I yell. “No! Don’t call me that! Get out!” I storm to the bed and tear off the sheets and blankets. I stop and look back at Mycroft. “Did you sleep with her? Just tell me that.”

“With who?” He asks.

“Irene you arse!” I yell.

“What are you talking about?” He asks. “Why would I sleep with her?”

“You kissed her!” I yell.

He frowns and looks down. “I-I didn’t.”

“Don’t lie Mycroft. You are a terrible liar to me. Now get out.” I say and keep striping the bed. I feel arms wrapping around me. I turn around and push him off. “Get off me! You can go out and sleep on the couch! I don’t want you near me!” He looks at me, looking like a kicked puppy. “Get out.” I say and look away.

“Fine.” He says softly and leaves.

I frown and sink down and start sobbing. I feel arms wrap around me and I turn around. I see Sherlock and start sobbing. “What’s wrong flower?”

“He kissed her.” I say through my tears.

“Who kissed who?” John asks.

“Mycroft kissed Irene!” I sob. Sherlock wraps his arms around me and rubs my back. He tries to calm me down. “Why would he do that, Sherlock? Doesn’t he love me?”

“He does flower. He loves you more than anything in the world.” Sherlock says softly. I hear someone getting up and leaving the room. “Calliah. How do you know that they kissed?”

“Sebastian bugged the house. So you need to get that checked. It came on when Irene was holding Mychela and she put her down. She straddled Mycroft and said kissed him. He kissed her back.” I say and start to sob again.

“I… Oh Calliah.” He says and holds me. “I’m sorry Calliah.”

“I don’t want him near me. I can’t think about him.” I say softly. “Where is she?”

“Who? Irene?” Sherlock asks.

“Yes. That horrible creature that I can’t wait to see again.” I say and look at Sherlock.

“Oh flower. Don’t do anything you would regret.” He says softly. I get up and storm out the room. I feel arms go around me and pick me up. “Calliah. Wait.”

“No! I need her to pay! I want her dead.” I yell. “Irene! You better be running!”

“Calliah. Please. Calm down.” Sherlock says. I sigh and calm down. “Are you calm?”

“Yes. I am calm. Set me down.” I say softly.

He sets me down. “Calliah.” He says and places hands on my shoulder. “We don’t know what happened.”

“I know that the kissed and that is bad enough for me.” I say and cross my arms.

“Talk to him.” He says.

“No.” I say.

“Why?” He asks.

“Because he cheated!” I yell. I storm back into the room. I sit on the bench at the end of the bed. “Why can’t he love me fully?”

“He does love you fully.” Sherlock says and sits by me. “He was confused and I bet he regrets it. I think you should talk to him.”

“Not yet. I want a night in my bed where I can be alone. Please go.” I say softly.

“Okay.” He says softly. He kisses my head and leaves.

I frown and make the bed in new sheets. I get changed and get into bed. I look at Mycroft’s spot and sigh. I turn over and fall asleep.

I feel the bed sink down and I felt the sun on my skin. “Mycroft. Go away.”

“No. We need to talk. I gave you the night. Please Ardaigh…” He says softly.

“No. Don’t call me that. Get out.” I say and open my eyes. He was in his clothes from yesterday and looked a mess. “How could you …?” I ask.

“…I’m sorry…” he says softly.

“How could you?” I ask.

“I pushed her off away. I promise. I did kiss her back, but I pushed her off. Please forgive me. Never believe that I would do that. Please.” He says and takes my hands.

I sigh and take them back. “I need time.”

He sighs and nods. “I love you Ardaigh.”

“I know you do and I love you, but you have hurt me.” I say and get up. I get clothes and go to the bathroom. It felt nice to get a shower with privacy. I was worried that Sebastian was going to storm in at any time but I have to get over my fears. I get into a black and white shirt that falls off my shoulder, ripped jeans, and black boots. I look in the mirror and smile. I was free of him, Sebastian. I see Mycroft in the mirror and he wraps his arms around me. “Why are you doing this?”

“I miss you. I need you near me.” He says softly. “I missed you.”

“And I missed you.” I say softly. “Where is she?”

“In her room. Should we make her leave?” He asks.

I look at him through the mirror. “No. I want to talk to her. Take the others out for an hour. Please.”

“Don’t do anything dangerous.” He says.

I turn around in his arms and nods. “I won’t. I swear.”

He nods. “I am sorry.”

“I know. You aren’t getting off easy. I am still pissed. You will be staying in the dog house.” I say and kiss him lightly. He kisses back. “You’re an arse.” He nods. “But you’re my arse. Now get them out.”

He nods and leaves. I look at myself and sigh. “Time to face the demon.”

I go and make sure everyone is gone. I knock on the door of Irene’s room. “Come in.” She says and I walk in. She stands up. “Calliah. What are you doing here? I… I thought you were still locked up.”

“Oh no. I am not locked up. I got out. Don’t think I won’t tell them all that you were there.” I say.

“Oh little sister, you won’t do that.” Irene says and stands up. I smirk and cross my arms. “Oh and by the way, I kissed your loving husband.” She smirks.

I giggles and smack her. She gasps and holds her cheek. “Oh I know.”

“Well, aren’t you mad at him?” She asks.

“Oh course, but he isn’t the one here right now.” I say. I grin and push her on the bed. I get the rope out of my back pocket and tie her down. “I planned this moment. My just deserts.”

“What the hell are you doing?” She yells. “Sherlock! Mycroft!”

I tighten the ropes and laugh. “No one is here. They know what I am doing and agree with me.” I bend down and whisper in her ear. “They don’t care about you. They don’t love you.” I stand up and go and look in her drawers. “Now where is the whip?”

“No. Not the whip!” She calls out.

“Oh yes the whip. Why would I spare you when you didn’t spare me?” I ask. I find the whip and smirk. “Oh here it is. My old friend.” I walk over. I look at the whip. “Why would you kiss him? Why do you want me to suffer so much? Why do you hate me?”

“You kill my parents!” She yells. “They hated you. They never wanted you.”

“Oh I know they hated me.” I say and chuckle. “But I did not kill them. They hated each other. They were going to get a divorce even if I was his child. They were fighting in the car. They got in the wreck because of their fighting. I did nothing to kill them. You are not going to hold that over my head anymore. I don’t care they didn’t love me, because I have people who love me now. I have a husband, a daughter, two brothers, two sisters, and a niece. I don’t need you or your parents.” I say. “But I do need to do this. You have hurt me way too much. You caused me so much pain in my life and I am going to give a little pay back.” I pull the whip back and start whipping her. She starts screaming and I keep going. After a while, I stop and drop the whip. She was crying. I look at her and frown. “Oh God…” I say softly. “What have I done?” I say and hurry over to her. “Irene… I’m sorry… shit.” I start crying. “I’m so sorry. I…” I rush to the bathroom and get the first aid kit. I run back to the room and start cleaning the wounds. “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…”

“Calliah?” I hear behind me. I turn around and see Mycroft. I start sobbing and he walks over. “What’s wrong?”

“I hurt her. I hurt her bad.” I say softly.

“I thought that was what you wanted…” He says and places his hands on my shoulders. I shake my head. “Baby?”

“I-I thought I did… but…” I say and go back to cleaning her wounds. “I’m so sorry Irene.”

“Calliah. This is the woman who has done this to you to you since you were 12. She doesn’t deserve this kindness.” Mycroft says. “She has hurt you for so long.”

“I know but…” I say softly and keep cleaning the wounds. “I’m not like this Mycroft. I am not an evil person.” I wipe my eyes. “I’m sorry Irene.” I finish cleaning the wounds and remove the restraints. I sigh and leave the room. I see Sherlock and John sitting on the couch. They look at them and frown. Sherlock gets up and comes over.

“Are you okay?” He asks.

“No. I hurt her.” I say softly.

“She deserves it.” John says.

“No she didn’t.” I say and wrap my arms around Sherlock. He wraps his arms around me and rub my back. “I’m not that type of person. I don’t hurt people…”

“I know flower.” Sherlock says softly.

“Calliah. Are you okay?” Mycroft asks. I nod and sigh. I feel a hand on my back and I turn around. I look up at him and start crying again. I rush into his arms. “Oh Calliah.”

“I don’t do that. I should have stopped. I’m a horrible person.” I say softly.

“No you aren’t. Your anger got the best of you. You deserve to express that pain.” He says.

“No!” I yell. I pull back and shake my head. “No. I don’t deserve to hurt people.” I run out of the room and into the bedroom. I sit on the bed and put my head into my hands. The door opens. “Mycroft. Just leave me alone. I need time.”

“It’s not Mycroft.” John says. I look up and frown. “Calliah…” He says as he sits down. “I know I’m not as important to you as Sherlock or Mycroft, but…”

“Wait, you are as important to me. You are my brother. I love you as much as I do Sherlock.” I say softly. I take his hand.

He nods. “I understand what you are going through.” He says and smiles softly. “Feeling guilty for being happy to cause others pain? Feeling like you are going to turn out just like them?”

I nod. “Yeah. I don’t want to be my sister. I don’t want to cause people pain.” I say and sigh. “When I was whipping her, I felt… happy. I was getting what I deserve. I felt proud to do that.”

He nods. “Yeah. After the war… I felt the same way. I had some times of where I would want to…” He says and moves around his hands. “Where I would want to grab a gun and shoot someone. Getting shot at, made me want to shot them. I understand what you are talking about. I understand.”

I nod and lean on him. “The others don’t.”

“Well they may say that they are sociopaths, but we both know that isn’t true. They are just scared and unsure of themselves.” John says. “If you ever want to talk about what you felt, what you are feeling, or anything, I am here.”

I sit up and hug him. “I know. I am so happy you are here.”

“Oh I know. You would be lost without me. Now, let’s go out there before the kids get too worried, and then we can go get our daughters.” John says and stands up.

I laugh and stand up. “Where are the daughters and Mary?”

“Oh they are in the car. Sherlock, Mycroft, and I thought we would go in before, just in case you were still doing… that…” He says and laughs.

I chuckle and shake my head. “Yeah, no. I was cleaning her wounds when Mycroft came in.” We start walking to the living room. We see Irene sitting in the arm chair. Sherlock and Mycroft were sitting on the couch, staring at Irene. Well, more of a glare than a stare. “Hello boys.” I look at Irene and frown. I walk over. “Irene… I am sorry.”

“I don’t want your pity.” She says and crosses her legs.

“Well, I know that, but I still am sorry. I… I shouldn’t have done that.” I say. “I know that we won’t be friends or anything but… yeah. Sorry.”

“Well I don’t care. I don’t want to see you anymore.” She says and looks away.

“Well I don’t want to see you anymore either. Mycroft can send you to America. Just let’s stay out of each other’s lives.” I say and cross my arms.

She scoffs and nods. “Whatever.” Irene gets up and leaves to her room. Hopefully to pack.

I go and sit down by Mycroft and Sherlock. Mycroft wraps an arm around me. I look at him and raise an eyebrow. He frowns and moves his arm. “Sorry love.” He says softly.

I nod and look at Sherlock. He places a hand on my knee and smiles softly at me. I smile back and look to the hallway when I hear Elizabeth. I grin as I see Elizabeth, Mary, and Mychela come in the room. I get up and go over to them. I grab Mychela and go back to the couch. I look at Mychela and then Mycroft. When would Sebastian strike again? 

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