Continue of Cuts

This is the continuation of Cuts. Now that Sherlock is at home safe, what will happen to the gang? What new evils will pop up?


5. Chapter 5

It had been nine months since the tiger head was sent to us. Irene left and the Watsons and Sherlock were still living with us. We were worried for a couple months, but nothing happened. We had to be patient and wait for the next move. Elizabeth had turned one and we had a huge party for her. Sherlock and Mycroft spoiled her with presents. She loved it. Mychela was nine months and showing that she would be so smart. She was going to be just like daddy and uncle Sherlock.

John and I were taking the kids to the park today. They were getting restless being kept in the house all the time. So John and I go to the park and let Elizabeth. She was starting to walk. She took her first step at her birthday party and she wanted to go everywhere. I sit on the ground with Mychela in front of me and John sits on the bench next to me, to keep an eye on Elizabeth. Mychela had started crawling and it was not fun. She was going everywhere. She picks some grass and puts it in her mouth and then spits it out. I chuckle and move her to my lap. “Gross, right?” I ask. She looks at me and giggles. I smile at her and poke her nose. She takes my hand and shoves my finger in her mouth. I let her and look at Elizabeth. She was picking flowers. “She is so beautiful, John.” I say and look up at John.

“Yes, she is. Mychela is too.” John says and grins at me.

I look down at Mychela and kiss her head. “She is. The girls will be heart-breakers.”

He chuckles and nods. “Very true.” He looks up and frowns. I look up and don’t see Elizabeth anywhere. I frown and get up, picking up Mychela as I stand.

“Where did she go?” I ask and we start rushing to where Elizabeth was.

“Did you see where she went?” John asks.

“No!” I say and look around. I turn around and see Elizabeth getting dragged away. “John!” I say and point to her. John turns and runs over. I follow him. I get half-way, when I feel someone grab me. I go back to punch them and they inject a needle into my neck. “Hey!” I yell and start to feel faint. I see John fainting. The man holds me up. Another man comes over and takes Mychela. “He-Hey!” I try to get up and get Mychela. He smiles and holds Mychela.

“Oh Calliah. I’ll take care of her. You don’t have to worry about us. I’ll tell your husband you say hi!” He says as I faint.


~Mycroft’s POV~

Calliah and John had been gone for five hours. “Should we worry now Mary!?” I yell and glare at Mary. She had told me not to worry when they had been gone for three hours. “Call Molly and see if they are there.” I tell Sherlock. He nods and leaves the room. I start pacing.

“Calm down.” Mary says. “They probably got lunch.”

“Calliah isn’t picking up her phone. She always picks up.” I explain. “Call John again.”

She sighs. “He left it here, Mycroft. I told you this a half-hour ago.”

I groan and keep pacing. “I knew I shouldn’t have let them go!” I say and look at Sherlock as he walks back into the room. “Are they there?”

He frowns. “No, she said she hasn’t talked to them all day. Sorry Mycroft.”

“Don’t be sorry! Find my wife and kid!” I yell. The doorbell rings and I rush to the door and open it. I see Lestrade standing there. “Lestrade.” I had called him when they hadn’t returned in three hours.

He frowns and hands me a photo. It was of Mychela sitting in a warehouse. “We got this and I came right over.”

I glare at the photo. “Anything else come with it?”

“No.” Lestrade says.

“Greg, why are you here?” Mary asks as her and Sherlock walk up behind me.

“Calliah, John and the kids were taken.” Lestrade says. Mary gasps. I hand the photo to Sherlock. “We will find them. I promise you that.”

“Who sent it to you?” I ask.

“Unknown name.” Lestrade says.

“Do you think it is Sebastian?” Sherlock asks me.

I nod. “Yes. I really think it is Sebastian.”

“Who is Sebastian?” Lestrade asks.

“None of your business.” I say. “Thank you and go away.” I slam the door and go to the living room. “I knew they shouldn’t have gone!”

“We will get them back.” Sherlock says and sits down and looks at me.

“I’ll be back.” I say and go to my office.

~Calliah’s POV~

I slowly open my eyes and groans. “Calliah.” I hear. I open my eyes all the way and see John. We were in a concrete room with one door. I was laying on my side and I look at John and see he was sitting up. “Calliah, are you okay?”

“I don’t know.” I say softly and get up slowly. I look around. “Where are we? How can we get out?”

“I tried the door. It is bolt shut. No way in or out.” John says. “He has the kids too.”

I frown. “I know. I think it was Sebastian.”

“I do too.” He gets up. “Let’s try the door again.”

I nod and we walk to the door. I try the door handle and it’s locked. I move back and run to it and slam my body against it. “Shit.” I say softly and keep doing it.

“Calliah! Stop!” John yells. I stop and look at him. “It is bolt shut. It won’t open. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

“I have to try and get out.” I say and run against the door again. I keep doing it until I hear a crunch. I groan and hold my shoulder. “Shit.”

“See. I told you. Now you got hurt.” He says and comes over to me. He touches it and I take in a breath. “It’s just sprained.”

“I still need to try to get out. I have another side.” I say and go to run.

“No Calliah.” He stops me, wraps his arms around me. “I can’t have you hurt more.” I glare at him. “Please Calliah. Mycroft wouldn’t want you hurt.”

I groan. “Mycroft! I was so worried about getting us out and getting the girls. Mycroft is going to kill me!” I sit down and cradle my arm. I tear up and bring my knees to my chest.

“Hey, hey. He isn’t going to kill you.” He says softly and kneels in front of me. He places his hands on my knees. “He is going to be worried and he so happy when we get out.”

“No. He didn’t want us to go. He wanted me to stay home with Mychela. He was still worried about Sebastian.” I say and start crying.

John moves over to my good side and wraps his arms around me. “It will be okay Calliah. We will get out.”

“Mychela is probably scared and hungry. Lizard is going to be scared too.” I cry and close my eyes.

“Stop crying!” We hear. We look around and frown. We get up and look around. “Mychela and Elizabeth are okay. You two will not ever see them again though. Too bad.” He hear.

“Who are you!?” I yell.

The voice chuckles. “Your worst nightmare.” They say. “Dr. Watson and Mrs. Holmes, you will be going through the worst hell you have ever been through.”

“I bet you I won’t be!” I yell.

“Oh but Calliah, you will.” They say and the door opens. Two men are standing there. They come in and pick me up by my arms.

“Ouch! That hurts!” I yell and try to kick them.

“Let her go!” John yells behind us.

“I only want Mychela, Dr. Watson, not Elizabeth. So if you take one step to get Calliah, I will kill your daughter.” The voice says.

He groans. “Sorry Calliah…” He says softly.

“It’s fine. I would do that same.” I say as the men take me out of the room. They lead me down the hall. “So boys, you should be buying me dinner before handing me in this way. I do have to warn you though, I have a husband, and he kills… for fun.”  The men just look ahead. We get to another door and they throw me in. I land on my bad shoulder and I yell. “That hurt!”

“It should.” I hear.

“What are you doing here?” I stand up and cradle my arm. I look up at Irene.

“Well since I couldn’t stay at your…lovely home, I had to find a new safe home. Sebastian offered me that, with an added bonus of getting to hurt you.” Irene says and smirks. I glare at her and place my hand on my hip. “I am going to have so much fun.”

“You don’t scare me Irene. You can’t hurt me.” I say and smirk.

“Boys!” She calls out. The boys come in and pick me up again. They bring me to a bed and move me on it, with me laying on my stomach. “Remove her shirt.” One man holds me down and the other takes off my shirt.

“Stop it! Don’t do this Irene!” I yell.

She chuckles. “Oh but sister dear, I’m a horrible person and I am going to love this. Tie her down.”

The men put restraints on my wrists, legs and waist. “Stop! I hate you! I hope you die!” I yell and try to get away. I hear Irene move and I turn my head and see she has a whip. My eyes widen. “N-No. Not the whip.” She just smirks and starts whipping me.

~Mycroft’s POV~

It had been two weeks since the girls and John went missing. No one has slept. Molly started helping us. We were looking for any clues we could find, but there was none. No more photos, messages, nothing. It was hopeless. Mary had given up, but Sherlock, Molly and I haven’t. I would never give up on Calliah and Mychela. I tried calling Irene, to see if she had any information, but her phone was disconnected. I was in the living room, staring at the wall. Molly took Mary to Mary’s house, only to get her away from me. I feel the couch sink down. “We will find them.” Sherlock says softly.

“But will we get them in time?” I say and frown.

“Calliah is strong. She will fight for those three. She will get them out.” Sherlock says.

“She has a breaking point. It’s been two weeks. What if they never come back? I’m starting to lose hope. Caring is not an advantage.” I say and look ahead.

“Mycroft.” Sherlock says and I look over. “I know we don’t get along and we don’t really like each other, but we both love those two girls. Calliah and Mychela are the most important things in our lives. Loving them is not a disadvantage. Loving them is the best advantage we have. We believe in them and try harder. He had to have slipped up and between us, we will find it.”

I look at him. “When did you get so smart?”

“I told you, I am the smart one.” He says and stands up. “Now, let’s go get our goldfish!”

I stand up. “They are not goldfish. They are better than that. So much better.”

~Calliah’s POV~

It had been a month. The worst month of my life. Irene spent three hours each day, taking all her anger and whipping me. She didn’t hold back. I felt like I had no skin on my back. I was tired. I wanted to give up, but I wouldn’t. I needed to fight for Mychela, John, and Elizabeth. I couldn’t let them down. I was trying to get out. Irene had left for the day and Sebastian wouldn’t be for a couple hours. I slowly move my wrists out of the restraints and I bit my lip to stop myself from screaming. Each movement felt like daggers in my back. It was the worst pain I have ever felt, but the thought of Mychela helped me move. I slowly move my feet out of the restraints. I move to my side and start sobbing as the restraint hit my whipping marks. The restraint comes undone and I fall to the ground. I land on my back and close my eyes as the pain radiates through my body. Mychela, Mychela, Mychela. I repeat to myself. I go to sit up when the door opens. 

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