Continue of Cuts

This is the continuation of Cuts. Now that Sherlock is at home safe, what will happen to the gang? What new evils will pop up?


3. Chapter 3

I was sitting in the living room, almost 9 months pregnant. Mycroft and Sherlock wouldn’t let me do anything. Mary would come around with Elizabeth, so I would have some company, and Molly would come over too. It was so boring though. I wanted the baby out! I turn on the TV and rub my belly. No one was home. Molly and Mycroft were at work. Mary and John were with Elizabeth and Sherlock was somewhere. He was supposed to come over later, but for now I was alone. I hear a noise coming from the bedroom. I frown and start to get up. “Hello?” I slowly make my way in the bedroom and look around. “I have a… knife! I can kill you.”

“Not in that state.” I hear. I close my eyes and groan.

“Did I die in my sleep or something? You are supposed to be dead.” I say and turn around. I see Irene standing there.

She smirks. “No. Sherlock spared me. I was hiding out.”

“Why didn’t you stay that way? I’m happy.” I say and cross my arms as much as I could.

“And got fatter.” She says and places her hands on her hips.

“I’m not fat! I’m pregnant you bimbo!” I yell.

She rolls her eyes. “We need to talk. I have information that I need you to get to Sherlock.”

“No. Since he knows you’re alive, you tell him.” I say and start walking back into the living room. “Nice to see you sis. Let’s not do it again.”

“Sherlock is in danger Calliah. He needs you.” Irene calls after me.

I stop and turn around. “How? I can’t do anything.”

“He needs to know this information and I can’t give it to him.” Irene says.

“And why not?” I hear behind me. I look around and see Sherlock.

“Sherlock.” Irene says.

“What are you doing here? I told you not to come back. Calliah, come over here.” Sherlock says. I walk over to him. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I thought someone was breaking in.” I say and slap his arm. “You saved her?!”

He frowns and holds my hands. “I did. I couldn’t tell you. I’m sorry.”

“Why couldn’t you? I wouldn’t tell anyone. I don’t even like her!” I yell.

“Calm down. You can’t get stressed.” Sherlock says.

“Shut up.” I say and roll my eyes.

“Both of you. God!” Irene yells.

I look over. “You go away. I don’t want to hear what you want and I don’t want you in my house. Get out or I will get my gun and shoot you and make sure you die.” I warn her.

“You wouldn’t do that.” Irene says. I raise my eyebrow and go over to the side of the bed and pull the hand gun Mycroft keeps in there. I cock it and point it at her. “Or maybe you would.”

“Calliah. Put down the gun.” Sherlock says.

“Why? She threatened to kill me all the time. What was her favorite threat? Hmm… oh that’s right! She would wanted to whip me till I was almost there, let me get better, and do it all again. She wanted to do this all the time. Got close to it a few times. Why shouldn’t I kill her? Get the devil off my back.” I say and stare at Irene. She stares back.

“Calliah. Give me the gun. You don’t want to kill her. You aren’t a killer.” Sherlock says.

“I want her gone then. Now.” I tell him.

He nods and slowly takes the gun. “Go sit in the living room.”

I look at him. “If you aren’t back in ten minutes, without her, I will be back with another gun.” I say and leave. I slam the door on the way out. I go to the living room and pace. I hate her! I hate her! I hate her! Why can’t she be gone? I don’t want her in my life. I hear the front door open and I look over. Mycroft walks over.

“Hello love.” He says and walks over. He kisses me softly and then kisses my belly. “Hello baby Holmes.”

“She is back.” I say as he stands up.

“Who is love?” Mycroft asks.

“Irene.” I say and cross my arms. “Sherlock saved her and she is here. In the guest bedroom.”

“I’ll be back. Is Sherlock in there?” Mycroft asks.

“Yes. If I go in there I will kill her.” I say.

“Okay, don’t do anything crazy. Just sit and calm down. You don’t need the stress.” Mycroft says and sits me down. “I’m going to talk to them. Just calm down.”

I sigh and cross my arms. “Fine. I’ll calm down. I’ll be good. Just get her out of the house.”

“Okay.” He says and goes into the room.

I sit down and sigh. I place a hand on my belly and close my eyes. After a couple minutes, all three of them come out. I get up slowly and glare at Irene. “What is she still doing here?”

“We need her help.” Mycroft says softly. He comes over to me and places his hands on my shoulder. “She is going to help us. You, John, and Sherlock are in danger. You need her.”

“I need her gone Mycroft. I don’t want her help.” I say and look at him. “I want her gone Mycroft.”

He moves back. “She is staying here. I’m going to get security around the grounds. Sherlock and I are going to get John and Mary. You are going to stay here with Irene. I have taken all the guns and I am going to trust you to not kill her. Please Calliah, Ardaigh. Just deal with her.”

I look at Sherlock and see him watching me. “Please flower. We need her.” I frown and sit down.

“Fine.” I say and cross my arms.

Mycroft leans down and kisses my head. “I’ll be home soon. I love you.”

“I love you too.” I saw softly. He rubs my belly softly and then leaves. I look at Irene. “Well, you might as well sit down.”

“You aren’t going to kill me?” Irene asks.

“No. Mycroft and Sherlock said not to. That you were going to help, so I will let you live… for now.” I say and turn on the TV and try to ignore her.

“Calliah.” Irene says and sits down.

“What?” I ask, not taking my eyes off the TV.

“He doesn’t love you.” She says softly. “They don’t really like you. They are only worried about John and Mary, not you.” She moves closer. “He regrets marrying you and getting you knocked up. He will leave you one day and you will be back on the street.” She smirks.

I turn to her. “No he won’t. They love me.”

She laughs. “Who would love you? Your own father didn’t want you. My father didn’t want you. Mother didn’t want you. No one wants you.”

“They do!” I yell.

“I bet your own freak of a child won’t want you.” She says and leans back.

“Shut up! Just shut up!” I yell. I turn back and try to ignore her.

“You know, since I’m here, I might try and find out what Mycroft likes.” She says and smirks.

I turn to her and slap her. “You will not think about my husband in that way!”

“Oh, honey, he wants me. I see the way he looks at me.” She says and smiles. “He doesn’t want a fat loser. He wants a skinny, beautiful woman who knows what she is doing.”

I glare at her. “I’m not a fat loser.”

“Oh but you are.” She says and smirks. She sits back and crosses her legs.

I get up and pull out the gun I always have on me. I point it at her. “Shut up!”

The door open and Mycroft and Sherlock walk in. “Calliah!” Mycroft yells. I look at him and then at Irene. She looked scared and frightened. She was faking it. I knew that but only because I have seen it all too much. “Drop the gun. You promised that you wouldn’t try and kill her!”

I glare at her. I walk over to Mycroft and give him the gun. I go our room and slam the door. I hear the door open and close. “Calliah, what the hell?”

“She was saying things.” I say and pace.

“She is here to protect you!” Mycroft yells.

“Not me!” I yell.

“God Calliah! Drop the petty sibling fighting!” He says.

“You have a lot of room to talk!” I say back.

“Sherlock and I have moved on…. Sort of.” Mycroft says. “And at least I don’t try and kill him!”

“Just shut up. You didn’t hear what she was saying. Sh…” I start to say,

“I don’t care what she was saying. We need her.” He says and sighs. He runs his hands through his hair. “Just stay in here and I’ll be back later.” He sighs and leaves the room.

I sit on the bed and place my head in my hands. I groan and stand up. “Bitch!” I yell and throw the lamp at the wall. I hear people running to the room. Mycroft and Sherlock come in.

“What happened?” Sherlock asks. Mycroft groans and shakes his head.

“For God sakes Calliah!” He says.

Sherlock walks over. “Calliah… what happened?”

“Sorry. I got angry.” I say softy and look down.

I sit down on the bed and look at my hands. “Mycroft. Get out.” Sherlock says and sits on the bed.

“No. This is my house.” Mycroft says.

Sherlock gets up and I look up. Sherlock goes over to Mycroft and says some things to him. Mycroft sighs and leaves. Sherlock sits on the bed. “What did she say?” I look down and play with my hands. “Calliah. I know her. I know she said something. Tell me. If you keep it in, it will affect you more than anything. She doesn’t know you Calliah. She doesn’t see what we all see.”

I look up. “She said that you all don’t like me. That you all don’t love me. I know that is a lie. I’m stronger now. I can handle that because I know she is wrong. She continued on and said that my father didn’t want me, that her father didn’t want me, and that my mother didn’t want me and I know those are the truth. They didn’t.” I smiles softly. “My father told my mother to get an abortion, her father hated me, and my mother told me that she wished I wasn’t born.” I shrug. “I understand this and accept it. She can’t hurt me with those facts. But then she said that was going to find out what Mycroft likes… That I was a fat loser.” I look down and close my eyes. “I know I’m pregnant not fat, but I am a loser.” I laugh softly. “Don’t say that I’m not, because I am. I know I am.” I look up at him. “But what if she does find out what Mycroft likes? We haven’t…. ‘danced’ since I became pregnant. He had needs.” Sherlock shutters and I giggle softly. “Sorry, but what if he wants her?”

“So out of everything she said, you are mostly worried about Mycroft cheating?” Sherlock asks. I nod and bite my lip. “Oh, flower. He would never do that. I know him. Once we left the house, Mycroft was worried about you. He knows what she does to you. He didn’t want to bring you out because of the danger and he couldn’t bring Irene. He was worried about you and the baby. He loves you too much to let that…. Bitch do anything. I swear to you. I would tell you if I thought he would.”

I sigh and nod. “Okay. Sorry. Hormones and head all funky. Not a good mix.”

“Hey, don’t apologize for being worried.” Sherlock says.

I look at him. “Who are you and what have you done with my Sherlock?” I ask, joking.

“He has been hanging out with Molly, who is making him more human. Taking the bad parts and making him better.” He says and shrugs.

I grin. “Hanging with Molly? That is awesome! Do you like her? Like like?” I ask.

He rolls his eyes. “Let’s not go there.” He stands up. “Let’s get out there so Mycroft can start explaining everything.” He helps me up and we go to the kitchen. I see John and Mary sitting in the love seat, Mary holding Elizabeth.

“The Watson’s!” I grin and walk over. They get up and we hug. “How are you three?”

“We are good. She is finally sleeping through the night so we get some sleep. Want to hold her?” Mary asks.

“Not right now. Later.” I say and kiss Elizabeth’s head. “Hi Lizard.” I say and walk over to Mycroft. I sit by him and look at him. He looks at me and kisses my cheek.

“We need to talk later. I want to know what she said to you, okay.” He whispers in my ear. I nod and he smiles. I lean my head on him and he wraps an arm around me. “Okay all. Sherlock and I know why Irene is here and what information, and we can tell you that it is of the most importance to get you all under protection right away.” Mycroft tells everyone. I look at Irene and see that she was sitting back, relaxing, and looking at me. I raise my eyebrow and prepare to stand my ground. She wasn’t going to hurt me anymore. I wouldn’t let her. “Irene told us that Jim Moriarty had a ‘student’ as you could say. His name is Sebastian Moran.”

“Jim had a student? Why would he do that?” John asks.

“To take Jim’s place if he ever dies, is my guess.” Mycroft says.

“Genius!” Sherlock yells. We all look at him. “Not good?”

“Not good.” John and I say.

“So what are we to do?” I ask.

“Well, until Sebastian uncovers himself, nothing, but I want you all to stay here. It is safer.” Mycroft says.

“Even Irene?” I ask.

“Yes. She could die if it got out that she gave us this information.” Mycroft says.

“She was working with Jim! She could be working for Sebastian.” I explains.

Mycroft looks at me. “I can be smart too.” I say and cross my arms.

“I’m not working with him. I didn’t work fully with Jim. He just gave me guidance.” Irene explains. “I swear I’m not working with anyone this time.”

“Why should we believe you? Can we kick her out?” I ask and smile.

“No! I will get killed this time. People want me dead. Please.” Irene says. She looks at Sherlock. “Please Sherlock. I will do anything.”

“Fine.” Mycroft says and we all turn to him. “We will keep you safe for now, but you are not allowed to be near Calliah or our baby. If you make her upset again, I will kick you out and notify the right people. If Calliah tells me to kick you out once, then I will do it. So make sure you keep her happy.” He says and stands up. He holds out his hand. “Come on Ardaigh. Time for bed.”

I take his hand and we go to the bedroom. I sit on the bed and he kneels in front of me. “Are you okay? I’m sorry that I was acting like an ass.” He takes my hands and kisses them.

“It’s nothing.” I say softly.

“Please tell me.” He says softly.

I look at him. “She told me the normal things, like I’m hated and that no one loves me. I ignored that because I know it’s not true. But she said that she would find out what you like… and I know we haven’t done that in a while and so I was worried.” I say and look away.

“Oh love.” He says and stands up. He hugs me and kisses my head. “I would never.”

“I know that in the back of my mind, but it just… sorry.” I say softly.

“Don’t be. I have been busy with everything. I should be the one to apologize.” Mycroft says. He kisses my head. “We should get to bed. Need to get up early in the morning.”

I look at him confused. “Why?”

“Our doctor appointment?” He asks.

“Oh yeah.” I say and smiles. “Okay let’s go to bed.” I get up and put on my pajamas and get into bed. I cuddle into Mycroft and fall asleep. 

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