Continue of Cuts

This is the continuation of Cuts. Now that Sherlock is at home safe, what will happen to the gang? What new evils will pop up?


2. Chapter 2

The story line for this comes from the story " The Boscombe Valley Mystery" By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The only thing that is my own are the slight changes I made and Calliah.

A month later, Mycroft and I were eating breakfast. I was looking at my phone. I hadn't talked to the boys in a couple weeks. John and Mary were getting ready for the baby, and Sherlock was…. No idea. I hope not in a drug house again. I finish breakfast when my phone gives me a text alert.

Come to Paddington Station by 11:15. –SH

I grin and stand up. "We got a case." I tell Mycroft and walk to our room. I pull out a suitcase and start packing. I hear Mycroft come in the room and see him sit on the bed. "Don't talk me out of it. I'm going. I will be fine."

"I wasn't going to love." Mycroft says.

I look at him. "What? You weren't?"

"Nope. You have been in the house for a month now. I know you are itching to get out. Also, Sherlock texted me and told me this case wasn't anything to worry about. No chance of you getting hurt. Other than your natural clumsiness." Mycroft explains.

I playfully glare at him. "Not clumsy." I say.

"Sure." He says. I finish packing and look at the clock. It was ten now. "Just be safe and careful love, okay?"

"I promise to be careful and safe. I won't do anything reckless." I say.

He kisses me softly. "I love you."

"I love you too." I say and he goes to work.

I pick up my bag and set it down. I pull it behind me and grab my coat and scarf. I leave the house. I get to Paddington station and look around. It was eleven now. The boys should be here by now. "Calliah." I hear behind me. I turn around and see Sherlock. I grin and run over.

"Lock." I hug him. "Where is John?"

"Not sure. I texted him. He should be here soon." He says and looks around. I look around and see him. I grin and run over with Sherlock walking behind me.

"John!" I yell and hug him. He hugs back. "I missed you two. The team back together again. The three amigos, well amigos and amiga. The three musketeers."

John laughs. "Someone is excited."

"I'm out of the house. I'm free!" I say. We get onto the train and take our seats. "John. How is Mary?"

"She is very pregnant. She is going to pop at any time. I just hope we aren't gone when she does. Molly is actually with her. They became very good friends and Molly has been a great companion for Mary." John explains.

I nod. "Molly is the best. She has been keeping me company too."

"I'm keeping my phone with me at all time and Mary will call if she goes into labor." John explains.

"She won't. She still has two weeks." Sherlock says beside me. We look at him. "I am studying her and Calliah's pregnancies. Calliah will be early. Mary will be late."

I shake my head. "Whatever Sherlock."

"Just you wait. You will be two weeks early and Mary will be a week late." Sherlock says.

After an hour of catching up, really just me telling the boys what I have been doing, Sherlock starts explaining the case.

It was a case of two Australians who had come to the UK to run farms. The first man, John Turner, has the largest landowner in the areas and has made his fortune in Australia. He bought farm lands. The second man, Charles McCarthy, leases from Mr. Turner. They both were seen together and were each other's own only friend, since they both are not very social men. They each have one kid. Turner has a daughter, Alice, and McCarthy has a son, James.

McCarthy told his house maid that he has an appointment at three. Two people saw McCarthy walk in the direction of Boscombe Pool alone. Within a few minutes, one witness says, McCarthy's son comes down the same road, carrying a gun. Another witness sees the McCarthy men having a hug argument. She has just run home to the game lodge to tell her mother she thinks the two McCarthys are going to fight, when younger McCarthy, James, runs up and says he's found his father dead in the forest. James is not holding his gun or his hat, and his right hand is bloody. The lodge-keeper follows him out to Boscombe Pool, where the elder McCarthy lies dead with his head caved in. With the bloody hand, loud argument, and the murder weapon apparently near the body and belonging to James, there's enough evidence to convict him of murder. The case is going to appear before the Crown Court.

There are a lot of people who believe that James in innocent, including Alice Turner. She is the one who brought it to Greg, who told us. Sherlock thinks that even thought everything looks rough for James, he can bring a fresh, and better, perspective on the evidence.

In his first interview with the cops, James said he deserved to be arrested – but he says he's still innocent. Sherlock things this I've-done-something-wrong-but-not-that statement is the best evidence of James's innocent, because what murderer trying to his crime would be honest enough to admit some kind of guilt when he's in the hands of the cops. Upon his arrest, James gave his account.

He had been away from home for three days. When he gets home, he's just in time to see his dad walking quickly across the yard. Without the knowing of where his dad has been walking, James grabs his rifle and sets out to Boscombe Pool to do some rabbit shooting. As he approaches the pool, he hears his father yelling, 'Cooee!' which is a signal between James and his father. So James runs forward and finds his father at the pool. Charles is surprised and weirdly angry to see James and they have words. Because his father is in such a temper, James just heads back to Hatherley, their farm, and skips the rabbit shooting. Before he can get far, thought, James hears a terrible struggle. He turns back to the pool to find his father dying. He goes to the nearest house, which is the Turner's lodge-keep, for help. James adds that his father's last words were something about a rat. James absolutely will not say what the two were arguing about. James also says that he saw something out of the corner of his eye on the ground when he ran over to his father, something grey, but it was gone by the time he stood up and turned away from his dad to get help.

We get to the platform and Greg is there waiting for us. "Greg!" I yell and run out and hug him. He chuckles and hugs me.

"Hello Calliah." He says. Sherlock and John join us. Sherlock grabbed my bag since I forgot it.

"Thanks Sherlock." I say and take it from him. He nods. We go to the hotel and meet Alice Turner. We bring our bags to the room and go back down to the pub and have lunch with Alice. "So Alice. You don't think James is guilt." I say.

"We don't think he did either." Sherlock says.

"Oh, I am so glad to hear you say that." Alice says and smiles. She was a small girl. Blonde hair, green eyes, and ivory skin. "I think that the argument was about me. Now, James and I do love each other, but it is a brother and sister thing. Mr. McCarthy really wanted us to get marries. No one else wants it to happen but him. Mr. McCarthy is the last man who knows my daddy when he was in the gold mines in Australia."

Sherlock nods. "We'll get him free of all charges Alice. I promise you." She nods and leaves. Sherlock turns to us. "Greg and I are going to visit James in prison. John, keep an eye on Calliah."

I pout. "Why can't I go?"

"Because a prison is not safe. Mycroft and Mummy will kill me if I brought you there." Sherlock explains. I sigh and nod. He stands up and kisses my head. "Stay safe." He leaves with Greg.

"Up to the room?" I ask. John nods and we go up to the room. I lay on my bed and sigh. "I'm bored!"

John sits down on his bed and looks at me. "Read. Watch TV. Call Mycroft." He says. He pulls out a book and starts reading.

I groan and pull out my phone and call Mycroft. "Hello Ardaigh. Having fun?" Mycroft asks me.

"No. Sherlock and Greg went to the prison and I am stuck with John at the hotel. Not fun." I explain.

He chuckles. "He is protecting you. It would be dangerous in a prison. I would not like to find out that my wife and child went to prison."

I groan. "It's not fair. I would be able to do this if I wasn't pregnant. All your fault."

"How is it my fault love? I believe that you helped in this department too." Mycroft says.

"Nope. It was all you. Luring me into your government arms. I was a helpless little girl." I say and smile. I hear John cough to cover up his laugh. "Shut up John."

"Yes, I am the mean old man who forced you to love him." Mycroft says. I could tell that he was smiling.

"Yes you were." I say and giggle.

"Okay Calliah." He says and chuckles. "I miss you."

"I miss you too." I say and close my eyes. "I love you."

"I love you too." Mycroft says.

"I should go. Sherlock will be back soon." I say.

"Okay. Call me tonight." Mycroft says.

"Will do." I say and hang up. I look over and see that John was looking at the newspaper. "Anything interesting?"

"There is an article about the murder." John tells me. I slowly get up and walk over. I sit down. "What did you figure out?"

"Well it was a blow to the back of the head, but on the left side. Charles saying rat must have been important, because head injuries don't cause delirium." John says.

I nod. "Yeah I thought that too." I say as Sherlock comes back into the room. We look up. "Anything?"

"James is innocent. Pretty, but not too bright." Sherlock tells us and sits on his bed. He gets out his phone, looks at it, and then puts it back. I look at him curiously. What was that? "He doesn't know who would kill his father. He is also in love with Alice, but not in the way she thinks. He is in love with her."

"Why doesn't he tell her?" I ask.

"He had a wife in Bristol, but with everything that has happened, the wife told James that she already has a husband in Bermuda, so James' marriage is not legal. He can marry Alice, if he wasn't in prison." Sherlock explains.

"And if she didn't think of him as a brother." I say. John laughs and lay down. I get up and go to my bed. I yawn and lay down on my side and face Sherlock. "So Charles had an appointment with Boscombe Pool that wasn't with James and he called to someone using the code he uses with his son, but he didn't know his son was nearby."

Sherlock nods. "Correct."

The next morning, I wake up and see Greg in the room. The three men were sitting at the small table in the room. "Morning." I say and rub my eyes.

"Morning flower. We have scones if you want some." Sherlock says.

I get up and move over there. I grab two and go to get a cup of coffee. "No coffee." John says. I turn and glare at him.

"I can have one a day. If you want me happy and not biting your head off, you will let me have this cuppa and shut up." I say and pour the cup. He holds his hands up in surrender. I sit down and start eating.

"So Mr. Turner is dying." Greg says.

"Well, that is a great thing to hear when I wake up." I say and sip my coffee.

Greg rolls his eyes. "Mr. Turner has been very generous with Mr. McCarthy. He has been giving McCarthy the farmland rent-free and generally tossing him money."

"If Turner was giving all this money to McCarthy, it is kind of daring for McCarthy to insist that James should also marry Alice, isn't it? Kind overreaching?" Sherlock comments.

"You are thinking too theoretically. I can bring you to Hartherley Farmland to look for clues." Greg says.

We all get ready and head out. Sherlock starts by measuring the books of the McCarthy men. We then head over to Boscombe Pool, where Sherlock looks around the mud. He picks up a jagged stone from the grass. We head to the nearby house, where the lodge-keeper lives. While Sherlock talks to him, John and I stand to the side. I was getting tired. Being almost six months pregnant was tiring. I was leaning on John as he held me up. "Tired?"

I nod. "It's hard to stay up."

"Mary was complaining about being tired all the time around this point too." John says.

I smile up at him. "Our babies will be growing up together."

He smiles and looks down at me. "Yes they will. Do you know what you are having?"

"Mycroft does, but I wanted to be surprised. I wish he had too because he keeps coming home with more baby bags each day. I bet when I get home, he will be done with the baby room." I say and smile.

"He has changed." John says.

"Don't let him hear you say that. He wants to think he is still this tough man, which he is, except with people he cares about." I say and place my hands on my belly. "You, Mary, and Molly have become part of the Holmes family. He cares for you all."

He smiles. "That is good to hear. Calliah, I wanted to ask you…"

"Time to go." Sherlock interrupts. "Got what I needed." We walk out and start heading to the pub. He hands Greg the rock he picked up. "There is your murder weapon."

Greg looks at him confused. "How do you know that this is the murder weapon?"

"Because there was still grass growing under it, so it has been moved recently." Sherlock explains. "The murder is a tall, left-handed man with a limp who smokes Indian cigars with a cigar holder. He wears shooting boots and a grey cloak, and carries a small knife in his pocket."

Greg looks at Sherlock. "What? You don't know who it is? Just those facts?"

"Yes." Sherlock says.

Greg sighs and nods. "Fine. I will talk to you later." He says and leaves. We get to the pub and sit down.

"'Cooee' is a distinctly Australian cry." Sherlock starts explaining. "So whomever McCarthy was meeting, had to be Australian. The 'rat' comment was actually 'Ballarat', the name of an Australian city. How did I know about the man? Well his stride was really long, so he must be tall. One heel sank in deeper into the mud than the other, so he must have a limp. You and Calliah know that he was left-handed because he was hit on the left-side. I found cigar butts on the ground, the ends of which were not gnawed on, so the killer must use a cigar holder. The ends are also frayed, so the culprit must carry a blunt knife." Sherlock fires off.

John and I look at each other and then Sherlock. "Nice." I say. Sherlock just smiles.

A man comes in and sits down. "I know about McCarthy, Mr. Turner." Sherlock says.

Mr. Turner nods and sighs. "I would have come clean if James had been convicted. I won't let that poor kid get hung for my crime." He looks at Sherlock. "I have cancer. I have about a month to live and I don't want to live that in jail."

Sherlock nods. "I understand."

"In Australia, I was part of a band of six highway robbers. Along with McCarthy, we help up a gold convoy and made off with a ton of money. We all took it back to England. I settled down for a good, peaceful life with Alice. McCarthy and I happened to bump into each other. He started to blackmail me. He said that if I didn't provide for him and his son, he would go to the police. I did everything but let his son marry Alice. I know James is a nice young man, but I couldn't let Charles control my money even more. We were meeting up to talk about the marriage. I arrived and overheard Charles yelling at James to marry Alice. I got so mad that I picked up the rock and hit Charles over the head once James left. Charles yelled and James came back. I made it into the forest before James saw me, but I dropped my grey clock. I went back and got it before James could see it. Please Mr. Holmes. I can't spend the rest of my days in jail." Mr. Turner begs.

Sherlock nods. "I won't do anything about this as long as James isn't convicted. If he is, I will produce your confession to keep James from doing time."

"Oh thank you Mr. Holmes. Thank you." Mr. Turner says and leaves.

"That was nice of you." I say.

He turns to me. "He should die in the peace of a hospital or home, not jail." He says and smiles. "Now let's eat."

Sherlock goes to the court the next day and gets James off the hook, without telling Mr. Turner's confession, and James asks Alice to marry him, which she says yes.

We get on the train to go home. I was leaning back into my seat. "My feet hurt. John message them."

"No way." He says and smiles.

I pout. "Meanie." I turn to Sherlock.

"No." He says.

"I didn't even ask." I say.

"Still no." He says and smiles at me.

"I hate you both." I say and cross my arms.

"No you don't." Sherlock says and laughs.

John turns to us. "Since I have you both here and we aren't on the case anymore, I need to ask you something. Calliah and Sherlock, will you be my baby's godparents?"

"Huh?" Sherlock asks.

I grin and hug him. "Yes!" He hugs back and we laugh. "Thank you."

I pull back and grin. "Of course Calliah. You two are my best friends. I want you part of the baby's life. Sherlock? You didn't answer."

"What do godparents do?" Sherlock asks.

"It means if anything happened to me and Mary, you two would take the baby and raise her." John explains.

"Why us?" Sherlock asks.

"Like I said, you two are my best friends. I want you to have a role in the baby's life." John says.

"Oh. Sure, I guess." Sherlock says.

I laugh and rub my belly. "Have you thought about godparents?" John asks me.

"Yes. I was thinking you and Molly." I tell him.

"Me? Not Sherlock?" John asks. I look over and see Sherlock pout.

I giggle. "Sherlock is the uncle. You aren't. You have to have a roll in the baby's life. Sherlock will get the same amount of time as you get with the baby."

John nods. "I would be proud to be baby Holmes' god father." I hug him. "Thanks Calliah."

"Anything for my boys." I say and bring in Sherlock in our hug.

After we get off the train, John's phone starts ringing. He answers it. "Hello?" His face becomes pale. "Okay, I'll be there soon." He hangs up and smiles at us. "Mary went into labor."

"Dang, I was a week late in my prediction." Sherlock says. I laugh and start walking.

"Mycroft is here so we can get there faster than a cab." I tell them. They follow me and we go to the hospital. John goes to Mary's room and Sherlock, Mycroft, and I join Molly in the waiting room. Molly is the one who brought Mary in. "Hello Molly." I say and sit by her.

"Hello Calliah. How was the case?" She asks.

"Good. Easy one. Well at least to Sherlock." I say and look at Sherlock. He was looking down. I frown.

"He is probably just worried about John and the baby." Molly says. "You both are starting families. He is probably thinking that you guys don't need him anymore."

I look at her. "How did you get so knowledgeable about Sherlock?" I ask.

"Well, we have kinda been hanging out." Molly says.

"What? Why did I not know this?" I ask. "You two are my friends and I didn't know this. How?"

"Well, you have been on house arrest pretty much and John has been dealing with Mary, so Sherlock asked if I could come over. We hang out at the house. We went on a couple cases." Molly explains.

"Really? Do you think it will go anywhere?" I ask.

"I don't know. He isn't like he used to be when I first met him. I mean I've gotten over the star struck of him. I know he isn't a God or a hero. He is Sherlock." She says and looks down. I grin and hug her.

"You two would be amazing together." I say. "And then we would be family."

She laughs and nods. "I'm going to talk to him. Reassure him you two aren't going anywhere."

"Okay." I say and she gets up and goes over to him. Mycroft sits by me. "Molly and Sherlock have been hanging out. Solving cases."

"I know. I talk to him more now than I did before. He told me about her. I think she is good for him." Mycroft says. He kisses my head and I look at him. "Don't get jealous. Sherlock needs someone."

"I'm not fully jealous. I know he needs someone, and I have been trying to get them together. But everyone is moving on. John and I are starting our own families, Sherlock has Molly now. Will they need me?"

"Of course they will need you. You are their best friend. They will always need you. Just because we are all starting families and Sherlock is hanging with Molly, doesn't mean that there won't be cases that Sherlock needs his blogger and flower." Mycroft says and hugs me. I hug back and sigh. "Don't worry love. It will be all good."

Baby Watson was born at eleven that night. Elizabeth Marie Watson. We all went into the room. I look at Mary and smile. "How was it? Will everyone hate me after because I threw things at them?" I ask.

She laughs. "No, but it was… interesting." She says and looks down. "Want to see your goddaughter?"

"Yes please." I say and walk over. I look down at one of the cutest baby every. "She is perfect. Can I hold her?" Mary nods and I pick her up. "Oh my gosh. She is amazing. Yes you are. You will have everyone wrapped around your little baby finger, won't you? Yes you will." I say to the baby and grin. I walk to Mycroft and look up at him. "Elizabeth Watson, meet your uncle Mycroft. You can call him Mikey for fun. He doesn't like it."

"She will not call me Mikey. It is bad enough my mother calls me that." He says and smiles at the baby. "She is so small. In a few months, we will have our own."

"Yes we will. They will be best friends and never go anywhere without each other." I say and walk to Sherlock. "Want to hold you goddaughter?"

"No thank you." Sherlock says.

"Why not?" I ask.

"I don't want to." Sherlock says and looks away.

I frown and go to Molly. "Want to hold her?"

"No, you have time with her." She says and walks over to Sherlock. I walk over to Mary and John.

"I'm going to call her Lizard." I say and hand her back to Mary.

John groans. "You will not call my daughter Lizard."

"But I will. She will be my little Lizard." I say and laugh. I yawn and go to Mycroft.

"We should head off. This one needs sleep." Mycroft says. "We'll be back in the morning."

John nods and I go over and hug him. "Bye John. See you tomorrow."

He hugs back. "Get some sleep for me."

I laugh and nod. "I will." I hug everyone else and we leave. I fall asleep before we get home.

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