Continue of Cuts

This is the continuation of Cuts. Now that Sherlock is at home safe, what will happen to the gang? What new evils will pop up?


11. Chapter 10

It was Mychela's first birthday. Sherlock and Mycroft were going overboard. They weren't letting me help in any way. I was sitting in Mychela's room getting her ready. Sherlock told me to ready by three and it was two. I was putting Mychela in a purple party dress and black shoes. I had curled her hair and pinned one side back. She was so adorable. Her red hair looked like fire in the light. I was in a purple dress that landed at my thighs. I had black flats on and my hair was half-up and half-down. Sherlock told me to dress myself and Mychela in purple. He would be such a great party planner. I put the final touches on Mychela's and my outfits and look in the mirror.

"You two look beautiful." I hear. I look over and see Mycroft. I was still mad at him, but I wasn't hostile. I just didn't let him touch me as much. I needed time to forgive him for letting that she witch stay here, touch my daughter, and kiss him. We didn't fight, which was good. I didn't want Mychela to sense that I was mad, even though I believe she knew. She was a smart girl, which was to be expected with who her father and uncle were.

I smile at him and walk over. I was going to be nicer to him today since it was a special day. He slowly wraps his arms around us and I smile softly up at him. "Thank you. You look good too." He was in a dark suit and had a purple tie. I play with it and grin. "Sherlock make you wear this?"

He chuckles and nods. "He is very anal about detail." I chuckle and nod.

"I know. He threatened to kick me out if I wasn't in purple. I fear all of the gifts he got for her will be purple." I say.

"Well, he believes that is her favorite color." He says.

"I know. She speaks a little, but not enough to give him that idea." I say and look at Mychela. She was looking at us and smiling.

"She hasn't been this happy in a while." Mycroft says.

Sherlock walks in and walks over to us. "I need the birthday girl." He says and takes her. She giggles and touches Sherlock's face. He grins at her and looks at us. "You two stay in here. I don't want you guys in a bad mood today, so whatever you guys are fighting about, I want you to talk it through and get over it."

"Sherlock…" I start to say.

"No Calliah. This is your daughter's first birthday, and I want it to be the best first birthday ever, which includes you two being happy and in love. Mychela knows you two are in a fight and she wants it to be over. So get over yourselves and be happy, or we will lock you in here." He threatens and leaves the room, shutting the door on the way out.

I look at Mycroft and sigh. "Calliah… I want us to get over this. I want my wife back, not just someone who I have a kid with. Please… please forgive me."

I sigh and sit down. "I… I'm just so mad that you went to her for comfort. You know what she did to me and how she treated me. You are supposed to protect me from her."

He sighs and sits by me. He takes my hand and looks at me in the eyes. "I know. And if you forgive me I will spend the rest of my life proving to you that I will protect you. Please Ardaigh."

I look at him and bite my lip. I sigh and nod. "Okay. I officially forgive you. We will learn from this and grow." I look at him seriously. "But if you mess up again, I will leave. I will take Mychela and you will never see us again."

He nods and hugs me. "I promise Calliah. I will never hurt you again." I hug him back and close my eyes. I hadn't been in his arms since the night that he came for me. I missed him. He pulls back and kisses me. I kiss back and wrap my arms around him. He pulls back and kisses my nose softly. I giggle. "Oh I missed that sound. I missed being in your good books."

"Well remember that feeling and try to never get there again." I joke and smile.

He chuckles. "Oh I will. Now let's go out there so you can see what Sherlock has done with the house."

I get up and laugh. "Oh God. I'm scared now. Is it worse than Lizard's party?"

"Of course it is." Mycroft says. "I like having the family here, but I can't wait till it is just use three."

"I know. I want my house back." I say softly as we leave the room.

The living room was a party dream. It had purple and silver streamers all around the ceiling, a play area in the corner, a stack of presents from Mycroft and Sherlock, and the couch was gone. "Where is my couch?" I ask Sherlock.

He turns to me and grins. "It is in my room. I needed room for the bouncy house."

"What bouncy house Sherlock?" I ask.

Two men come in with a flat bouncy house. "Where at sir?"

Sherlock walks over and starts talking to them. I turn to Mycroft. "We are going to have a bouncy house in our living room."

He groans and nods. "Yes we are. Why did we give Sherlock control of the party?"

"Because he is good at it?" I ask.

He groans again and nods. He wraps his arms around be from behind. "It is just a couple of hours and then we can have the house back the way it was." He says and kisses my head. I sigh and nod. "Sherlock." Sherlock walks over. "Who is coming to this thing?"

“Only the close friends. Mrs. Hudson, Graham, Mummy and Daddy, and Molly.” Sherlock says.

“So why do we have the bouncy house?” I ask.

He smirks. “For me and the girls.”

I shake my head and roll my eyes. “Mychela can barely stand, let alone jump.”

“I will hold her.” He says and pouts.

I sigh and groan. “Fine. Only today and I want that thing gone tonight. I will not have you keeping a jumping house in my house for a month.”

He rolls his eyes. “Fine.” He goes over to Mychela and picks her up.

I look up at Mycroft and shake my head. “We have three kids in the house. You know he got that thing just to play on it, right?”

He chuckles and nods. “Of course he did.”

We sat down while Sherlock, while carrying Mychela, gets the party ready. He was so excited to do this and I was happy that he was happy. The doorbell rings and I get up. “I got it.” I go over to the door and see Mummy and Daddy. I grin and hug them. “Oh mummy and daddy. I’m so happy you are here!” I hug them and they hug back.

“Oh Calliah. We were so worried when you were taken. Mycroft told us to stay home, but we were so worried.” Mummy says and holds me tightly.

“It’s okay mummy. I’m here and I’m safe.” I say softly.

“We missed you so much darling.” Daddy says and pats my arm.

I nod. “Thanks. I missed you guys too.”

They let me go and we go into the house. Mummy and Daddy go over to Sherlock and Mychela. I walk over to Mycroft and smile softly as I sit down. “What is it love?” He asks me and takes my hand.

“I don’t know. I just… I don’t like the attention I’m getting.” I say.

“What do you mean?” He asks.

“Well no one has seen me since before I got taken, and that is what all my conversations will be today. This is Mychela’s day and no one will be focused on her that much.” I say and sigh.

He frowns and wraps an arm around me. “Do you want me to talk to everyone when they get here?”

“No, that will just cause more problems.” I say and sigh. “It will be fine.”

“Are you sure?” He asks. I nod and smile softly. He kisses my head as the doorbell rings. He gets up. “I’ll get it.” He kisses my head again and goes to the door. I look around and smile. Sherlock did do very well on planning the party.

I see Molly walk over to me and smiles. “Hey Mol.”

“Hey Calliah.” She sits down and hugs me. I hug back and close my eyes. I was afraid of what she was going to say about everything. Molly could be very opinionated. “I can’t believe that Mychela is already one. It seems like yesterday when she was born.” I look at her and she smiles.

I smile and nod. “I know. I can’t believe she is one and soon she will be eighteen and leaving me.”

Molly laughs. “Nah, that girl already loves you. She will always be here for you and you will be there for her.”

“Very true.” I say and laugh. We talk for a while and I start to enjoy myself. Molly didn’t mention me being away. I was happy that she didn’t. After a while, she gets up and goes to Sherlock.

Mycroft comes and sits down. I smile at him. “What did you say to her?” I ask.

“Oh nothing my love.” He says and smirks. I roll my eyes and lean into him. He wraps his arm around me and kisses my head. “I just want you and Mychela to have the best day.” I grin and kiss his cheek.

A little later on, Greg and Mrs. Hudson joined the party. Mycroft must have talked to everyone because no one was bring up me being away. John and Mary were standing by the bounce house, watching Sherlock and the girls. I walk over and smile at them. “He is the biggest kid of all.” I say to them.

John laughs. “Of course he is. Why would think anything different?”

The doorbell rings and I look at Mycroft and frown. “Isn’t everyone here?”

“I thought so.” Mycroft says and we go to the door. I open it and see a man with blonde hair and blue eyes. “Hello?”

“Hi, I was told Sherlock Holmes was here.” The man says.

“Who is looking for him?” I ask.

“An old friend.” He says and looks inside.

“Sherlock doesn’t have any old friends.” Mycroft says.

“Victor? Victor Trevor?” I hear behind me. I look around and see Sherlock standing there, paled.

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