Continue of Cuts

This is the continuation of Cuts. Now that Sherlock is at home safe, what will happen to the gang? What new evils will pop up?


1. Chapter 1

Hello all. This is my continuation of Cuts. It is what I think will happen in Season 4, kinda.

I will go back to Cuts when Season 4 comes on air, but till then, I will be posting here.

The idea of Sherlock does not belong to me. I only own Calliah and the ideas.

We get out as the plane lands. Sherlock comes out of the jet and I run to him. I hug him and smile. The plan worked. Mycroft wasn't going to let his little brother go off and die. So he, 'Anthea', and I made a plan.

I walk into Mycroft's office. "How are you going to fix this?" I say as I walk in.

He looks up at me. "Fix what love?"

"You know what I'm talking about. What is the plan?" I ask and sit in a chair and place a hand on my belly.

He sighs. "Calliah. Don't worry." He says.

"Tell me now. That is my brother now too. Tell me." I say.

He sighs and closes his eyes. "We found some footage from Jim Moriarty and we are going to put it on every TV in England." He says and looks at me.

"So you are going to pretend that Jim is back to get Sherlock back?" I ask. He nods. I think for a minute. "Hmm. Good plan. Who is going to play the video? You and I are going to be with Sherlock."

"'Anthea'." Mycroft explains.

I nod. "Okay. What if it doesn't work?"

He frowns. "Then he goes to die." I frown. "I know it isn't the best, but it's all I can do Ardaigh."

I sigh. "I know. Hopefully this will work. It will work."

I hold Sherlock tightly and cry. It worked. It actually worked. Sherlock hugs me and I look up. "Were you crying?" I ask.

"No." Sherlock lies.

"Liar." I say.

"Shut up." He whispers. I grin and hug him tightly again.

"I missed you." I say.

"I was gone for six minutes." He says.

"Six minutes too long." I say. I hear the others come up behind us. Mycroft coughs. "Not done yet."

"Come on flower. We have work to do." Sherlock says.

"No we don't." I instantly said.

"Calliah!" Mycroft says behind me.

I bite my lip and look over at Mycroft. "Was it a surprise?"

"We will all talk about this at the house. Get back in the car." Mycroft says. I look down as I walk back to the car. I get in and everyone else follows me in. Mycroft sits by me and wraps an arm around me. I look up at him.

"Sorry." I say.

"It's okay love. I was going to tell him, just not in the open like that. I could get in a lot of trouble for doing this." Mycroft explains. I nod and rest my head on his shoulder. It was a long way back to the house so I close my eyes and fall asleep.

I wake up to Mycroft carrying me. I look around and see that we were at home. "I can walk." I say softly.

"I know, but you didn't get any sleep last night. It isn't healthy for the baby." He says.

I giggle. Mycroft has become a super dad already. He has read all the books, been to all my appointments, and even went shopping for baby clothes. He has been so supportive, even with my crazy mood swings. I snuggle into him and close my eyes. I was tired.

We go into the house and Mycroft sits me down on the couch. I open my eyes and see Sherlock at my feet. Mycroft sits behind me and I lean against him. I look over and see John helping Mary into her seat. I giggle softly and she looks at me. "Don't laugh. This will be you in a couple of months." She says.

"Oh I know. But at that time, Mycroft won't be letting me get up, so yeah." I say. She laughs and John sits down. We sit an uncomfortable silence for a minute. "Mycroft tell them what we did."

I feel Mycroft move and coughs softly. "Well… If Sherlock had gone away on the mission, he would have died and Calliah didn't want that." I elbow him. "Fine, neither did I. So, with the help of 'Anthea', we sent out the message." Mycroft explains.

"Wait, you, 'Anthea', and Calliah sent out the Moriarty message? How did you get it?" John asks.

"Mycroft found some footage of Jim's 'acting' and used that, adding the text isn't hard, and the voice is actually mine. It is just changed so they can't tell." I explain.

John looks at us and I smile at him. Mary nods in understandment. I look at Sherlock and see that he is looking at Mycroft and me. "Thank you." He says softly.

I grin and move and hug him. "Anything for my little brother." I say.

"I'm older than you." Sherlock says.

"But I married your older brother so…" I say and then stick my tongue out at him.

"Very mature flower." Sherlock says. I roll my eyes and lean back onto Mycroft. He wraps an around me.

"I try." I say. "So what is next? Sherlock needs to defeat 'Jim' so it will seem real. How do we do that?"

"Well, Sherlock, John, and I have some things to talk about." Mycroft says.

I sit up and turn around. "You better change that sentence so I am included." I glare at him.

"Not a chance in the world." Mycroft says.

"Mycroft Holmes! I will be included in this." I say and stand up.

"No." Mycroft says and stands up.

"Yes! This is my family too!" I yell.

"No. I will not lose you or the baby." Mycroft says.

"Gah!" I yell and sit down. I cross my arms.

He sits down and places a hand on my arm. "I just want you safe."

"I agree with him Calliah. I don't want you or Mary out if you don't have to." Sherlock says. I frown and look at John.

"I agree." John says.

I frown and look at Mary. She shrugs. "But I can still run and fight." I try to convince them.

"No. You will stay here Calliah." Mycroft says and get up. I groans. Sherlock and John get up. John kisses Mary and they follow Mycroft.

"Stupid boys." I say and move my feet onto the couch.

"This will be a good thing darling. We need to rest." Mary says.

"No. I don't want to sit here and be bored." I say and groan.

"It will be good for the baby." She says.

"But I'm bored! Maybe I should get a gun and shoot the wall." I say.

"No!" I hear Mycroft yell.

"Not fun!" I call back.

I hear Mary laughing and I look over. "You two are meant for each other." She says.

"Well you and John are meant for each other." I say.

"Now only if Sherlock can find his." Mary says. I grin and pull out my phone. "What are you doing?"

"Calling Sherlock's perfect match." I dial a number. "Hello Molly. Wanna come over?"

I hear the doorbell later and I get up and get it. I open the door and see Molly. "Did you bring the stuff?"

She laughs. "Yes Calliah. I brought it all." She says. I let her in. "Why did you want it all?"

"Cravings and Mary is here. She has cravings too." I tell her and shut the door. I lead her to the living and we sit down.

"Hello Mary. You look nice and pregnant." Molly says and brings out some food. "Who wanted the ice cream?"

"Me. Is there cookies too?" Mary asks. Molly nods and gives Mary the ice cream and cookies.

"And then we have pickles and chocolate?" Molly asks.

"Yes please. Any burgers?" I ask.

She shakes her head in amusement. "Yes." She hands me the jar of pickles, a chocolate bar, and a couple hamburgers. "Are you going to eat that all together?"

"Maybe. I might just but the chocolate on the burgers and be good." I tell her. "Actually that sounds amazing." I put half of the bar on my hamburgers and start eating. "Mmm." I look at the others and see them staring at me. "What?"

"Nothing sweetheart." Molly says and pats my leg.

I shrug and keep eating. The boys come back in. "M-Molly." I hear. I turn around and see Sherlock staring at Molly.

"Sherlock. You're here. Are you three talking about how to fix the Moriarty thing?" Molly asks.

Sherlock doesn't answer, and so John look at them. "No. Mycroft can she know?"

Mycroft sighs. "Okay, but Miss Hooper if you tell anyone what we are about to tell you, you will be hunted down and lost into the world." He says. I roll my eyes.

"My brother created the video and sent it everywhere so I could stay." Sherlock explains.

"Well, that is amazing." Molly says.

Sherlock nods and looks down. "What are you doing here?"

"Calliah asked me over. I brought her and Mary food." Molly explains.

"I wanted chocolate with hamburgers and so I got it." I say and keep eating. Mycroft sits by me. "Want to try?"

"No." Mycroft says. I pout and he sighs. "Fine." He opens his mouth and I feed him a bite. He chews and shallows. He smiles fakely. "Good…"

"Don't lie love." I say.

"Fine, that is gross." Mycroft says. "But as long as you like it."

"I do." I say and keep eating. I look at Sherlock and see that he was still looking down. "I'll be back." I say and start walking towards Sherlock. I grab Sherlock's arm and pull him to a room. We sit down. "Lock?"

He looks at me. "Lock?"

"Yeah. It's your nickname. I'm your flower and you're my Lock." I say.

"What did you want?" Sherlock asks.

"Ask Molly out." I say.

Sherlock stares at me. "No."

I frown. "Why?"

"No. I will not ask Miss Hooper on a date." He says and gets up and leave. I frown and get off. I follow him out. I go by Mycroft and pout. Sherlock was sitting on the couch now. Molly was sitting in one of the chairs, talking to Mary. I look up at Mycroft and frown.

"What is it?" He asks.

"I'll tell you later." I tell him. "Let's have a game night!" Everyone groans. "What?"

"Sherlock, Mary, or Mycroft will win them all." John says.

"No, we'll play a multiply of games. Each one having a different skill needed." I say. I look around. "Please. One night of normality?" I pout at Mycroft.

He sighs. "Fine." I grin and pout at Sherlock. I sit by him and bat my eyes.

"Please Lock…" I beg. He sighs and nods. I grin and bat my eyes at John.

"Don't. I'll play, just get your eyes away from me." He says and laughs.

"Molly? Stay for some games?" I ask.

"I'm game." She says and I hug her.

"I'm in. Something to take my mind off the baby." Mary says.

"Score! I'm picking the first game!" I yell and run down the hall. I come back with a small box. "Cards Against Humanity!" Everyone groans as I chuckle.

We were almost done with the game. I was sitting by Mycroft on the couch, John and Mary were on the love seat, and Sherlock and Molly were each in their own chair. I was winning, with Mycroft behind me with one card. We had two more sets and I was ready. I grin at Mycroft and wink. He rolls his eyes and kisses my head. Sherlock plays the black card down. It read:

In Michael Jackson's final moments, he thought about _.

I grin and slam down a card. Everyone follows and lay down a card. Sherlock picks up the cards and lays them down. They read:

The Kool-Aid Man.

Sunshine and rainbows


Doing the right thing


Sherlock looks at the cards and picks up the Preteen card. I grin and take the black card. I stand up and do a little dance. "I will! Who is the winner? This lady right here!" I yell and feel Mycroft pull me on his lap. "I won." I say.

He chuckles and kisses my nose. "Yes you did."

"On to the next game." Molly says. "Who wants to pick?"

"How about we go around the circle. John can go next." Mycroft suggests.

"Good idea. John?" I asks.

He thinks. "Operation." He says and smirks.

"Oh you are on Watson." I say. He looks at me and playfull glares at me. I glare right back and raise an eyebrow. He does the same.

"Okay. Okay. Calm down ladies." Mycroft says.

I giggle and hold out my hand. "Good luck, Doctor Watson."

"Good luck, Doctor Holmes." John says.

We get the bored set up and start playing. After an hour, it was down to me, John, and Molly. We each had 600 and Mycroft, Mary, and Sherlock had none. Everyone was trying to get the Bread Basket. It was John's turn. Molly and I sit in anticipation. He wipes his brow and starts to go for it. I grab Mycroft's hand and squeeze. I watch and see John take it out. Molly and I groan. "No!" I glare at him.

"Oh what was that? Did I win? Or as Calliah would do." John says and gets up. She starts mimicking my dance. "I win! Who is the winner? This man right here!" He yells. I crack up laughing. He sits down and holds a hand out to me. "Good game girls." I shake his hand and he shakes Molly's.

"Okay, Mary. Your turn." I say.

She thinks. "Risk."

John and I groan. We look at each other. "We are going to die." I say. He nods. "Okay for teams…"

It ended up with Mycroft, Sherlock, and myself on a team, and Molly, John, and Mary on the other team. The Holmes brothers kept arguing that we lost… badly. I glare at Sherlock and Mycroft as the other three are mocking me again. "I hate you all." I say.

"No you don't dear." Mary says and hugs me.

I smile and hug back. "No… I guess I don't." I look to Sherlock. "What game?"

"Scrabble." Sherlock says right away.

We get it started and end up stopping. Mycroft and Sherlock were arguing… again. They kept making John look up words, each brother accusing the other brother made up the word. When we started back up, they were trying to create the weirdest words on the board. While they were doing that, Molly came up and won the game. She sits there smirking. Sherlock and Mycroft look at her. "Ho-Wha-How?" Sherlock asks.

"Well, you two were trying to get the weirdest words or longest, I would find where the special spots were at and get major points there. You guys just wanted to top each other, you ignored the simple minds." She says and stands up. "I need to get home before dark."

"Stay. We can make a big sleepover." I say. "Please. Soon Mary and I won't be able to do this. We will have babies."

"Please Molly." Mary begs and pouts. I pout too.

I see her start to smile. "Fine!" she says and sits down. I clap and grin.

"Molly what game?" I ask.

"Trivial Pursuit." She says after a second of thinking. We get the game out and start playing. Mycroft was winning in the geography section, I were amazing in Entertainment, Molly was good in History, Molly was good in literature, Sherlock was good in Science and Nature, and John was ruling Sports. We were all tired and trying to win. After three hours, Molly finally won. I was half-asleep as was Mary. I yawn and Mycroft looks at me.

"Time for bed." He says.

"What no… You never picked a game." I say.

"We will do this again. The pregnant women are tired." He says. I look over at Mary and see that she was asleep.

"John can you carry her?" I ask.

"Of course." John says. "Where is our room?"

"Down the hall, first door on the right. Molly, first down on the left, and Sherlock next door to John and Mary." Mycroft says. He picks me up and I giggle. I wrap my arms around his neck and look at everyone.

"Night. See you in the morning." I say as Mycroft takes me out. We get to our room and he sets me down. "That was fun. We need to do this more often." I get up and get in my pajamas. I get into bed and move to my side.

Mycroft gets in after a minute. "We shall love."

"We should talk about baby names." I say softly.

"Sure love." He says and lays down. I move to lay my head on him. He wraps an arm around me and kisses my head. "Boy names."

"Sherlock has to be the middle name." I say.

He groans. "Really?"

"Yes Mycroft. I love your brother. Maybe Hamish Sherlock Holmes?" I offer up.

He sighs. "John Sherlock Holmes?"

"I like Hamish more." I say and look up at him.

He nods. "Okay. Hamish Sherlock Holmes."

I grin and kiss him softly. "So I was looking at unique names and came upon the name Mychela." I say.

He looks at me. "I love that name."

"I thought you would. So Mychela for the first name for a girl. Middle name?" I ask.

"I want it to be an Irish middle name." He says.

"Okay." I move to my side table and get out the baby book. "What about Aideen? It means little fire."

He thinks. "Mychela Aideen? No."

"What about Ailey. It means light."

"Mychela Ailey. Maybe." He says.

"Allyn." I say. "It means beautiful."

He smiles. "Yes. Mychela Allyn."

I grin and put the book away. "Hamish Sherlock or Mychela Allyn. Our baby."

"Our baby." He says and places a hand on my belly.

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