Moony, Padfoot, and Prongslet

Harry being raised by Remus and Sirius after he lives at the Dursleys for 3 years. (Not a Sirius and Remus slash.)


9. Chapter 9

Disclaimer- I still haven't found out how to make HP mine, soooooo, I guess it still belongs to JK Rowling.

Harry tried to remember the way back to the old professor's office, but he was too exhausted. He got as far as two turns and a corridor before he fell asleep on Snape's shoulder. 

Snape noticed that Harry had fallen asleep and did nothing about it except shift him slightly so he would be more comfortable. Not for the first time, Snape was glad it was summer. If any student would have seen this, his reputation would be forever ruined.

They arrived at the entrance to the headmaster's office quickly, Severus not realizing that they were there already. He had a quick internal debate on whether to wake Harry up or not and decided to let the werewolf and mutt deal with it. 

He raised his hand to knock but an 'enter' was called out before his knuckles hit the door. How in the..? Never mind. He shifted Harry again and opened the door, putting on his usual scowl.

Sirius and Remus were sitting in the chairs across from Dumbledore, recalling their conversation. 

****During Harry and 'Minnie's' conversation****

The door shut behind the Transfiguration professor with a quiet snap. Sirius and Remus turned towards Dumbledore. Remus opened his mouth to speak, but the words seemed to get lost on their way up. 

"Yes, Mr. Lupin?" Dumbledore asked, sensing that Remus was having trouble. 

Remus looked up into Dumbledore's eyes and saw the normal twinkle. He found his voice, reassured by Dumbledore, but was so rudely interrupted by Sirius.

"Harry can talk to animals." Sirius said bluntly, looking curious and confused. 

If possible, Dumbledore's eyes sparkled brighter. "That's curious. Very curious. Do you have any idea why this would be possible?"

"No, but he hasn't shown any other signs of anything else." Remus answered, finally having the chance to speak. 

Dumbledore sat back in his chair, looking deep in thought.

"I will ask him when he returns. Now, how is he doing?" They continued their conversation until Severus Snape came in, opening his mouth to speak which quickly turned into confusion at the sight of the two men.

"Ahh, Severus, we were just discussing young Harry-" Dumbledore started.

"What about him?" Severus interrupted sharply, worried about the boy. 

"Young Harry is able to talk to animals," Severus raised an eyebrow but didn't comment. "We were discussing any other abilities that he may have."

Severus sat down in the remaining chair, looking amused. "He can speak to animals now?" He smirked, showing that he knew more than he was saying. 

"What do you know Snive-" Remus coughed, "Snape?" Sirius said sharply. 

Severus' smirk deepened. "Just that your dear godson can tell emotions."

Black about fell out of his chair and Lupin sat forward. Dumbledore watched amused, yet interested.

"Wh-what?" Sirius spluttered, breaking the shocked silence.

"Your godson, Harry, can tell how you are feeling." Snape said as if he was explaining this to a toddler. Sirius blushed but recovered quickly. 

"How do you know. Why would Harry've told you?" He asked harshly, earning a glare along with a reprimand from Remus.

"Pads, you know full well how Harry feels about Severus." Sirius started mumbling under his breath about 'bloody godson-stealing death eaters.'

Dumbledore ignored the exchange and turned to his Potions Master. "Why don't you gather Harry from Minerva while I talk to them." 

Severus nodded and made his way down to the Head of Gryffindor's office, leaving Remus, Sirius, and Professor Dumbledore to continue their conversation.

***End flashback***

Snape was greeted by a shocked, jealous look from Black and a surprised look from Lupin. Dumbledore still had that damned sparkle in his eyes and smiled knowingly.

Snape stepped inside the door and it closed behind him. He remained standing, ignoring the chair offered. 

"He fell asleep on the way up here," Severus explained, "after he talked my ear off." He muttered. 

Remus snorted, his werewolf hearing had picked that up. Sirius glanced at him, confused for a second, then turned to the headmaster. 

"Should we wake him up or come back another time?" Sirius asked Dumbledore.

"There is no need to wake him. I suggest you let him sleep and talk to him later," Professor Dumbledore replied, casually dismissing them. 

They nodded and Remus stood to take Harry from Snape; who easily gave him Harry, careful not to wake the sleeping boy. Remus held Harry on his hip, his head resting on Remus' shoulder. 

Remus walked over and nudged Sirius, silently telling him to get up. They nodded goodbye and disappeared in a swirl of green flames.


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