Moony, Padfoot, and Prongslet

Harry being raised by Remus and Sirius after he lives at the Dursleys for 3 years. (Not a Sirius and Remus slash.)


7. Chapter 7

Disclaimer- I still don't own Harry Potter. 

It took Harry a good ten minutes to recover from the shock. His eyes never left the large pile of presents during that time. Harry's mouth open and shut, but no sound came out. He swallowed, trying to think of what to say. Sirius was standing behind him, becoming anxious. Is it too much? Not enough? Harry spoke, interrupting his thoughts. 

"Awre fese fowr me?" He asked quietly, looking up to his guardians. Remus nodded, seeing that Sirius was preoccupied. 

"Of course," he said, gently pushing Harry towards one. He sat down in front of it, unsure of how to proceed. He slowly opened the paper, not ripping it. He could feel Sirius' excitement and irritation and began to go faster. It was a book called The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Harry jumped up and ran to the two men, hugging them hard around the knees. They laughed, hearing his repeated muttered thanks. 

"You're not done yet, Harry." Sirius pointed out, eying the other presents. Harry's eyes widened spectacularly, then he raced back to his spot. Soon he had a whole collection of books, various games, and mounds of candies; mainly chocolate. Harry noticed that he was only halfway done. 

Remus was holding a camera that had gone unnoticed by Harry and Sirius. He felt that they needed to make up for lost time. He chuckled quietly to himself, seeing that he had already filled a roll. Luckily that was one of many. 

Harry's day got better and better with each present he opened. When he had hugged his guardians for the tenth time, they told him to wait until he was finished and Harry could hug them all he wanted to. 

Harry opened the rest of his presents with delight. He wasn't the least bit disappointed when he opened the last present. Harry was now the proud owner of about thirty books, fifteen board games, too-many-to-count toys, and enough chocolate to last him a month. 

Harry barreled towards Sirius and Remus, knocking them over in a tight embrace. The older men laughed and returned the hug with as much force as they could while not hurting Harry. 

Harry stood up after their hug and walked back to his presents. He tried some of his chocolate, and moaned at the taste. He then decided that he, Harry Potter, was in love with chocolate. He finished his piece then looked closed at his books. He noticed with joy that there was a storybook with non-magic fairytales too. He was about to look through his new toys when an owl tapped on the window. 

Remus stood and let the owl in. It was beautiful to Harry; it had white feathers with black and brown spots. It also had intelligent, bright blue eyes. To Harry's surprise it flew to him. The owl landed on the floor in front of him and stuck out its leg. Harry saw the letter and untied it with shaky hands. 

"It's fowr me," he stated quietly. He opened the letter, reading quickly.


     Happy Birthday, Harry. The owl is yours. Name her as you wish.



Harry couldn't contain his excitement. He dropped the letter and jumped with joy. He didn't notice Remus pick up the letter and smile, not letting Sirius read it. Harry stopped jumping when he heard Remus chuckle. He giggled too. 

Remus was holding Harry's letter above his head, out of Sirius' reach. Sirius was jumping for it, fingers grazing each turn. 

"Mo-ony! Let me see it!" Sirius yelled, still reaching for it. 

"What do you say Harry? Do you want to tell him or let him struggle?" Remus asked, still laughing.

""Siwi, Siwi, Siwi! Sev'wus gave me an owl! Isn't she pwetty?" Harry exclaimed, rushing over to his owl. She flapped her wings, warning Harry to slow down. 

"Sorry," he apologized, moving slower. He ran his hand through her soft feathers when he got close enough. "What's your name?" He asked, not expecting an answer. 

'I don't have one,' she replied, shocking Harry. He was silent for a minute, processing this.

"You can talk?" he asked, a bit confused.

She rolled her eyes and ruffled her feathers importantly. 'Of course I can talk. What's strange is that you can understand me.'

"I agree with you there," Harry told her, then looked at her eyes. "How do you feel about 'Ice'?" He asked abruptly.

She looked at Harry strangely, then answered, 'As in frozen water? It's great, although-' 

Harry cut her off. "I meant as a name. How do you feel about being called 'Ice'?" 

If it was possible for an owl to look thoughtful, she did. 'I like it. Why did you choose it, may I ask?'

"Your eyes," he replied. 

Harry had completely forgotten that he wasn't alone. Remus and Sirius were watching him, completely bewildered by the change of events. Sirius managed to look at Remus who was, he was pleased to see, was just as confused as he was. They watched Harry stiffen, as if just remembering their presence.

Harry turned around fearfully, keeping his head and eyes down. He knew they were shocked and confused, as was he. He didn't want to see the disappointment and disgust in their eyes. Harry wondered if he would be punished or sent back. 

Remus stepped forward and knelt down before Harry. "How long have you been able to do this?" He asked calmly, giving Harry a reassuring smile. 

Harry looked into Remus' eyes, immediately comforted by the soft, golden color. "I've never done it before," (AN- I'm going to stop with the weird baby talk. I'm terrible at it. Imagine if you want to.) He said to Remus, keeping eye contact so he wouldn't have to see Sirius' reaction. 

Remus exchanged a look with Sirius, who understood and nodded. "Harry, would it bother you if we went to Hogwarts? I think Professor Dumbledore would like to know about this." Harry nodded. He had all he could ask for today, he didn't need anything else.

Sirius walked towards Harry and scooped him up. Neither talked until Remus spoke. "Harry, we're going to floo this time. It won't hurt, just hold your breath," Harry sucked in and Remus laughed, "Not yet. I'll go first." Harry watched as Remus turned the fire green and stepped in. He shouted, "Dumbledore's Office!" and disappeared from sight.

Harry became frantic and struggled in Sirius' arms. "Is he okay?! Where's Remus?!" 

Sirius tightened his hold and calmly replied, "Remus is fine. That is what's supposed to happen. He's in Dumbledore's Office. Our turn. Just hold your breath and don't let go of me."

They whisked away to Hogwarts in a swirl of green fire.


AN - I'm sorry that this is really short. I'm glad to get comments (Yay!!). Woot Woot!! 

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