Moony, Padfoot, and Prongslet

Harry being raised by Remus and Sirius after he lives at the Dursleys for 3 years. (Not a Sirius and Remus slash.)


6. Chapter 6

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Harry was exhausted. It felt like he had spent most of the day crying. He ducked his head and blushed hard. Neither Remus nor Sirius had noticed. Feeling more comfortable with his guardians, he laid his head on Sirius' shoulder. Sirius shifted, so Harry lifted his head up, only to have it pushed down again by Sirius. 

"Not so fast, kiddo. I'm just making it more comfortable for you," Sirius told him. 

Before Harry knew it, he was being shaken by Sirius. They had made it to Hogsmeade. "Harry, were going to apparate." Harry nodded, holding on to Sirius tighter. 

With a quiet 'pop', the trio found themselves at their house. Harry laid his head back down as they walked through the wards. 

Remus noticed and said to Harry, "Why don't we eat, and then you can sleep?" Harry nodded quickly, that sounded amazing to him. Remus quickly buried himself in the kitchen. Within ten minutes, lunch was served. Harry tried his hardest not to fall asleep at the table, but failed spectacularly.

"You know what, Moony?" 

"What, Pads?"

"I believe this has become a routine." Sirius said, amused.

"And I believe you're right," he said, "for once." He added under his breath; but, being a dog animagus, Sirius heard him. Before he knew it, he was on the ground, with Sirius on top of him. Remus knew what was coming, he tried to get away, but Sirius wasn't letting him go that easily. He found himself being tickled mercilessly. The Marauderers' had found out in second year that Remus was especially ticklish. That was something he had hoped would stay hidden. He was soon laughing loud, against his will.

Harry woke up to the sound of laughter. He brought his head up off of the table, realizing he had fallen asleep. He looked around and spotted Sirius and Remus on the floor. He giggled, noticed why Remus was laughing. He also noticed that it was nice not being the one tickled. Harry hopped off of his chair and walked closer to them quietly, something he learned to do at the Dursley's. He giggled louder, causing Sirius to finally take notice of him. He stopped tickling Remus.

Remus took advantage of that and tackled Sirius. Sirius gave an undignified, girlish squeal as he hit the ground. Sirius had something in common with Remus; they were equally ticklish. Now Sirius' laughter reverberated around the kitchen, joined by Harry's giggles. Remus' werewolf strength helped him tickle harder and keep Sirius from escaping. 

After ten more minutes, Sirius surrendered. "Fine, Remus. You win," he said, panting heavily. 

"And?" Remus prompted. 

Sirius shot him a glare, knowing he would have to say this, or be tickled senseless again. "And you're the bestest, most amazing man in the house. I will never win against you." He said, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

Remus ignored the sarcasm and picked Harry up. He nodded approvingly, and turned to Harry, "You hear that, Harry? We're winners. We beat Padfoot." Harry grinned, then it disappeared. He turned to Sirius, making sure they hadn't hurt his feelings. Harry felt that Sirius was joking around, and not upset, just amused. Harry smiled at him, which made Sirius turn to Harry. Harry squirmed and Remus put him down, now feeling a mischievous vibe from Sirius.

"Hey Remus, guess who hasn't had a turn?" Harry took this as a sign and ran. He made it to the stairs before either man had moved. Harry was in his room, ready to duck under the bed when strong hands grabbed his torso, and set him on the bed. 

"You're not getting away that easily," said Sirius, before tickling Harry. Remus came in and helped Sirius, giving Harry no mercy. His laughter filled the house, one of the best noises in the world in their opinion. 

They stopped when Harry turned an alarming shade of red. Everyone was panting, especially Harry. He shot both men glares that rivaled those of Severus Snape. I wouldn't be surprised if the bat was giving him lessons, Sirius thought. His eyes drooped shut, showing his exhaustion. Remus transfigured Harry's clothes into pajamas. 

Harry was almost asleep when he mumbled, "'Night, Siwi. 'Night Wemy."

"Goodnight, Harry." They said simultaneously, taking turns kissing his hair. 

The remaining Marauderers made there way downstairs, passing a calendar on the wall.

"SHIT!" Remus exclaimed, face pale. 

"What?!" Sirius asked, worried. Remus rarely swore, and Sirius saw his pale face. 

Remus turned to him, "Tomorrow's the 31st! We forgot Harry's birthday!" 

Sirius paled dramatically. "No, no no no no no. What are we gonna do? I was going to spoil him rotten and we have a few hours before he wakes up!" He began hyperventilating, nearly having a panic attack. 

"Calm down," Remus said, attempting to calm himself also. "We just have to go somewhere before Harry wakes."

Sirius nodded. "I'll go first, that is if you'll want to get something yourself." Remus nodded, agreeing. 

"Go now, before Harry wakes. Merlin knows how much we can get in so little time." Sirius nodded and sprinted out the door. It wasn't long before Remus felt him leave the wards and heard him apparate. He decided to rest before it was his turn to go. Sleep evaded Remus, so he settled on resting his eyes and calming himself. 

It was hours later before Sirius returned, running inside. "Go, Remus!! The stores will be closing soon!!" That was all the motive he needed to bolt out the door. Remus made it to a bookstore that was - thank Merlin - still open. He found some bedtime books along with a few larger ones that he was sure Harry would love.

He went next to a toy store across the street. He found several stuffed animals and some board games. He was practically frantic, What would a soon-to-be five year old like?? Then again, Harry isn't like other kids his age. What does he like? Aha! He walked out of view and apparated to Diagon Alley. He found a Wizards Chess set for Harry (to have his own pieces) along with some chocolate (some for himself too). He shrank all the bags and put them in his pocket.

Remus apparated back to the house, running at full speed. He went inside, quietly shutting the door behind him. He made it to the den, taking bags out of his pocket as he went. Resizing them, he carefully took the gifts out of the bag. He used a spell to wrap the gifts, Thank Merlin for magic. Remus set off to find Sirius, looking in each room as he passed. He found him upstairs, watching Harry sleep. 

Hearing Remus come beside him, he asked without turning, "You have everything finished?" 

"Yeah, did you wrap yours?" Sirius nodded, still looking at Harry. Remus looked to him, "Get some sleep, Pads. It might be a busy day tomorrow," Remus looked at his watch, "Er, or later today." Sirius barked out a laugh, finally turning him. 

"Good night, Moony." 

"Good night, Padfoot." 


Harry woke slowly, having felt the bed dip. He tightened his hold on the MM (Mini Marauderers) and burning his face in their fur. It seemed that Sirius was amused, feeling the laughter in the atmosphere. 

"Come on, Harry, it's a special day." Sirius said, nearly laughing at Harry, with his face buried in his animals and all. 

Harry's eyes shot open, special day? He sat up and looked at Sirius, "Special day?" He asked, confused.

"Yep," said Sirius, now joined by Remus, "Happy Birthday, Harry!" Harry's excitement deflated a bit, then he froze. Why is today special, then? It's just my birthday. He shook his head. clearing his thoughts. 

He looked up at them, confused. "Birfday? Fweaks don't get birfdays." He stated, saying what he had heard his whole life. 

Remus and Sirius looked at each other, then Harry, in horror. "Don't say that, Harry!" Sirius yelled, scaring Harry. "Sorry," Sirius said quickly, gathering Harry in his arms, "You're NOT a freak, they should never have called you that. Those," Remus coughed, but Sirius ignored him, "bastards are going to pay for what they did to you. No child, especially not you, should have gone through that. You are way better than them Harry. Believe me." Harry nodded, glad the silver eyed man was done ranting. He could feel the man's anger rising towards the end and tried not to cringe away from him; but he couldn't stop himself from tensing, though. 

Sirius took a few minutes to calm down while Remus stood by the door. He hadn't missed Harry's reaction to Sirius' speech. He thought sadly of how Harry must have felt on his previous birthdays. 

Shaking his head of those thoughts, Remus came forward and pulled Harry out of Sirius' grasp. Remus sat on the bed with Harry on his lap. Harry put his face in Remus' shirt, breathing deeply. Remus sat his chin on Harry's head, giving him time to calm down. He could feel Sirius beside him, shaking with anger. Remus put a hand on his arm, reminding Sirius that he wasn't alone. Sirius seemed to calm under the touch, and shook his head. Remus lifted his chin, and looked down to Harry.

Harry breathed in Remus' scent. It gave off a woodsy smell and old papers, like books. Harry felt pressure on the top of his head; it didn't hurt, it was actually comforting. Harry stayed like that until Remus moved, putting Harry on the bed. Harry looked up at Remus, confused. Sirius still sat with his back to him. Remus leaned close to Harry, and breathed in his ear, "Harry, on three." Harry racked his brain, unsure of what Remus meant; then it hit him. He grinned at Remus, who picked him up and set him on the other side of the dark haired man.

Remus kept his eyes locked with Harry's. He mouthed one, two, three. With that last word, they launched themselves at Sirius. 

Sirius sat, deep in thought. He hadn't noticed that Harry was removed from his lap. The next thing he knew, there were two people tackling him. He found himself on his back, tickled non-stop. Sirius' laugh sounded throughout the room, almost sounding like a dog barking. 

"Stop," he said breathlessly, "Stop. You win." 

Remus turned to Harry, "What do you think, Birthday Boy? It's your call," Harry pretended to look thoughtful, which looked ridiculous on his face. He stared at Sirius, "Pwomise not to be sad?" 

"I pwomise," he said, copying the way Harry said it. 

Harry just looked at him, then Remus. "I take it back," he pointed to Sirius, "Mowre." Remus grinned and obliged. 

"Traitor!" Sirius yelled, squirming away. "Harry's the Birthday Boy, shouldn't he get something?" 

Remus stopped, looking at Harry. "You're right," then he turned to Harry. "Run."

Harry ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. He made it to the kitchen, frantically looking for somewhere to hide. Hearing footsteps, he dived under the table. 

"Hmm, I wonder where little Harry went to," said Sirius, scanning the room. He heard deep breaths, due to his animagus' ability, and saw a foot poking out from under the table. He walked closer, pretending to not notice him. 

Harry found himself held up by his feet, all the blood running to his face. "Wemus! Help me!" Harry called, flailing his arms. Remus appeared immediately. Seeing the predicament, he sighed. 

"Since it's your birthday, would you not like to be tickled?" Harry nodded fervently, still flailing. "Alright," he turned to Sirius, "Put Harry down." He did, "Good boy." He growled. 

Harry giggled, then heard his stomach rumble. He turned red, looking down, he muttered, "Cut it out," another growl, "Stop." Harry looked up and saw both men looking at him, amused. He blushed darker, looking down again. Remus picked him up and deposited him in the chair, "Soo, what's for breakfast?" Harry looked up, confused. "What do you want for breakfast?" Remus clarified. 

Harry froze, still not used to all this. He bit his lip, "Bacon?" He asked, more of a question than an answer. 

Remus nodded, "Okay. And?" he prompted. Harry racked his brain for something that he had made for the Dursley's one time. "Fwench toast?" 

"Alrighty then. French toast and bacon it is!" Remus smiled and began preparing breakfast. Sirius bent down to him, "Good choice, kid. Remus makes the best French toast there is."

Remus flushed slightly at the compliment while Harry grinned. Sirius got out the pumpkin juice. Harry got up to help, but found a hand on his shoulder. "Oh no you don't. We do everything today," Harry sat back down, slightly bored. 

Within minutes, the food was on the table and they were digging in. Harry found that Sirius was right, Remus did make the best French toast ever. At that moment, Sirius chose to ask him that, "What did I tell you? Moony can make anything taste great," Harry nodded, swallowing.

"It's da best Wemus. Fanks," he managed to say, after clearing his throat. Remus grinned at him, "You're welcome, Harry. And thank you," 

"Welcome, Wemus." He replied. His plate was empty but he didn't dare go for seconds. 

Sirius saw his empty plate and laughed, looking at Harry, "Prongslet, you're not getting away that easy. Today, you eat until you burst. You are way too skinny for your own good," with each word, he poked Harry's stomach. By the end of Sirius' speech, he was on the ground, giggling. Sirius let him up, loading his plate with food. Harry found that bacon was better than he ever imagined, as was French toast.

By the time everybody finished, Harry had eaten 4 slices of French toast and 8 pieces of bacon. He was ready to burst, trying not to fall over. 

"Come on, Prongslet, into the den," said Sirius, gently guiding Harry forward. 

Harry was curious as to why he was going to the den. He sensed that his guardians were excited, but for what reason, he wasn't sure. They entered the den; and Harry froze at the sight that met his eyes, causing the men following Harry to bump into him.

Harry gasped, No, those can't be... Are they?

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