Moony, Padfoot, and Prongslet

Harry being raised by Remus and Sirius after he lives at the Dursleys for 3 years. (Not a Sirius and Remus slash.)


5. Chapter 5

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Remus and Sirius tried not to laugh as Harry fell asleep at the table. He was carried upstairs, dressed, and put into bed by Remus. Sirius came in and kissed his forehead, as did Remus. They smiled when they saw him reach for Prongs, who had fell on the floor this morning. Prongs, I wish you could be here for Harry, but is it bad that I I don't want to let him go?

They left the room and headed to the den, Remus took a book and Sirius plopped dramatically on the couch. Remus eyed him, amused. Sirius just chucked a book at him, which Remus dodged. 

Fifteen minutes later, Sirius broke the silence, "What are we going to do tomorrow?" Remus jumped, startled. 

"I wanted to go to Hogwarts. There are some things I want to talk with Dumbledore about." Remus replied.

"Such as...?" prompted Sirius. 

"Harry. He's four. He shouldn't be able to read, nor be able to understand it. Also," Remus cleared his throat." He remembers that night." Sirius flinched at the reminder, but nodded. 

"I want to be there to. What about Harry? He could always go to Minnie." 

"No, I think I know who Harry would rather see more," Remus grinned. Sirius knew that grin. It was what got him into the Marauderers. 

"What are you thinking? 'Cause I know that look." 

"I believe our dear Harry made a friend last time." 

Sirius shook his head, "Nononononono! He is NOT going to see the snake. Nope, no way in Hell." Remus just grinned, knowing who Harry would want to see.


Harry had a nightmare again. He lay there, panting with tears falling down his cheeks. He knew Remus and Sirius wouldn't take him back, but he couldn't help but worry. He sat up in his bed hugging his knees. He looked over to the clock, 3:27. Greeeaaat, three hours to think about that. Harry noticed Prongs and immediately grabbed him. He felt better, but not by much. He looked around the room. 

Moony! Padfoot! If I can't have Remus or Sirius, I'll have the next best thing. Harry got up and grabbed them. Soon he had a three of them in his arms. He felt better already, but he knew that he wasn't going to go back to sleep. Harry spent that time remembering yesterday and wondering what today would bring.


Remus sent Sirius to wake Harry up while he made breakfast. Sirius went to Harry's room and opened the door. He froze when he saw Harry, tear-stained cheeks and glazed eyes. Sirius shook himself and ran to Harry and scooped him up into his arms. 

Harry didn't see Sirius come in so he was startled when someone grabbed him. Suddenly he was being comforted, although he still had his hold on Prongs, Moony, and Padfoot. 

Sirius held Harry close as he went over his thoughts, Harry didn't scream or yell, did he? Surely he would have came to one of us if he had a bad dream. Wouldn't he? He snapped out of his thoughts and looked at Harry.

"Are you alright?" Harry nodded, "Bad dream?" Another nod, "Then why didn't you wake one of us up?" Harry looked up, shocked.

"Wa-ake yo-ou u-up?" Harry stuttered, confused. What would happen if he woke up his Uncle? Oh, that's right. I was locked in a cupboard, he thought sarcastically. Sirius just smiled at him.

"Of course. If you have a bad dream, get scared, or just can't sleep, you can ALWAYS wake one of us up. Remus won't mind either." 

"He won't?" Harry asked, bewildered. 

"Of course he won't. Are you alright now?" 

Harry nodded, then smiled, "Moony and Padfoot and Pwongs made me feewl better." Sirius looked down at the animals in Harry's small arms. He tried not to laugh as he noticed that Harry's arms barely held them, but he felt happy that the stuffed animals of him and his friends had helped Harry. "How about a bath, then breakfast?" Harry looked wary at the mention of a bath, but nodded. He liked the feeling of the bath, but the bad memories always resurfaced at the mention of, or in, the bath.

Sirius got up so Harry put his animals on the bed. He had decided to call them the MM, the Mini Marauderers, since they were named after the real thing. He smiled at them and made his way to the bathroom behind Sirius. He was already running the water when Harry came in. Harry walked in to the bath, looking in. This time, Sirius had put in a bunch of bubbles; Harry grinned. 

Soon he had all his clothes off and sitting in the bubbles. He began to make shapes with the bubbles, smiling broadly. Sirius smiled at how well Harry was doing.

He got the shampoo then looked at a Harry, "Eyes shut," Harry squeezed his eyes shut as tight as they would go. Sirius smirked as he rubbed the soap into Harry's hair.

Harry thought that that feeling was one of the best in the world. Ahh. Right there. Yesss. (AN- imagine a dog getting scratched behind his ears. The leg bouncing. Yes, that. Lol.) Sirius rinsed the shampoo, then began on the conditioner. 

It was over quickly. Sirius grabbed a towel and picked Harry out of the tub, and took Harry to his room. Harry was put in front of his dresser. Sirius opened the drawer and let him have his pick.

Today's decision: green or red. Harry picked green. He had always liked green (besides that light in his dream), it was his favorite color. He now had a lot red and gold, but he still liked green.

Harry was in the middle of eating breakfast when Remus began speaking, "Harry, would you mind coming to Hogwarts today? Sirius and I need to talk to Professor Dumbledore." Harry nodded, he wanted to see the big castle again. 


After apparating to Hogsmeade, they made the trip to the castle. Despite his protests, Harry was put on Sirius' shoulders. He was happy he was put on Sirius' shoulders in the end, he was tall and the view was great. 

Once they reached the castle, both men stopped. Remus turned to look Harry in the eyes, "Harry, we have to go to Albus' office now. You won't be coming with us," Harry was hurt, then confused as he tried to work it out. He looked at Remus helplessly. He sighed, there was no resisting those eyes. Curse those eyes, I'll never win against him. He sighed and began walking "Fine. You will be going to visit a professor," Remus began dropping hints while Sirius tried not to laugh. "You've met him," They were just coming to the beginning of the dungeons. "And you're about to see him." He knocked on the door to the Potions classroom. 

The door opened and Harry saw who it was. "Sev'wus!" He shouted happily and he tried to get down from Sirius' shoulders. Sirius reached up and put him down. He hugged Sirius and Remus around the legs and raced over to the Potions master. 

Snape was proud at the look he had gotten from Harry. Sure, he wasn't sure why he had gotten such a reaction, but it was appreciated nonetheless. It wasn't often (or ever) that somebody was happy to see him. He also noticed his choice of shirt color. He tried to hide his grin but a small smile made its way through his mask. Harry now ran over to him and hugged his legs, much like he had the other men. 

They assured Harry that they would be back. He waved to them as he watched them leave. He was sad that they were going but he was getting to see Severus. This brightened him up. He turned and looked at Severus unsure of what to do. The said man turned to him, and smiled. 

Severus decided he could let his mask down in front of Harry, since he knew how Harry felt. That, and he didn't want to terrify the boy. He opened the door to the classroom and gave Harry a look that told him to go in. 

Harry walked in the room and looked around. It was fascinating some of the things that were in jars. He walked closer to one to see what it was; it moved, making him jump backwards. He bumped into Severus, who had been standing behind him. Harry saw Severus reached towards him, he stiffened and righted himself. Severus wouldn't hurt me. Right? Harry braced himself, just in case. 

Snape smirked as he watched Harry look at his potion supplies. Harry had walked closer to see them, Severus right behind him. Harry jumped and backed into him. Severus reached down to help Harry, but stopped when Harry stiffened. He pulled back, watching Harry closely. Harry was tense and had a blank mask, much like Severus', on his face. 

Severus sighed and got down in front of Harry, "It's alright, Harry. No one shall ever hurt you again, understood?" Harry scrutinized Severus, seeing if he was lying. He didn't have a bad feeling, just a caring one. 

Harry looked down, embarrassed, "Yes, sir." He mumbled.  

Severus sighed, "Harry, look at me."

Harry looked up, not meeting Severus' eyes. "Harry," he said again, putting some force into his voice. Harry looked into his eyes, startled. "Stop this nonsense. No one, and I repeat, NO ONE, will ever hurt you again," he saw disbelief in Harry's eyes and resumed speaking. "Do you trust Black, Lupin, and me?" Harry looked confused at the names. "Sirius and Remus," he amended. Harry nodded quickly, he trusted them more than anybody. "Then believe me," he almost pleaded, surprising himself. Severus knew what it was like to live in fear, he didn't wish it upon anyone else.

Harry nodded, then ran at Severus and hugged him hard around the middle. He buried his face in Severus' cloak. Severus got over the shock of being hugged, again, and hugged Harry back. 

They separated after a few minutes. Harry felt better and thought he could even see a smile on the Potions Master's face.

"What would you like to do?" Severus asked suddenly. Harry froze, unused to sharing his opinion. This was all new territory to him. He thawed, and turned around to observe the room again. Nothing captured his eye, then he saw a cauldron. Curious, he stepped toward it for a better look. He hesitated, remembering that Severus was there. He looked up shyly, and saw him nod, encouraging him forward. 

Harry walked up to the cauldron. He couldn't see since he was smaller than the average 4 year old. He managed to scramble onto the stool, with Severus smirking behind him. He bent over the cauldron and looked in. The potion was a bubbling, opal in color. Harry breathed in and gagged. He leaned back, causing him to lose balance on the stool and fall. He didn't have time to react when a pair of strong arms caught him.

He burrowed his head into Severus' shoulder, frightened by the sudden fall. He felt calming circles being rubbed on his back. His heart was thumping erratically. He relaxed in Severus' arms, repeatedly mumbling his thanks into the black cloak. He finally calmed down enough to pull back and look up. 

Severus watched as Harry looked at the potion. He seemed awed, which caused pride to bloom in his chest, then snorted when he saw Harry's nose wrinkle. He sat back quickly and Severus watched in horror as he began to fall. He didn't even think or hesitate to catch Harry. The poor boy was shaking in his arms. He didn't realize that he had begun to comfort Harry. It seemed like a while before Harry pulled back and looked up to him. 

"Thank you," he said clearly, no longer mumbling into his cloak. Severus just nodded, unsure of what else he should do. Harry squirmed a bit so Severus put him down. He wasn't sure what to do next. What in the world do children like to do? All of a sudden, he had a thought.

"Harry," he hesitated, "come with me." He turned around quickly, cape billowing behind him. Harry followed, wondering how he did it. I'll do it someday, he thought firmly. 

Harry followed Severus to his office, stopping just inside the door. He looked around, curious. There were more potion ingredients and supplies on the shelves. 

Severus bent over behind his desk and rifled through the drawers. He stood up, having found what he was looking for. His eyes went to Harry, who was still standing in the doorway. Severus cleared his throat, which caught Harry's attention. Harry's head snapped around, looking at him now. 

"Come," he ordered. He sat down at his desk as Harry moved towards the chair opposite the desk. Severus tried not to laugh as Harry scrambled up on the chair. Harry got settled in the chair and looked towards Severus expectantly. 

He smirked and handed Harry what he had gotten from his desk. Harry took them confused. His confusion deepened as he observed the photograph. His breath caught as he looked closer. The woman had green eyes, HIS green eyes. Mum, he thought sadly, tears threatening to fall. She was younger, maybe eight or nine, and standing by a two story house. In the next one, she was older, now around fourteen or fifteen, in front of Hogwarts. In the last one, the tears fell over. His mum was older, and was holding a small baby. That's me. He was careful not to let his tears fall on to the picture. He noticed it was moving. His mom smiled and looked lovingly at the baby in her arms and then at the camera. 

Harry looked up to Severus, who was having trouble hiding his emotions. It didn't matter to Harry, who could tell he was sad, yet happy.

"Thank you," he said, truthfully. Severus offered a sad smile, and replied, "You may keep those, I have more. Next time, I shall show you more."

Harry nodded vigorously, jumping off of the chair and running around the desk to Severus, squeezing him as tight as he could. 

Severus watched as Harry ran over to him. Had he not already been sitting down, he would have been on the ground by the force the boy came at him with. He smirked before pulling the boy onto his lap and returning the hug.


In Dumbledore's Office, Sirius and Remus were telling Dumbledore of Harry and him being able to read. Dumbledore looked thoughtful, but not surprised. 

"Ah, I thought something like this may occur. Harry is smarter than the average boy, as you may already know. Has he shown any other signs of being advanced?" 

Remus answered him, "He speaks well, besides his Rs, Ls, and THs," he chuckled. "Also, he can absorb the information, too. But, no, nothing else that I'm aware of."

"Give it time. He may surprise you." Dumbledore said with a knowing twinkle in his eyes. They nodded, then Remus remembered another reason they had come. 

"Professor," he paused. "Harry's memory is quite good too. He remembers." Dumbledore understood the unspoken words. His eyes lost their usual twinkle as they had a moment of silence for the Potters'. 

After a few minutes, Sirius brought up the topic of Harry again. His voice hardened as he became angry at the headmaster again. "Giving Harry his bath Saturday, I was able to see all of what Harry went through. There are WORDS CARVED INTO HIS SKIN. I was able to read them. I could see old scars and bruises on his small body. How could you have let this go on?" 

"Again, I must apologize. I did not know of it. I assure you, he would have been with you sooner if I had known." For the first time, the two men saw an angry, dangerous glint in their old Headmaster's eyes. It was enough to make Voldemort run for his mommy. 

Remus, who sensed the tension, cleared his throat. "We need to get a Harry home. It was nice seeing you, Professor. Thank you." 

"You're welcome. Remus, Sirius." He said with a nod to each man. "Try and see if you can find any other advancements with Harry."

"Yes, sir. We will let you know about anything new. Goodbye." Remus replied, standing up. Dumbledore nodded to them as they took their leave. 

Sirius had calmed down on their way to the Dungeons. They made it there quickly, having known all of the secret passageways from their years there. 

Remus stepped forward to the portrait and knocked. He heard a muffled, "Enter," and went in. Harry had a huge smile on his face and tear stains on his cheeks. 

"Siwius! Wemus!" Harry ran at them and gave each a tight hug. He let Sirius pick him up when he got to him. "Look at what Sev'wus gave me!" He held up the pictures for them to see. "It's my mum! Isn't she pwetty?" He asked enthusiastically. They nodded and looked quizzically at Severus, who had adopted his usual blank mask. 

"Harry, did you thank Severus?" asked Remus. Snape snorted, which caused both men to look at him. 

"Is saying it for ten minutes straight enough?" He said, causing Harry to blush and duck his head. Sirius and Remus laughed, causing Harry to flush deeper. 

Remus thanked Severus for watching Harry and went out the door. Sirius moved to follow when Harry squirmed. "Wait!" Once his feet hit the ground, he ran over to Severus and hugged him around his legs. "Fanks, Sev'wus. 'Bye."

Severus awkwardly hugged him back, not wanting to show too much emotion if front of the men who made his school life Hell. "You're welcome, Harry." He said quietly. Harry smiled up at him and went back to the mutt. He followed him in order to shut the door. They left, Harry watching him over Sirius' shoulder. Harry waved, and Severus smiled and half waved back, before shutting the door.

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