Moony, Padfoot, and Prongslet

Harry being raised by Remus and Sirius after he lives at the Dursleys for 3 years. (Not a Sirius and Remus slash.)


4. Chapter 4

Disclaimer- Harry Potter still belongs to Mrs. Rowling, as it bloody well should.

Sirius and Remus were sitting in the den, both lost in their thoughts of what they had seen. Remus broke the silence after 30 minutes. Standing up, he said "Come on Padfoot, we've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow." seeing Sirius' confused look, he continued. "We have to explain the wizarding world to Harry tomorrow." Recognition dawned on Sirius' face as he got up too.

They parted at their rooms, closing the door behind them. Sirius lay in his bed, right on the edge of sleep. All of a sudden, a loud shout sounded from Harry's room. Both men were in the hall in a flash. With one quick glance at each other, they ran into the boy's room.

Harry was sitting up in his bed, crying silently while hugging his knees. He sat there rocking back and forth, trying to get the nightmare out of his head. It had been one of his more terrible punishments. The terrifying look on his Uncle's face and the pain. Harry did not hear Sirius and Remus come in. 

Sirius saw the state his godson was in, and immediately ran to him. He sat on the bed and pulled Harry into his lap. Remus came beside him and patted Harry on the back. 

"Harry, it was only a dream. You're here. You're safe. Shh, Harry. Do you want to tell us what it was about?" Harry shook his head, which was still buried in Sirius' chest. "It helps, you know." Harry took a deep breath, he was not ready to relive that life. He shook his head again. 

"Are you all right now?" Harry nodded, Sirius made the dress go away. "Then how about we go back to sleep?" Harry nodded, but he was trying to work up the courage to ask them something. Finally, he blurted, "Willyoustaywifme?" The two men looked at Harry. 

"Slower, please." replied Remus with a slight smile. 

Harry breathed in deeply, then whispered, "Will you stay wif me?" Harry was ready for the rebuke, he had felt the need to put that out there.

They grinned and nodded. Harry let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. He scooted back to the middle of the bed but Sirius was having none of that. He laid back, bringing Harry with him. Harry let out a surprised squeak, but smiled. He snuggled against Sirius as Remus lay on the other side of the bed, grinning. 

The rest of the night, Harry slept nightmare free.


Remus was the first one up, of course. He smiled at the cute sight in front of him. Sirius was a using Harry as a human teddy bear and Harry looked happy. He left the room quickly, not waking them. He returned a few minutes later with a camera, capturing the moment forever.

Harry woke up at the sound of the click from the camera. He stiffened, then remembered where he was. He struggled to turn to Remus, who was trying to hold in a laugh, but not succeeding. The look Harry gave him made him burst out laughing, which woke Sirius up. 

"Whaz goin on?" He asked sleepily. He sat up fast, which made Harry almost fall off the bed. Before he could do anything, strong arms were around him, lifting him up. Remus had caught him, seeing as Sirius was on the bed. It was thanks to the werewolf in Remus that he had reacted so fast. 

"Sirius, do you want to go ahead and explain to Harry now?" asked Remus, looking towards the animagus. 

"Why not? I'm comfy as is, I just need my teddy" He replied, taking Harry and holding him exactly like he had the night before. Harry giggled lightly, but a laugh nonetheless. 

Sirius grinned at Harry's reaction. He looked to Moony. "You start, since you're the smart one."

Remus sighed, "Harry, do you know what witches and wizards are?" 

Harry knew he had heard of them before. Squeezing his eyes shut, he thought. He remembered his Mum and Dad, they used magic. "Magic?" He asked, hesitantly. Remus nodded. 

"Well Harry, they're real." Remus thought that he would have to explain, when Harry answered.

"I know, wike Mummy and Daddy." Both men felt a pang in their chest hearing that. Remus paled, having a thought. 

"Harry, what is the last thing you remember about your parents?" Remus asked, hoping that Harry didn't remember that fateful night. 

Harry teared up, "A bad man made momma fawl. She wouldn't get back up," Harry was crying now, as were Sirius and Remus. "He wooked at me and then there was a lot of gween wight and it huwrt. It huwrt so much," Harry whispered the rest. Sirius tightened his hold on Harry, hugging him close. 

Remus looked at Sirius, then Harry, and back to Sirius. Sirius hugged him tight, then passed him to Remus, who held him just as close, if not more.

Harry could feel the love and sadness in the room. He snuggled into Remus and sighed. He wanted to stay like that forever. 

Remus broke the silence. "Alright, I believe breakfast is in order." Harry's eyes widened. More food? Already?

Remus got up, taking Harry with him. Sirius followed suit. Harry was carried to the kitchen, and put down in a chair. Both men turned to Harry, "Soo, what's on the menu?" 

Harry was startled, like he had been the night before; and, like the night before, he was saved by Remus.

"Hmm, how about I give you a few choices," Harry nodded, so he continued, "Pancakes or eggs?" Harry looked as though his decision was going to change the fate of the world. "Erm, eggs?" He answered as though it was a question. 

"Eggs it is. Sirius, set the table." 

"But Moony!! I don't wanna!!" 

"Sirius," said Remus, with a warning look.

"Fine," he surrendered, and began getting out plates. "Pumpkin juice, Harry?" 

"Yes, pwease, if it's not too much twouble." Sirius' bark-like laughter rang throughout the kitchen. Soon, breakfast was at the table and everyone was digging in. Sirius was on seconds before Harry and Remus were halfway through. Although, they were eating neatly, and not in danger of choking.

Harry didn't eat much, as his stomach was not used to so much food. Sirius, however, ate enough for all of them. Remus and Harry watched him eat, amused. Only when he was finished did he realize that they were watching him.

"That good looking, am I?" He asked, arrogantly. 

Remus looked at him with a straight face, "Nope, just waiting for the dog to finish so we can start our day." 

"Hmph," he replied, annoyed.

Harry just watched, confused. Moony and Padfoot turned to him. 

"So pup, why don't you play in your room while Moony and I clean up." 

Harry looked strangely at them, but didn't disobey. 

In his room, he couldn't decide what to do. He looked at his toys, and went straight to the stuffed animals. He saw a black dog with shaggy fur and gray eyes, a fuzzy gray wolf with amber eyes, and a light brown stag with hazel eyes. He was drawn to the stag, of the three animals. He looked it in the eyes and cried silently. It reminded him of his dad, the hazel eyes and his dad's animagus. He vowed to call him Prongs, after his dad.

Remus and Sirius went upstairs to get Harry. They had called and he hadn't answered. They entered Harry's room, calling his name, and stopped immediately. Harry sat on the floor, crying. They hadn't noticed the reason as they kneeled down next to him. 

"Harry?" called Sirius softly. Harry turned and looked at Sirius with pain filled eyes. 

Harry was gathered up by Sirius, Prongs squished between them. Remus rubbed his back to help stop him crying. Harry pulled back and looked at both of them.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Harry looked Remus in the eyes, and answered. 

"I miss Daddy," he managed before bawling his eyes out, holding up Prongs for them to see. Soon Harry found himself being hugged by his godfather and Remus. All three of them mourned for James Potter for the second time that morning. 

Harry was asleep, having exhausted himself crying. Remus put him in his bed and tucked Prongs under his arm, which he immediately tightened around the animal. 

Remus and Sirius watched Harry sleep, still thinking about their late friend. Remus kept control over his emotions, having much practice. Sirius had stopped crying, but looked like he could crack any minute. Remus walked over and put a hand on his shoulder, letting him know that it was okay. Sirius looked gratefully at him. 

Sirius sat on Harry's bed, running a hand through Harry's messy hair that ran in the Potter blood. Harry smiled in his sleep, hugging Prongs tighter. Sirius smiled, as did Remus, who had chosen the chair in the corner of the room. 

Harry shifted in his sleep, his smile gone replaced by a grimace. He whimpered, and flinched. Sirius tried to wake him up, but he wouldn't react. Harry's hand flew to his scar as his eyes opened and he yelled. Remus saw a green light in Harry's eyes, and quickly picked him, holding him tight. 

"Harry, you're all right. It's over. He's gone. You're safe." Remus told Harry, effectively calming him down. Harry snuggled into Remus, holding Prongs. Sirius looked at him questioningly. Remus mouthed 'later'.

After a few minutes, Harry asked to be put down. He walked over to get his new animals. He gave Padfoot to Sirius and Moony to Remus. He smiled mischievously, looking so much like James, and pointed Moony, "Moony," then Padfoot. "Padfoot." 

They looked stunned that Harry tried not to laugh. Sirius raced towards him, hands outstretched. Harry's expression turned fearful. Sirius saw it, but ignored it, and picked Harry up. Harry was laid on the bed, with Sirius above him. Then Sirius began tickling him, which surprised Harry. Harry began to laugh against his will. His high laugh sounded throughout the house, making the men present smile. 

"Stop! Sto-op i-i-it!" Harry cried out, through his laughter. "I can't bweafe!" Sirius finally stopped, leaving a very red faced Harry breathing heavily. He threw glares at Sirius, which caused Remus to pick him up and laugh. 

Remus threw Harry over his shoulder and began to walk downstairs. Harry squirmed as he tried to get down. Remus made it to the den and plopped Harry on the couch. Sirius walked in, holding his ribs and all but rolling on the floor with laughter. Remus looked to Harry. "My turn," he said with a crazy glint in his eyes. 

Harry was yet again being tickled. It may cause him to be out of breath and sore from laughing so hard. He didn't remember the last time he had laughed so much, but he wasn't about to let those memories interrupt his fun. 

Everybody was laughing by the time Remus had finished tickling Harry. Harry sat up and scooted back against the couch, scowling at both of them. This only made them laugh harder. Since it didn't look like either one of were going to stop anytime soon, Harry got off the couch and looked around the room. He went over to the wall of books, looking at the titles, seeing if any would interest him. He found one, about 100 pages, and read the back. Hmm, Defense Against the Dark Arts. He sat on the floor, and opened the book. 

He was halfway finished by the time Sirius and Remus had stopped laughing. It was interesting, to say the least.

Remus had stopped laughing first, and looked around to find Harry. He saw him and stopped, shocked. Harry can READ? He grinned at the thought and wondered where he learned to read from. 

Sirius straightened, and looked at Remus, who was looking towards his bookshelf. Curious, Sirius walked over to him, then looked at the shelf. His jaw dropped. James Potter's son, READING? Then again, he is half Lily. Remus walked over and squatted down next to Harry. 

"Harry?" He looked up, "What are you reading?" Harry handed him the book and looked fearful. I'm in trouble. Reading is bad. Stupid, stupid, stupid. He mentally hit himself as Remus looked at the title. 

"Harry," he paused, not sure what to say next, "You can read." He said it as fact, not a question. Harry nodded, wary of Remus' reaction. "Can you understand this?" Harry nodded again, still not sure if Remus was mad or not. Instead, Remus grinned and turned around to face Sirius. 

Sirius knew what Remus was thinking, "You never know!! He may make a great prankster, and not just a bookworm!!" Harry wasn't sure what to make of this so he just sat still, trying not to draw attention to himself. It didn't work as Sirius turned to him.

"Don't worry, Pup, we'll corrupt you yet," Sirius said, mischievously. Remus gave him a warning look that clearly said, 'No'. Sirius began to pout. 

Remus turned back to Harry, ignoring Sirius. "Do you want to finish your book or do you want to play a game?" Harry looked at the book, then to Remus. He sat down the book, and answered quietly, "Game, pwease." 

Remus nodded, "A game it is," he walked over to a cupboard. "Take your pick." and opened it. Harry's jaw dropped. They had just about every wizard and muggle game known to man. He closed his mouth with some difficulty, and stepped forward to see them better. He pulled out one he had seen Dudley play once, and handed it warily to Remus. He smiled, and led Harry to the table. 

Harry watched Remus set it up as Sirius took a seat next to him. Harry read the instructions quickly to get the jist of the game. Harry had fun playing it, he actually won. Sirius got a bit upset but Harry knew they had let him win. 

Next, Remus taught him Wizards Chess, Sirius watched. Remus showed him how to play. They began and Harry jumped when his pawn was taken. He didn't know it was so violent, but he had fun smashing them. The game ended and Remus let Harry win.

"Harry, do you want to play again?" Harry nodded, then replied, "Fowr weal dis time." Remus looked shocked, but complied. Harry was trying his hardest too. In less than 10 moves, Harry had Remus' king. He smiled smugly at Remus' shocked expression while Sirius picked Harry up and yelled, "YOU BEAT MO-ONY! MO-ONY LO-OST!" Harry laughed and asked to be put down. He walked over to Remus, "I'm sowwy."

Remus looked up, shocked, but for a completely different reason. "What for?"


Remus, grinned, but was still shocked, "Don't be! That was the first game I lost since James!" 

Now it was Harry's turn to be shocked. "My dad played Wizawds Chess?"

"Of course he did! He was the best! Not to mention, he was the only one who ever beat me." 

"Wow," Harry breathed, pleased with himself.

Remus straightened and looked at his watch, "Merlin, it's already half past six!!" then he bent down to Harry, grinning, and he whispered, "Good job, you made Sirius forget about food." 

Sirius seemed to have heard Remus, "OI! I heard that!" Remus ran, knowing what came next. He didn't make it out the door before Sirius pounced on him. 

Harry got up and ran over to where they were fighting. He watched in horror as they fought and began to cry, he didn't want them to fight. Harry slid against the wall and buried his face in his arms. Sirius just happened to glance over and saw Harry. 

"Stop, Remus." Remus froze at his tone and looked to Sirius, who's gaze was still on Harry. Sirius was up and kneeling by Harry before Remus remembered how to move. Sirius picked Harry up, murmuring in his ear. 

"It's alright. We were just playing. We aren't mad at each other. We won't ever do it again." 

Who would have thought that Sirius Black would be the one to stop the fighting? You learn something new every day. "Right Harry. We didn't know it would bother you so much. We're sorry." Remus straightened up and looked towards the kitchen. "How about supper, then bath, then bed?" Harry looked wary at the mention of a bath, but nodded.

Remus made the food while Sirius and Harry set the table. They ate quickly, tired from the fun day. Harry was trying not to fall asleep at the table but it wasn't easy. Remus noticed and pointed it out. 

"Harry, would you rather get a bath in the morning? You seem awfully tired tonight." Harry nodded, thankful. 

Soon he found himself putting on his pajamas. Harry was puzzled, he didn't remember coming upstairs. He was put in his bed carefully. He unconsciously reached out for Prongs, who was handed to him quickly. Harry fell asleep happy and loved.


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