Moony, Padfoot, and Prongslet

Harry being raised by Remus and Sirius after he lives at the Dursleys for 3 years. (Not a Sirius and Remus slash.)


11. Chapter 11

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Harry woke up warm and content. He didn't want get reprimanded for disobeying his guardians. Harry's eyes shot open and his heart started racing. What if they send me back? What if they hit me and decide that the Dursley's had the right idea? 

Harry tried to move but found an arm was wrapped around him; almost in a protective manner. He began to panic, and struggled in an attempt to escape. Harry couldn't see who was holding him which frightened him greatly and brought back bad memories. He began to hyperventilate, not noticing movement from behind him.

"Harry. Harry. Calm down, breathe. In and out. In and out. That's it," Remus encouraged, rubbing Harry's back in soothing circles. He didn't know what had brought Harry to panic, but he could guess.

Harry managed to get his breathing under contrlol quietly thanking Remus. He didn't want to remind Remus of being mad.

Sirius was still snoring in the corner as Padfoot, completely unaware that Harry was even down there.

Remus sighed and look up at the ceiling, then at Harry. "C'mon, Harry, time to get up. We'll make breakfast then wake up Sir Lazy Bones over there."

Harry giggled, then stood, giving Remus room to stand. Remus shakily climbed his way to his feet, wrapping the blanket Harry had brought down around him. He made his way to where he had set his clothes down and grabbed them. They walked past Padfoot, who gave no indication that he knew of them being awake.


Twenty minutes later after Remus had showered, changed, and applied ointment to the few cuts and scrapes he had gotten during the night, he stood in the kitchen. Harry sat quietly at the table, lost in thought.

Remus, too tired to make breakfast, grabbed two bowls, two spoons, milk, and a box of cereal. They landed on the table with a soft thud and snapped Harry out of his mind. Harry didn't question abnormality of cereal (, he had grown accustomed to eggs, bacon, biscuits [no, not cookies] & gravy, etc). He made sure that Remus had gotten his food before he did, since Harry knew how much Changing took out of him.

Sirius didn't come upstairs until Harry and Remus took their bowls to the sink. He didn't say a word as he got his own bowl and spoon and fixed his breakfast, which confused Remus and Harry greatly. Normally, they would have silenced him by now, or threatened to.

Sirius was snapped (, literally,) out of his thoughts by a concerned Remus, who had, surprisingly, been trying to get his attention for the past five minutes.

"Mate, I haven't heard you be this quiet since, well, never. What's going on in that thick skull of yours?"

"Hmm? Oh, nothing. Just not in a talkative mood," Sirius replied, ignoring the scrunched eyebrows of Remus. "Anywho, c'mere little man, how was your night alone last night? Didn't miss me too much, did ya?"

Remus choked on his coffee, but recovered quickly, and Harry ducked his head, hiding the blush rising to his cheeks behind his long, out-of-control hair.

Sirius frowned, obviously missing something.

"Well," Remus coughed, "'Little Man' here, met ol' Moony last night." He eyed Sirius warily, gauging his reaction-

- Which turned out to be a good thing for Sirius choked on his cereal. Remus walked over and whacked him on the back.

"Sorry, he did what now?"

Harry unconsciously shied behind Remus, letting out a soft whimper. Remus reached behind him and ran his hand through Harry's hair, finding that it comforted him.

Sirius didn't know what to think. In serious [AN- pardon the pun] situations, Sirius became even more protective than Remus. He cleared his throat and began to reprimand Harry.

"Harry, we told you not to go into the basement, and we meant it. Harry, you could have gotten hurt. We don't make these rules for no reason, they're for your safety. Harry, you need to listen to us, neither Remus nor I want you to get hurt so it is important that you follow our rules. Are we clear?"

Harry nodded his head, not uttering a word. 

Sirius sighed a long breath of relief and sank back in his chair. He reached his arms out to Harry, beckoning him closer. 

Harry's eyes flitted to Remus' before slowly walking towards Sirius. Once he reached him, Sirius' arms reached out and grabbed Harry; pulling him close. Sirius buried Harry's head into his shoulder and sat his chin on the top of Harry's head. 

"Please don't do that again, Harry. I don't need to be fully gray before I'm thirty, do I?" 

Harry giggled, snuggling in closer to Sirius. He smiled for he was still loved and wanted. For he had the greatest people in the world to take care of him. For he had the best Godfathers. 


AN- I am so so so so so so sorry for not updating in over two months and just giving you a filler. *Dodges rotten tomatoes*I started watching Sherlock (who knew nine episodes could change your life like that) and got caught up in all of the good fanfiction out there. Please forgive me. 



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-Amber in- 
Sorry, forgot. I am in need of ideas for the story line! Should I skip to Harry's Hogwarts years or continue with little Harry?

A) Skip to Hogwarts years with a chapter summing up important memories from his childhood, then go to year one and so on.

B) Go a chapter per year of Harry's life then make a sequel for his Hogwarts years.

Thanks! Ill tally it up and let you guys know (hopefully) soon!!

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