Twin Confusion

Ashley and Carly Lopez are dating Justin and Jason Bieber but Justin's fans get confused about him and Jason so Ashley and Carly try to convince his fans that Justin is not Jason and Jason is not Justin but it's not working


3. Tour!!!!

Justin's pov: I just graduated yesterday and now I'm going back on tour for my album Believe. My mom talked to Nicolette about letting the girls come with us but the bad news is that Jason has to come uh wwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhy wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy I really want him died.

I finished packing the tour bus now were on our way to pick up the girls. Jason said," man I can't wait to see Carly I'm fix her up" as he laid back in his seat.(A/N: what Jason is saying is that he is going to make Carly his girl) I yelled," MORAN YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND STOP TRYING TO HIT ON MINE BESIDES SHE CAN'T STAND YOU. YOU DON'T KNOW HER LIKE I DO MAYBE IF YOU WEREN'T SUCH A PLAYER LIKE CHISTOPHER AND XAVIER MAYBE SHE WOULD LIKE YOU" as I looked angry. We arrived at Carly and Ashley's house I ran out the car banging on the door.  Carly answer it I grabbed her kissing her roughly when Jason was looking he looked sad and got back in the car. Carly looked shocked and asked," why did you do that ? " as she looked at me. I said," I'm sorry babe I just want Jason to steal you away from me" as tears formed in my eyes. She said," awe Jay no one's going to take me away from you I don't care what Jason says I love you and not him" as she grabbed my arm dragging me upstairs into her room. I looked at her confused then she pointed to her closet. I said," oh you want me to help you pack ? " as I walked over to her. She laughed and grabbed her suitcase opening it I grabbed her dresses, shirts, jeans, skirts, and shoes while she grabbed her undergarments from her drawers I looked at her when she grabbed her Pads and Pantie liners which made me frown. I said," baby you still get your period" as I looked at her. she shook her head then zipped up her suitcase I grabbed her suitcase as she grabbed her purse, phone, laptop, and chargers then we walked downstairs out of the house. Luckily Ashley was already packed waiting for us  I put Carly's suitcase in the trunk then got in. Kenny started driving I patted my lap so Carly can sit down since she didn't want to sit next to Jason. She smiled sitting down then I poked her nose which made her giggle and blush kissing me Jason saw her and stared which caused Ashley to slap him Carly and I laughed then she laid her head on my shoulder cuddling into me she said," I love you Jay your the best boyfriend ever I don't know what I would do if you dumped me for someone else you are my Knight in shining armor and I am your Princess" as she looked into my eyes. I said," don't worry Princess I won't dump you  because I won't be able to find a girl as beautiful as you I will be with you Forever and Always till death do us part" as I kissed her cheek. She blushed and kissed my nose. Kenny stopped and shut off the car I opened the door carefully getting out with Carly in arms  Jason and Ashley got out walking ahead of us luckily my fans didn't notice me or Jason they just saw Carly and Ashley running over to them.

Carly's pov: I was walking with Justin, Ashley, and Jason  to the buses when his fans came up to Ashley and I.   Belieber 1 said," oh my god aren't you guys dating Jason and Justin" as she looked at us. I said," yes I'm dating Justin and my sister is dating Jason" as I looked at them. Justin ran over to me he said," babe we got to go now" as he wrapped his arms around me. Belieber 2 said," oh my god she lied she's dating Jason" as she looked at me. I didn't say anything I just got out of Justin's arms and ran away crying Justin said," I am so disappointed in you guys" as he ran after me. Justin searched and searched for Carly until he walked past his tour bus then in the corner of his eye he saw her in the bus talking to his mom lucky for him the window was open so he crouched down so they couldn't see him and listened. 

*IN THE BUS* ( Carly-  BOLD, Pattie- Italicized ) I can't believe I came on this tour his fans are already treating Ashley  and I like we're nothing why do they do this I started crying. Honey do you and Ashley want a plane ticket to go back home you know if you do this Justin is going to be heartbroken Pattie hugged her. Yes I'm sorry I don't want to leave him but his fans don't like me and Ashley they think I'm like his ex Selena she took him away from them not letting him out of her sight and we just got here as I cried harder.

Justin was shocked from what he was hearing he couldn't believe his Princess, Future wife, baby, Partner in love, angel, and his everything was leaving him he already had tears running down his face which made is eyes red and puffy so there was only one thing for him to do he snuck over to the door good thing it wasn't locked he busted in crying even more His mom and Carly looked at him he then fell to his knees folding his hands begging with all his might for her to stay with him. He looked up at her and saw she was crying like he was it was still silent that he couldn't take the feeling of her not saying anything so he made his move he hugged her not to tight not to soft but just right she let go about to speak but tears still running down her face She said," I-I-I'm sorry Jay I just can't believe your fans hurt me and Ashley they thought I was her when you and Selena were together they were saying she kept taking you away from them like she was the protective one" as tears continued to fall down her cheeks. He whipped them away now it was his turn to speak he said," Princess  I love you so much I'm going to do everything I can to protect you" as he kissed her. Pattie said," awe I'll leave you to alone" as she walked out the bus. we just sat on the love seat watching Love Actually, The Notebook, Valentine's Day, Romeo and Juliet, Never say Never, and Believe while eating pop corn, drinking Soda, Cuddling, and sharing kisses until it was time for my concert.

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