Twin Confusion

Ashley and Carly Lopez are dating Justin and Jason Bieber but Justin's fans get confused about him and Jason so Ashley and Carly try to convince his fans that Justin is not Jason and Jason is not Justin but it's not working


2. Prom/ Graduation

Carly's Pov: Tonight is when my sister, Ashley and I go to prom then graduation we can't wait my boyfriend Justin and his brother, Jason( I don't like Jason he's a bad boy but he makes my sister happy) are taking us to prom then we all graduate we have been dating for 11 months he makes be so happy I know he's going to marry me one day.

Ashley and I were getting ready I wore a long purple dress with purple heels and Ashley wore a green long dress with green heels. We did each others make-up then heard the door bell ring. We grabbed our purses and walked downstairs I opened the door seeing a handsome boy and an America's most wanted criminal at my door I smiled at Justin then glared at Jason letting them in. Justin kissed me and wrapped his hands around my waist then in the corner of my eye Jason and Ashley were making out I wanted to throw up so bad then tell my sister the truth about Jason. Justin said,"  babe what's wrong ?" as he looked at me. I said," Have you ever noticed Jason acting strange" as I looked at Jason. Justin said," yea babe he's a criminal  every time me and him are together the paparazzi and my fans think that he's the good guy so I'm getting booed all the time" as he looked at his brother. It was now 12:20pm we all walked out of the house Justin opened the passenger  door for me I smiled and got in I could see Jason gag at what Justin did for me I flicked him off then Justin got in and drove to the school(5 minutes later) we arrived at our school got out and opened the door helping me out. We all walked into the school I saw Veronica, Chaz, Mary, and Ryan Justin at I walked over to them Veronica said," hey girl hey Justin" as she hugged us. I said," so are any of our parents here" as I looked around. Veronica said," yea your mom and Pattie just came" as she pointed to the table.


Ashley and I were next then Justin, Jason, Veronica, Chaz, Mary, and Ryan I blew a kiss to Justin and he mouthed I love you Jason on the other hand rolled his eyes which made me very angry. The principal started calling our names," Ashley Lopez, Carly Lopez, Justin Bieber, Jason Bieber, Mary Valentine, Veronica Parker, Ryan Butler, Chaz Somers, Christopher Moore, and Xavier Smith I now congratulate the class of 2012" as she smiled. We took off our hats and threw them in the air then Justin kissed me and spun me around. Jason looked mad and ran off stage.

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