Twin Confusion

Ashley and Carly Lopez are dating Justin and Jason Bieber but Justin's fans get confused about him and Jason so Ashley and Carly try to convince his fans that Justin is not Jason and Jason is not Justin but it's not working


12. My baby My love My everything

Carly's pov: I'm back home from the hospital Cheyenne, Juliet, and James are with Pattie Justin I really don't know where he is he was here a minute ago.

I  called Justin's name 6 times I really don't know where he is. Justin walked in and snuck up behind Carly scaring her Carly screamed elbowing him in his area Justin groaned then fell holding his area I  said," Oh my god baby did I really just hurt you" as I helped him. But Carly didn't know Justin was faking he grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder I started pounding his back Justin said," Pounding my back won't make me put you down" as he laughed. I groaned then thought of what will I said," I don't want to marry you" as I smiled. Justin put me down then turned away I laughed I said," baby I'm just messing with you" as I hugged him from behind. I turned him around so he was facing me and kissed him passionately hoping he would kiss me back and he did he licked my bottom lip wanting entrance I denied then he squeezed my butt making me gasp slipping his tongue in my mouth which explored my mouth causing me to moan he looked at me I moaned playing with his hair he released then looked at me touching my forehead with his he said," your my baby my love and my everything I can't imagine myself without you my one and only love my soul mate forever" as he kissed me. I pushed him on the couch kissing him all over his face he was speechless but went with it we did that for a long time beginning to fall asleep in each others arms. Justin woke up then kissed my lips again then his phone rung he walked into the kitchen answering it

Justin: Hello

Jason: Hey bro I was wondering if you could help me with something

Justin: what did you do now

Jason: well your a dad right

Justin: 3 kids your Nieces, Juliet and Cheyanne then Nephew, James why

Jason: Selena's pregnant

Justin: How ?

Jason: well me and Selena were bored so we went to Christopher's party at the club

Justin: don't tell me you with your stupid self had sex with her

Jason: yea  we were both really drunk so I'm asking you nicely can you help me (Crying) I don't know how to be a dad

Justin: Fine but you owe me

Jason: thanks what do I owe you

Justin: I want you to come see you Nieces and Nephew everyday since they still think your a no good uncle who kidnaps family trying to kill them

Jason: ok thank you so much bro bye

Justin walked out the kitchen finding Carly worried he said," what's wrong babe ? " as he picked her up sitting her on his lap. I said," where were you ? " as I looked at him. Justin said," sorry babe I was in the kitchen talking to Jason" as he kissed me. I cuddled into his chest and he kissed my hair rocking me back and forth in his arms



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