Twin Confusion

Ashley and Carly Lopez are dating Justin and Jason Bieber but Justin's fans get confused about him and Jason so Ashley and Carly try to convince his fans that Justin is not Jason and Jason is not Justin but it's not working


10. Missing

 Carly's pov: Justin was out doing an interview I on the other hand stayed home with the children I looked down at my tummy I was growing already 5 months and the twins were growing fast too my babies 6 years old already.

"Mommy" Juliet said which meant she wanted to be picked up so I did and started kissing and tickling her. I couldn't believe my babies were getting big I continued to tickle her not hearing a noise from inside the house then I saw mine and Justin's room door busted open seeing a women. I screamed and held my babies then jumped off my bed but the women blocked the door. "Good people like you should disappear" she said. I stood there scared not knowing what to do holding my babies close then the women took off her mask I couldn't believe who it was Justin's first girlfriend, Caitlin Beadles " you stole my man" said Caitlin. I was confused Selena and Caitlin both want Justin back " I didn't steal anything" I said. " oh yes you did" then Selena walked in "you took Justin from me and you will pay for that" Selena continued. I looked past Selena seeing the wagon Ashley bought Juliet and James I kicked Selena in the face and ran out the room. " Oh no you didn't, get her" said Selena then two men ran after me I put Juliet and James down in the wagon "take your bother, Go stay over there" I said tears running down my face. she nodded then I ran off but then a van appeared and other men grabbed me pulling me inside driving away.

Justin returned home and saw Ashley, Derek, and Police with his house door busted open but no Carly. He
thought he was dreaming but it was all real "Daddy" Juliet ran up to him he lifted her up. Then a Police officer came up to him " Mr. Bieber it seems your house was broken into and your Fiancé has been taken" The Officer said. Justin put Juliet down feeling like his whole world stopped his heart stopped beating like all the oxygen from his lungs were taken. He suddenly fell to his knees in shock "Mr. Bieber" said the Officer trying to get his attention Justin begin sobbing tears running fast down his cheeks while holding his heart then Derek came over rubbing his back. "we will do our best to find your fiancé" the officer said. Justin didn't think this was going to happen "Juliet came to the door with James in the wagon and then I saw her get shoved into a van I tried to catch up to the van but they sped up. Carly did the smart thing a mother would do, knowing she'd had a small chance of escaping she made sure her kids were as far away from the house that was a bold move" said Dave his neighbor. Justin felt horrible like someone took his heart and smashed it on the ground he felt sick to his stomach like his was going to pass out " I'm sorry but we have to ask you some questions " said the Officer Justin got up slowly walking inside the house he sat in the kitchen while Juliet and James played with their toys on the living room floor with Ashley and Derek. Pattie showed up then rubbed his back along with the rest of his crew. " does your Fiancé have any enemies ?" said the Officer "Well my brother and ex that's it she wouldn't hurt anyone" said Justin " Is it possible your ex or brother could have taken her" said the Officer " I-I guess I just want my Fiancé back she's pregnant with my second daughter" said Justin "What does she look like ?" asked the Officer. Justin handed him a photo of Carly the Officer thanked him then left .

Carly was tied up then Selena came " wow, you really planned this out didn't you" said Carly sarcastically " but why me ?"  " Because you being all nice and testing him to fall in love with you killed me" said Selena. "I didn't  actually think it would work" said Carly "It's ok I realize I've made my mistakes to it just wasn't working out" said Selena

Justin was at the police station  Juliet was playing with one of the female officers while he was trying to calm James He was fussy Justin feed him and changed him hoping it would work but no this time James was screaming "MOMMA" which cause Justin to bust into tears he gave Ashley James and started crying again Juliet came over and sat on his lap " I want mommy" said Juliet. she started crying too now  then they both fell asleep.

Selena and Carly both climbed out the wall Caitlin had made they ran into the woods not stopping then Selena heard someone scream in rage which made them run really fast "Selena do you have your phone ?" Carly asked. "Yea" Selena said then handed it to her. Carly dialed Justin's number Justin woke up answering it " Selena what you want you should be in Jail kidnapping my Fiancé" Justin said. "J it's me" "baby" said Justin. One of the Officers tracked the call "where are you ?" asked Justin "I'm in a forest with Selena your psycho ex girlfriend Caitlin and Selena kidnapped me" said Carly "uh oh J I got to go ! Are the kids ok ?" " Not really they miss you, but don't leave me stay with me" said Justin. " I can't I'm being chased. If you don't ever see me again or your unborn daughter I  want to say I love you" said Carly "No baby" then the line went dead Justin began sobbing "where are you baby" said Justin. " I located the call, they're at the woods near Los Angeles" said the technician. Justin got up and left Ashley, Juliet, James, Derek, and the Officers following behind

Selena and Carly hid behind a tree she pecked and saw Jason with Caitlin "that bastard" said Carly " Justin's brother oh man your doomed" "why do you want to hurt Carly so bad" asked Jason. "Just because she's with the wrong person" said Caitlin "well I'm done I hope you die I don't like her anymore I'm with Selena" said Jason as he left. Then Carly and Selena started running again Justin, Ashley, Derek, and the SWAT team looked for Carly. They tried to catch their breaths but then Caitlin loaded her gun hot on there trial she shot Carly making her fall then Selena screamed loudly Justin began to panic seeing Selena holding Carly in her arms he pushed Selena away and held Carly "H-Help J T-the B-baby" said Carly then out of nowhere the police and paramedics showed up and arrested Caitlin helping Carly the baby wasn't hurt but Carly was put on bed rest

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